Central to my work is the process of repurposing abandoned materials.  By reassigning context to the forgotten I am able to give object and material new life, distinctive from an otherwise prescribed fate.  My exploration of obsolete materials allows others to see their own potential. This potential motivates my work.  Both as a father, and as a son whom has lost his father, the mortality of memory offers insight into the concepts I address.  Connecting to my past through simple acts of labor, I build upon artifacts venerated through a dystopian reflection of romanticized aspects of my origins. Reconstructing these blurred realities through the shared interaction of archaic technologies and simple machines parlays the viewer into a new state of consciousness.  Critiquing the metaphysical community of digital culture in relation to cognitive reality, the interaction between my work and its audience is essential.  Finding universal truths through the exploration of my own history, I recall childhood through the lens of a child, and build it through the hands of a father.