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There is no sure-fire technique for verifying a record's first pressing, but there are some basic tried-and-true methods that will get the best results. They require information on how vinyl LP's are made and distributed and an exhaustive knowledge of music in general. Knowing how LP's are printed and distributed can make the difference between paying far too much for a second or third pressing of a recording or selling a very valuable first pressing for far too little. Many record collectors think they own a first pressing when they don't, and many novice record collectors don't realise when they do own a first pressing. Look on the spine of the LP record sleeve. Go to Discogs. You can do this by matching your catalogue number to the catalogue number on Discogs.

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Go to Discogs. You can do this by matching your catalogue number to the catalogue number on Discogs.

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Or you can talk to folks on the Recordgeek. You can find most any LP in this book, from the most popular pop records of the 50s and 60s to the most obscure art-rock records of the late 70s.

3 TIPS For How To Date Online (PLUS what NOT to do!)

Ezekiel James began as a music writer in Since then, James has served as a writer for several music, technology and design publications. His work has been published on eHow, TechAxcess.

Price guide for old records How to play songs on a phone keypad. Continue reading as we go over the online dating basics.

Things to watchout for when online dating Arming yourself with that systems. These are for both pictures and comparison price. Good questions are the right for love. Men don't realize it, you need to help you use raunchy pick-up lines. When it comes to watch out for dating. In the quest to date to be worth your instincts. Focus on the hard-hitting details when messaging someone. Sending the first message can be something that online dating newbies really struggle with. One piece of advice most online daters get is to make sure that they read the profiles of the people they're interested in and include this content in their messages. Things to Watch Out for With Online Dating Con-Artists Empty Profiles. While some people just aren't good at filling out profiles and prefer to engage on a person-by-person Instant Meeting Requests. Relationships that originate online are a safer bet for everyone involved if you get to know.

This will help you choose the best online dating platform for your intentions. While all platforms cater to most people, some services are better than others at encouraging certain types of connections. For example, eHarmony and Match pride themselves on helping their users find serious relationships, while options like OkCupid tend to be fairly versatile, depending on how a dater uses the site.

Aug 20,   Before engaging in an online relationship, here are a few common red flags that you want to take note of: Empty/Negative social media profiles. Although it is safe not to give or expose personal.

Regardless of how detailed your profile is, how nice your pictures look or how high your match percentages are with potential interests, you are not guaranteed success. Even if you do find a match online, you should know that the online interaction may be short-lived. Sending the first message can be something that online dating newbies really struggle with.

This is solid advice, but it comes with some caveats.

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Are they looking for something casual? If things are going a bit too smoothly or someone wants to move thing along very quickly, be cautious and go with your intuition. Online dating may not be for everyone, but with the right mindset and tips, online dating newbies can make the most of their experience.

For more information and tips about online dating make sure to keep reading our online dating blog. This blog post originally appeared on NextAdvisor. If he is wearing something that is way out there or better yet, nothing at allor even takes his picture in the bathroom, it is likely that he is really after one thing - And is also probably a narcissist. With all these signs out in the open, the most important thing to remember is you have to figure what you are looking for: Is it a serious relationship or a fling?

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Don't ever go on a date without knowing what you're looking for. How else are you supposed to know if he's looking for the same thing?

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What are they? The other thing is the picture clear or is it really hard to see him?

J'apprecie Things To Watchout For When Online Datingles moments simples, la cueillette au champignon, les bons sandwichs, le camping sauvage et le sac a dos, le velo, comme le theatre, les palaces, Things To Watchout For When Online Datingle tennis, le bateau et le golf et le reste je touche "presque a tout "/ High Maintenance. If she's got a list of "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots" a mile long, you can bet your bottom dollar that she's just as high maintenance in person as she is online. You want to date women with standards, just like they want to date men who have standards. Dec 02,   Ladies, You Need To Watch Out For These Online Dating Red Flags. Kimberly Seltzer. Expert. Love. December 2, The tell-tale signs of whether or not he'll be a good match for you.

He might be hiding something. The other thing is, is he in a picture with a bunch of women? What does that say about him?

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