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He sighed, looking at Paul. The older man gave him a helpless look, like 'What was I supposed to do? I'm married to her. Paul looked towards Sally just as she was opening her mouth. I admit Percy took it a little far, but he was just standing up for her. Sighing, Sally put her hand on Percy's shoulder. And you were right to stick up for her.

"Well, he didn't really say anything to me, but I thought him and Annabeth were already dating after-" "Wait, you thought me and Percy were dating but you kissed him anyways?" Oh no, Annabeth didn't understand. This dare was getting way out of hand. "Ok, ok, ok, stop!" I said. "Just let me explain, please, before anyone gets hurt. Feb 20,   Annabeth didn't even hesitate and got down on her knees drawing a surprised look from Percy. Annabeth started licking and tongue-fucking Piper, making Piper gasp and moan with pleasure. Finally, she moaned "fuckkkkk" and sprayed her cum all over Annabeth's face. Annabeth stripped naked, then she turned Piper over and got on the bed. "Percy! Get up and help her up. Now stare into her eyes" I got my other walkie-talkie. "Annabeth, step closer to Percy" "Percy. Lean in and kiss" I took a picture. Actually the picture turned out pretty good. The sun was setting above the water and it was like a silouhette except for the orange sky. Oh yeah, this is about Percy and Annabeth not.

A handful of tables have patrons seated around them, talking and eating in the dimmed lighting, but most are empty and the place has a half-haunted feeling. It doesn't take her long to pick out the one guy sitting alone off to the right. Annabeth feels the same half worried look that appears just before he gives her the speech. There are no strings attached to this and even if you do like him that doesn't mean you two have to rush out and get married.

Weigh the options here Annabeth, what do you have to lose? And I now realize that's kind of like teaching a kid to swim by throwing him into the ocean.

Annabeth mulls over her options; she could run and blow the guy off but that means dealing with an irate Piper and Jason, she could feign and emergency part way through and bail which still leaves her with an irate Piper and Jason, or she could suck it up and spend a few hours with this guy.

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And remember to take it easy on him. Jason tucks his hands into his pockets and heads towards home. Annabeth watches him until he's turned the corner before moving back to the window and finally scrutinizing her date. He's tucked against one of the walls pushing the wedge of lemon in his water around with is straw.

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From what she can make out he's got raven black hair and poor posture but he's dressed nice. The glare off the window makes it hard to pick out any real detail but he seems harmless enough. She tells herself this is going to be simple, that it's one date and then it's over. She'll make small talk, ask him generic first date questions, answer his generic first date questions, maybe get a dessert to make the night worth it, go home, and never hear from him again.

Admittedly it's not the most optimistic outlook but she's not exactly a willing participant in this pseudo-science experiment Piper and Jason have contrived. Really it's him that's getting the short end of the stick being set up with a grouchy spinster but that's not on her.

"PERCY!" Annabeth screamed, throwing a lego at him. She hit his back and luckily for her, the side that hit him was the side with the bumps on it. But unluckily for her, Percy seemed unfazed. "That was so funny!" Percy laughed. "I hate you!" Annabeth huffed. That only made Percy laugh harder. "So, you're dating Annabeth, huh?" Paul broke the comfortable silence. Paul met Annabeth after the Titans had been defeated. He had only talked to her for a few minutes, but Sally told him a lot about the girl who was apparently Percy's best-friend. So he had been shocked last night when he had caught the two teens kissing goodbye. [A/N: I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians and any of the characters. I'm a huge fan of Percabeth and I decided to write my own story of them. Though I made some changes, I'll keep this story as faithful as I can. One of these changes is that Percy and Annabeth had been dating for four months before Percy disappeared.

He can blame the matchmakers for pushing her into this, even if she's trying to torpedo the date. Annabeth gnaws on the inside of her cheek for a second before squaring her shoulders and heading inside. She brushes past the hostess, winds her way between empty tables and stops a few feet from him. She has to clear her throat to get his attention and he lifts his eyes slowly from the table. Piper must have given him a description of her because he jumps to his feet, nearly knocking his chair over in the process, and brushes at the wrinkles out of his shirt.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion.

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Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life. The problem?

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The date doesn't go that bad. Annabeth isn't ready for a relationship, but she may have an arrangement that can work.

Cover art is by the lovely anxiouspineapples on benjamingaleschreck.com! Shout out to ananbeth for helping me out! Go check her out on benjamingaleschreck.com. Chapter 1 2.

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Chapter 2 3. Annabeth burst out laughing as Percy glared at her. Even though whatever he just said didn't make any sense at all. She hit his back and luckily for her, the side that hit him was the side with the bumps on it. But unluckily for her, Percy seemed unfazed. Eventually, Annabeth's pride couldn't take it anymore so she daringly walked up to him, secretly holding a lego in her hand. Percy eventually stopped laughing when he realized their lips were inches apart.

And right when Annabeth was about to kiss him, she threw the lego square at his nose. Her mom looked so beautiful in her white wedding dress and she wished Annabeth was there to witness the wedding but she eventually decided against it since Brayden convinced her that Annabeth would probably be bored and walk off somewhere.

Percy and annabeth dating fanfic

Sally was going to be staying at the Jackson house anyways and she told Annabeth to go over there. Annabeth was obviously happy to comply. Athena also called Thalia and Piper's mom to have them come over and they also happily agreed.

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As soon as Annabeth's mother left, Annabeth raced over to Percy's house. Her mom told her that they would be meeting her there. Keep an eye on them, will you? How did you already eat all of my Chips Ahoy!

12 hours ago  Percy and Annabeth planned on moving to New Athens together once they graduated from college. Currently, they were at the airport, waiting to board their plane to California. Percy and Annabeth were planning on stopping by Annabeth's family's house for . Athena finds out percy and annabeth are dating - benjamingaleschreck.com - How to get a good man. Navigation and Actions. " To anyone else, it might've been just a compliment. Annabeth put down her weapons from Octavian and Percy's neck and said,"Hand me the book, Clarisse. Sending Annabeth after the Mark of Athena had put a lot of strain on an already. Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion. Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life.

He was sitting on the counter top, eating some oreos. She had just heard that phrase from her mother last week when she was talking to Sally about She had searched the phrase up and soon realized what it meant. But the sight that Annabeth and Thalia saw when they saw their mothers was definitely a surprise.

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Ok, so hi everyone. My name is Erica. Remember to review, favorite, and follow. And g o check out my girl Artemis's Hunt! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Percy and Annabeth were in an arranged marriage from the start. But what if they did catch feelings for each other from the beginning as well? They had been dating for a while. Not that they wanted to But that's all in the past. They were 16 now and better than ever. You could say they were in love.

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Or at least that would be what it seemed to the public eye and to themselves. That wouldn't exactly be the case But did it matter?

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Nope Reputation. That was their world. Percy and Annabeth's world. Athena was past the tears and only a sense of loss and pain filled her instead. With Perseus Jackson.

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Athena was going to send Annabeth off with Perseus to give her income. How selfish. But Athena didn't have a choice.

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This was the only way to give Annabeth a good life. And she was willing to do it. Perseus Jackson. His beautiful sea green eyes that looked up at her with glee shone brightly. Her beautiful baby boy. She also wanted him to be successful and happiness. She wanted him to marry for happiness, love for happiness. But Poseidon thought otherwise.

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Sally could only hope that Percy would be able to find happiness in Annabeth. So, she spent her day cuddled up with him, relishing her happiness. Annabeth pranced up to the door, taking her tiny knuckle and knocking twice. Sally, as always, was the first to open the door, looking at Annabeth with a warm smile.

Little did she know how wrong she would be. Annabeth started laughing again. It's just cause your a Wise Girl!

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And that's when the little seaweed broke down laughing. That only made Percy laugh harder.

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