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Her first task: reviving the Blue and Gold student newspaper at Riverdale High. This also happens:. He assures a frantic Betty that she will not become her family. They kiss for the first time but instead of fully enjoying the moment, Betty immediately thinks of searching the car that Jason had stashed for himself and Polly when he was alive. Jughead walks Betty home that night, in the rain, holding hands. Before Archie can fully freak out, Jughead changes the subject.

As for Ethel's return, since it looks like she's packing up her locker, she may be the victim of the latest mysterious videotape.

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Of course, the biggest mystery of all is what Jughead and Veronica will do when they find out about Archie and Betty. ET on The CW to find out.

May 13,   RIVERDALE season 5 has been confirmed by The CW - but one big question fans have is whether teen lovers Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper . Mar 04,   Ever since the Season 1 finale, the two primary relationships on Riverdale have consistently been Betty and Jughead (Bughead), and Veronica and Archie (Varchie). While fans of the show have come. Jan 30,   Now, we all know Betty is currently dating Jughead and Archie is with Veronica. While Barchie is an iconic ct of the original comics, we have yet to .

By Dylan Kickham. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. The show did start out by setting up a potential Barchie relationship remember Betty's unrequited crush on Archie?

However, that doesn't mean either couple is meant to last. They're seniors in high school, after all, and young love is often not long for this world. With Jug and Betty now likely going to different colleges, they may be doomed to face the infamous Turkey Dump.

Or, you know, if Jughead does really die, as these flash-forwards keep suggesting, Betty may end up falling for Archie will they navigate their grief together.

Jughead and Betty, played by Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, are a couple on "Riverdale." They have broken up a few times on the CW series. But for now, everything is good. Fans of Betty and Jughead, who are played by Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, are in for a treat this season on "Riverdale."Author: Anjelica Oswald.

It's a dark prospect, but really, what isn't in Riverdale? Archie unexpectedly returns and he and Veronica kiss, but Reggie ends up telling Archie that he and Veronica are a thing, and Veronica cries to Archie and apologizes.

Riverdale (4x16) - Jughead and Betty hot kiss scene

Honestly, we get it. Reggie and Veronica continue hooking up, and Archie kisses Josie after their duet. During their final quest in the woods, Archie and Veronica profess their love to each other.

Oct 17,   Season 1, Episode 5 ("Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness") Betty and Jughead get ready together at her house for Jason's memorial. Upon seeing Jughead in a . Jan 30,   During Riverdale 's Jan. 29 episode, a flash-forward showed Betty crying in Pop's, lamenting to her old friend Archie that she keeps waiting for Jughead to . Apr 20,   It looks like a huge romantic shake-up is coming on the majority of The CW's teen drama, Archie has been dating Veronica and Betty has been with Jughead.

Too bad they also flashed forward to a future where Betty, Veronica, and Archie are in the middle of the woods, stripped down to their underwear, and covered in blood. Something got seriously messed up is Jughead dead?! United States.

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Jul 06,   The relationship between Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones commonly referred to as "Bughead" among fans, began as a friendship long before the start of the series and soon advanced to romance. The two have given each other several pet names such as 'Betts', "Juggy", and "Jug" After the Jubilee, they both confessed their love for each other and proceeded to make benjamingaleschreck.comters: Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. Oct 09,   When Jughead and Betty's relationship begins to get serious, Archie finally tells Veronica he wants to be with her. They end up having sex for the first time during the finale of season 1. This. Mar 30,   From the moment Riverdale started airing last year, you knew there was something special about Jughead and Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's chemistry was LIT from the very start Occupation: Entertainment Editor.

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