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Other possible verdicts, up to and including capital punishment, have in the past been imposed, but become less workable the greater the ability of the state legal system to enforce its own rules on the embedded commuity and the greater its interest in doing so. Thus an embedded legal system that operates without a state sanction is more restricted in its means of enforcement than one that possesses that sanction, as Jewish communal authorities in the medieval period frequently did and as 15 th c. In contrast to the Vlach Rom, the Romanichalthe largest of the British gypsy communities, enforce their rules not by communal pressure and the threat of ostracism but by a feud system, a less developed version of the same legal system as saga period Iceland. As with any well functioning feud system, while the incentive to obey the laws or norms is provided by the threat of private violence, actual violence is the exception rather than the rule. The Vlach Rom organize themselves into extended families, and practice marriage by purchase; the Romanichal function as independent individuals, and practice marriage by elopement.

Ed Helms as Danny. Dan Hedaya as Alan Castellano.

How to Date When You're Over 50 (Dating Tips \u0026 Where to Meet Women)

Randall Park as Colin.

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