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Betty insisted that the stigma of her pregnancy was a thing of the past, but Polly wasn't so sure. At that moment, their parents returned home, Betty asked for a few days to find Polly a safe place to stay because she didn't want to lose her again. The next morning, Betty asked her parents if Polly would be staying with them, and where the baby would sleep. Alice claimed that Polly decided to give the child up for adoption, however, unbeknownst to Alice, Betty had already spoken to Polly about the child, and she knew her mothers' claims were false. In the student lounge, Betty struggled to come up with a solution that would best benefit her and Polly. Veronica suggested that she ask her mother for assistance, but Betty refused, as they had their own problems, then she and Veronica were interrupted by Cheryl, who wished to help Polly and the baby.

The gastropub serves a mix of Asian and continental comfort food. Nestled inside the First Pacific Academy Center, Tipulo is a no-frills Filipino restaurant that offers traditional, yet straightforward Filipino cuisine with a fresh twist.

Eggs for Breakfast is a secret garden-inspired, seater cafe found inside Velada Estate, an events venue in the heart of Antipolo.

The weirdest dating apps available today (CNET Top 5)

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