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Are you tired of your friends and family snooping on your phone to see what apps you have? Protecting your privacy on your mobile device can be a challenging task. The first method we recommend using to hide apps on your iPhone is using a feature that most people assume is just for parental control. Lower down on the next page, tap Restrictions to access the parental control feature. At the top of your screen, hit Enable Restrictions to make it possible for you to disallow specific apps from appearing on your home screen. Now you can choose a passcode to prevent anyone else from making changes to your restrictions.

This will take the app to the next page of the folder. Now, let go of the app.

Jul 26,   Firstly, you can hide all third-party apps by tapping on the "Don't Allow Apps" option. Or, you can hide apps by age restrictions. For example, tapping on the "12+" option will hide all the apps that require the user to be 12 years or above. SEE ALSO: How to Hide a File or Folder in macOS Hide Private Apps on iPhone X. Open Settings. Tap Siri & Search. Scroll down to the app section and select the app you want to hide. Toggle off Learn from this App. Toggle off Show in Search. Toggle off Show Siri Suggestions. May 13,   Step 1: Tap and hold on one of the apps you want to hide. (In the example above, this is  GuitarTuna.) If you're running iOS or later, you need to tap the Edit Home Screen button. If .

Step 5 : Lastly, you might want to rename the folder, so as to give it a more innocuous title. Also, to be painfully clear, you can, of course, do the above with any kind of app, third-party or native.

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Oct 25,   In the screen that opens, press Apps Menu entry, and select Hide App. Put a tick next to the icons of apps you want to hide from your phone. When you are done, press the arrow on the top left and go back to the home screen and verify that these apps have disappeared. Jul 09,   To hide apps on the iPhone you have to create a folder for a few apps and push the apps you want hidden (maybe a dating app or a game that you're a Author: Morgan Cutolo. The go-to app for anyone looking to hide their texts and phone calls is CoverMe. This hidden iPhone app allows its users to create a private number, and make private calls and text messages within the app. If you're worried about someone accidentally seeing you using the app, you can just shake your phone and the app will disappear.

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Drag that app to the third page within the folder while still holding it down. In some cases, you may have to drop the app on the second page before having access to the third page.

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As you hold the app on the third page, press the Home button on your device. As soon as you press it, the app will disappear, vanishing to the top-left corner of your display.

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If you hid a stock Apple app you plan to never use, nothing more needs to be done. But if you hid an app that you actually want to use, but don't want anyone to see on your home screen, they you can still access it via Spotlight Search.

How to Hide iPhone Apps? - Hide and Lock iPhone Apps with Password (No Jailbreak) - 2020

Just pull down on a home screen page or swipe right to bring up the search bar, type in the app's name, and select it from the results. Although you can still use the hidden app, this will not restore it on your home screen. For that, see the next section.

Step 1 Place the App or Apps in a Folder Place the app (s) you want to hide in a folder on any home screen page, either in an existing or newly-created one. Step 2 Move App to the Third Page in Folder Within the folder, enter editing mode by holding down on an individual app until it starts Neil Gonzalez.

To get all the applications that you hid back onto your home screen, all you have to do is restart the device and they will all be restored. Of course, this also means that if you want to keep some apps hidden, that you'll have to re-hide them every time you restart your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or whenever it restarts on its own.

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