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apologise, but necessary

Is it just me or did feel like a monumental year for bullies everywhere? With the Internet being what it is, cyberbullying continued to rear its ugly head, even prompting celebrities like Ed Sheeran to quit certain cts of social media. On the bright side, the Internet enabled the viral exposure of schoolyard bullying old-school bullying with the Keaton Jones video making waves across social media and garnering support from several celebrities and politicians alike. Last year, I had a friend. It often follows us well into adulthood and can be even more painful than having your lunch money stolen by that snub-nosed kid Peter in the third grade. I would leave my time with these various people often feeling drained, unhappy, and confused. Granted, there are always going to be instances of misunderstanding and maybe even hurt feelings in any friendship or intimate relationship.

Often, your relationship with somebody like this can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. The highs can make you feel like they are your very best friend and the lows can leave you feeling terrible about yourself and that person. This is because they will make you feel like the most valued, awesome person in the world when they need something from you i.

However, they are quick to change faces when you are no longer useful to them. This goes hand in hand with the previous sign. Sometimes when you stand up for yourself to the person who is hurting you, that person is unwilling to even acknowledge your hurt.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. So here are four signs to help you identify and deal with a bully in your life.

This person is only nice to you when they want something from you. You feel like a doormat around this person. Message the moderatorswe don't bite often. I bumped into him a year ago, seven years after graduation. He verbally abused for four straight years and it still haunts me to this day. I nearly committed suicide after graduation and have been in counseling ever since.

He apologized for his actions, and I accepted to make him go away. He then asked me out. I was going to say no, but then I realized I could possibly get revenge as the girlfriend who broke his heart, so I accepted. A year later, he is very in love with me and says he hopes we're always together. Those comments make me hurl. Through talking with him, I've determined his bullying was the result of his abusive mother and brutal elementary school bullying that gave him panic attacks.

That just makes me hate him even more, because he should have known better if he had already been in my position. He's now asleep on my sofa, oblivious to my true feelings. And I type this, waiting for the right moment to get revenge once I figure out what will hurt him most. Only if he's punished can I recover. I'm going to crush him. This is what makes me think this is fake.

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It's like an undercover cop sucking a John's dick before busting him. When you're that deep in seething rage and hate, an act like that would feel more like just another thing to add to the list to get them back for.

Heck, if it were me, id be getting into some bdsm stuff with the target so as to blow off a little steam basically abusing them. With their consent obviously.

Best friend is dating my bully

Some good people who've been wronged get super spiteful. I'm one of those. I would entirely do what OP says she's doing because there are some people I would love to break emotionally because of what they did to me.

Jan 14,   My Best Friend Is Dating My Bully Reads 17 Votes 9 Part Story. By LHAIMCCH-5SOS Ongoing - ated Jan 14, Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. I always knew moving was a bad idea. Especially after the first day of kindergarten you're already getting bullied. Well welcome to my benjamingaleschreck.coms:

I appreciate your honesty. I wonder how many of the people this is saying this wrong would do it if given the chance.

Very grateful best friend is dating my bully possible

How many people would spend a year in a relationship with someone, being intimate with them, going on dates, all with the express purpose of eventually breaking their hearts to get back at them for something they did to you years ago? I answered this earlier, but it got deleted for some reason. And the answer that I think of my revenge and it's enough that I can bear it. You've wasted a year of your life pursuing a hateful and destructive agenda. You've become consumed by negativity and it's twisted you.

Not to mention presumably having a sexual relationship with this person. Yea, that'll show 'em! Your bully has long since realized that what he did was wrong.

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You have yet to realize that you're doing the same exact thing, except in your eyes, for some reason, it is somehow less wrong.

Exactly, she's the bully now and I also think the chances of it working out the way that she hopes are very, very slim. Oh, who knew that was the answer! It's OK, guys, domestic abuse doesn't happen because it's not to just any random ol person. You are continuing the cycle.

He was bullied as a child so he bullied you to make himself feel better.

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Now you are bullying him to make yourself feel better. You are perpetuating the hate. I truly do believe in karma. Eventually, this will catch up with you as it did him. Bullying is never acceptable, however a teenager who is being abused, lashing out at other kids is far different than an adult who has dedicated a year of their life to manipulating, lying and making another adult fall for them only to crush them.

What you are doing is beyond cruel, childish and borderline psychotic. I'd say thats going too far, is it mature? I dont think that word means what you think.

A YEAR! Yeah that's psychotic. True, I'm trying to give OP the benefit of the doubt as we don't actually know much about what went down between them. Perhaps I'm being a bit generous though. I've got to imagine the sex is fantastic though. She's probably hate fucking him to begin with, then add in the fact that she's completely out of her mind and holy shit. It's genius? There's a lot of ingenuity here? It's a particularly clever plan?

Hard to devise, huh? This is either fake as shit or you need to seriously consider checking yourself into a mental institution. Get help please.

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Honestly, you are in way too deep. Spending a year very closely with a person you hate sounds like the worst revenge ever, just get it over with. This isn't going to end well and when he's gone and the dust has settled you'll probably feel much, much worse. This is likely to cause you as much pain as him.

Find a way to end it soon. Random thoughts: Are you going to leave him at the alter after he spends money on a destination wedding? Are you going to create a stalker and create an enemy who in turn will make it his life's mission to undo you hire beautiful young call girls to bump into your future husband and pay them a bonus to bed your husband?

A "Merry Christmas! Will you pretend you lost interest? Will you write or tell him it was a big joke on him? Will he murder you and get off on lesser manslaughter because of the betrayal?

Jun 06,   dating my best friend's crush dating my best friend meme started dating best friend when your best friend is dating your ex funny quotes about dating your best friend is dating your best friend's. Through talking with him, I've determined his bullying was the result of his abusive mother and brutal elementary school bullying that gave him panic attacks. That just makes me hate him even more, because he should have known better if he had already been in my position. He's now asleep on my sofa, oblivious to my true feelings. Mar 15,   My friend is dating my bully? I have this friend who I used to be really close to. He's one of my best friends but he's recently started to date the girl who has made my life hell. She's done some pretty shitty things to me. A few years ago she sent me some horrific messages which led to me having suicidal thoughts and since then she's been.

Yes this is what crossed my mind as well. She can get herself killed for all she knows.

My Bully Goes Out With My Crush

Especially if he is crazy enough after discovering the betrayal. People's emotions are not a safe game to play. You just never know. He could Buffalo Bob her like silence of the lambs. Or get a note from him saying "I was planning this possibility" and have locked and loaded all these embarrassing pictures of her that he a releases on the internet or b blackmails her with so she is his slave for life!

Has to wash his and his friends cars, mow their lawns, not a peep in protest or the email is released. God that would really suck. Ya the dude won this one.

You've already wasted a whole year of your life you could have spent with someone you actually cared about. A year you'll never get back.

However, your bully grew up and apologized like a man. Between the two of you id rather hang out with him. I know but whenever someone says "you'e watching your youth, find a partner" I feel the need to point that out. I think that wasting time and finding someone else are two different ideas. Even if she spent the past year working on herself and being alone instead of carrying out this hate-filled plan, it would be better for everyone, especially her.

It's a waste of time to let yourself be fueled by hatred. For every minute you spend angry, you lose time when you could be happy instead. Revenge like this won't make her happy. You want to get revenge. So you're going to bully him right back, in a much more complicated way. You found out he was abused and that's why he bullied so you're mad that he did it because he knows what it's like. Yup, I think this will likely end up in a horrible way cuz, remember, the guy used to hurt her verbally and if she ever carry out her plan it could highly likely get physical this time.

Just worried about her. Hope she wont do it, whatever she's planning to do. It's not even about if you're right or wrong. The thing you haven't considered is that you've wasted a year of your life with someone you hate.

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While you could've had fun, you could've tried to find someone you really love, but you didn't. I can come up with a bullshit story about how love trumps hate, but honestly, I have a different view. I see hate as a waste of your time.

Every minute you spend on thinking about this guy, hating him, is one minute too many.

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Every bit of energy you spend, hating him, is too much. You have every right to hate him, I don't deny that. But I refuse to believe that the only way you could possibly get over it is if you spend a year with someone you loathe to somehow get back at him. If you just live your life, and try to be happy, you will get through it. Revenge is not the only way to do this.

The real feeling you should have about this guy is indifference. He's not worth your time. You should spend more time on making sure you are happy than on making sure other people are miserable. No matter how much they deserve it, you'll get nothing for it in return.

But the damage is done. So my advice would be to cut him off right this second, and don't ever let him control your life like that again.

Because that's a year you'll never get back. Shouldn't you know any better than to deliberately hurt someone because you've been through it too? The sad thing is gonna be how empty you feel once your plans succeeds because you can't erase the past but you can create a brighter future. Reminder that you're not invincible. Reminder that you are escalating the situation. Reminder that he knows where your family lives.

Reminder that hurt people do insane things, just like you're doing now. Make sure you're comfortable with any consequences. Reminder that you would deserve the consequences, but your family doesn't.

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Honestly, the best way to get revenge would be to show him that you are mature, independent, and successful. Doing what you're planning on doing is quite the opposite. Doing this little revenge stunt might not go how you see it in your head, and you'll be left with a bitter taste in your mouth for a long time. It's not worth it; just let it go and show him and everyone else you can be a better person than the bullies in your life.

In regards to the bullying from elementary school and abuse from his mother, I can't tell you exactly how that's affected him, but I can tell you how that affected me during school.

When you're that young and the world's already making you feel even smaller and more helpless, you'd do anything to escape that. When you're at that stage in your life, when you're already confused, it just twists you up even more.

My Best Friend Is Dating My Bully - benjamingaleschreck.com. I always knew moving was a bad idea. Especially after the first day of kindergarten you're already getting bullied. Well welcome to my life. Hello! My name is Bethany. I've made many friends since moving, but my best friends are Brooke and Alex. Th #bullyingReviews: 3. Jul 01,   Best friend - someone you extremely like, one you believe has helped you. Bully - someone you extremely dislike, one you believed has harmed . You can still stay with your friends but talk to your friends about incidents of how the bully bullied you. If they trust you, ask them if they could help you talk to the bully and also stop the bully from bullying .

You make someone else feel small so you can feel big; it feels safe. The people we are today are not the same as we were years ago. I can't speak for this guy, but maybe he was really glad you forgave him in the end and that he got a chance to apologize.

The fact that you're dating now is probably the biggest redemption he could've gotten, so I'll tell you now that you will crush everything inside of him when you make your choice. We've all had our fair share of regrets, and being able to face them in the future isn't a chance everyone gets. You may choose to go through with your campaign of revenge and I won't try to stop you, but just keep all that in mind.

I know I'm not going to convince you to not otherwise fuck him over. But do it soon because this has gone on long enough and you're just becoming bitter at this point. I'm quite sure this isn't a real post but I'll comment. Your getting fucked by some guy you hate and so far wasted a year of your life that you could have used learning something, focusing on career, out finding a true relationship.

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I'm sure he'll be hurt when you break up but he'll get over it and move on in time and you'll still be bitter. I'm not really sure your winning here This is basically sociopathic behavior, but I can understand why you would act this way after someone abused you for so long.

However, I suggest ending it before you dig yourself a hole too deep to get out of. Maybe if you do this it will teach you that continuing the cycle of abuse isn't a good idea, ever. You'll still be filled with hate, he will likely continue to bully and abuse other people, and you might even go to jail for whatever you're planning.

You've spent a year of your life with someone that you hate. What a waste! You could be using your experience to do some good instead you are wasting your time on petty revenge. There is nothing petty about it.

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And you're holding onto the bitterness of High school He's come to deal with the horrid person he was. Will you realize how horrid YOU are? Or will you continue making excuses for yourself for life? Thinking you are "vindicated" or some bullshit? Because you aren't. You'll find out that you are pretty empty inside after it's said and done.

What you're doing, planning to ruin his life even if just for a while, you're also withholding him from other goals if you're leading him on. You disgust me, I don't care what you think in return, you think you're all big because you can tell internet strangers how you're actively planning on destroying someone? When you break up with him, he'll be heartbroken He grew past the cycle of abuse. I've been the guy cheated on, told that he was never loved by the person who he thought he'd be with forever.

I know what he'll go through and I know that he'll be just fine when he realizes that it's your failing, not his, that caused this. You'll be the one left alone there with nothing but the hate that you've been feeding. You're wasting your time in therapy because you're not approaching the process with any honesty.

Just seems like a waste of time. Forgive him. Let go. Don't get me started on my kids mom. I forgave her. Now to focus on my kid. I'm an adult unfortunately. Now you are plotting to abuse and destroy him because you were bullied.

Think you would know better. I mean you fucked this guy and dated him for a whole year just to get 'revenge'? Uh ya ok. I think you both lose in this situation. You are continuing the cycle and wasting your own time. But congratulations on being an awful person as well.

You are almost worse than he is. He was a kid back then. You are an adult, and you've taken your fantasy too far. Please get help from a professional. This is not the way to heal your past trauma.

You will not find any peace at the end. And you never know what can happen.

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I hope he leaves you before you do anything more crazy. For your own good. You need to heal, not perpetuate a state of eternal victimhood. You are allowing the past to control you to this degree. This is coming from someone who was abused but refused to be a victim, and let anger get the best of me.

I feel your pain I really do. Just break up now and go onto live a happy healthy life, far away from this jerk. You deserve better than having him in your presence as a painful reminder of your worst moments. You better be careful, girl. He has already demonstrated his ability to lash out, and his messed up childhood.

If you try pushing him over the edge, you just might get more than you asked for. He could take it to another level, hurt you, stalk you, try to bully you through revenge. If you want to break up then break up, but saying you are going to crush him will backfire in a big way.

This guy won't just go cry in a corner. He's had issues.

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