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David's reptilian name is Quazar. David was just the human name took on for the human form. Quazar is his real name and likes it best. Oh and he's the kind of reptilian that has big wings. They are warm when they get wrapped around me He laughed Well, if you count our human times and him just being reptilian around me, we have been dating a total of 19 years.

Now, the positive and negative elements of operant conditioning are further broken down into three smaller pieces: Reinforcement - used to increase a behavior's frequency Punishment - used to decrease a behavior's frequency Extinction - a decrease in behavior caused by a lack of response Of each of the first two, you can have positive giving this following a behavior and negative removing this following a behavior variants.


Further, there is an established process for shaping human behavior with operant conditioning, and it's the one we'll be learning, using, and following in this article: State Goal tell her what you want to have happen and why Monitor Behavior pay attention to what she actually does Reinforce Desired Behavior reward her for good behavior Reduce Incentives for Undesired Behavior remove rewards for bad behavior You'll notice, interestingly enough, that giving aversive - disliked - stimuli is not in the list.

But it is, and we'll go into why below.

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