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There can be no doubt that our personality can affect our relationships with others. This is also true of our signs. And there is no doubt that you would want to do everything in your power to make your man love you madly. Sometimes though, this may prove to be more difficult than expected. One of the reasons could be that their personality is different from what you expect. One sign which you could have this issue with is when you date a Taurus man.

Know about Taurus Man & Woman Characteristics Birthday & Personality. Dating a Taurus, the Taurus ? is the second sign in the zodiac calendar, including those born between 21st April and 19th element of Taurus is earth; therefore they are grounded and practical main planet of this sign is Venus, and it comes with a lot of feminine Betty Crawford. Dating a Taurus Male According to zodiac sign compatibility, Taurus is most compatible with Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces. Before actually dating this man you must remember that Taureans appreciate people who have a sensible approach towards life. Tips and Advice! Taurus Men in Relationships. He's the real mystery man. There's just so much about him that even years of marriage won't Taurus Man: Early Dating. If you are going on your first date with the Taurus man then these tips will be very helpful Dating a Taurus Man Long Distance. Author: Anmol Raina.

More traditional Taurus may enjoy classical music over contemporary music. Fulfill his physical desires and keep it sexy.

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Out of all the zodiac signs, Taurus love the sensation of an intimate touch the most. Try to fulfill his physical desires whenever you want to. Keep the environment sensual when you make love. Use satin sheets and soft pillows to increase the physical pleasure.

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Taurus men are more traditional but that doesn't always extend to the bedroom. Lighting candles and making it aromatic will turn a Taurus on. Method 3 of Many Taurus men will want to have control over the finances in a serious relationship.

Stay loyal to him. Jealousy may come into play when dating a Taurus, so be sure to consistently let him know how awesome he is.


Infidelity could ruin your relationship with your guy for good. Contact him throughout the day via text. This will affirm how much you need him in your life and will draw him closer to you.

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Taurus men like to be relied on, and the more you communicate with him over text, the more you are showing him how important he is in your life. Like all people, things are best done in moderation. He might like texting more than the average guy, but everyone has a limit. Tell and show him how important he is in your life. He will internalize a lot of the stuff you say to him, so if you tell him how important he is, it will make it clear that he has an impact and is a major part of your life.

Tips for dating a taurus male

He will like giving gifts but not receiving them. Instead of a material gesture, do something sentimental and from the heart like taking him on a date to where you first met.

You don't want your Taurus guy to make any assumptions.

Make sure to make your emotions clear to him. Taurus men are usually more conservative, and they must have stability. Taurus men are practical and rational.

Take a step back and look at the situation with a rational mind. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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Co-authors: ated: January 12, There are often serious thoughts going on in their heads that they might not express to others, and chances are that not every layer of the man will show up right away in a relationship. It might take time for you to gain his confidence and trust to the level that he's willing to allow himself to share these deep thoughts with you. A Taurus guy likes to be in control. He wants to know that he's providing for you even though he may acknowledge that you're perfectly capable of providing for yourself.

As a father, he likes to feel as if he's the head of the family and likes to be consulted on all family decisions, whether they directly involve him or not.

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Be aware that Taurus men also like to handle finances and want to be in control of money-related matters. The good news is that you can usually trust them with that responsibility since Taurus men are practical and are seldom at risk of extravagant overspending.

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A Taurus man may be territorial and protective of his partner and is likely to keep up with what they're doing. But a Taurus man is much more possessive and controlling when it comes to his material possessions.

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However, a Taurus can become jealous and overly possessive of the one they love if they feel they have just cause. So, don't flirt or be overly friendly with other men if you're intimately involved with a Taurus man.

These men know about sensuality. Their earthy nature likes physical pleasure, and they enjoy seeing their partners look nice. Since a Taurus man may never directly ask for what he wants, you could try offering him a massage or a long, deep kiss.

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Activities that keep you both physically active are also a good bet, so try hiking, relaxing sportsgardening, or just taking a long walk. It can be very challenging to date a Taurus, especially when you don't know what to expect and can't read him. However, if you'll keep these key points in mind a Taurus man can be divine. So, it may take a while before you move in together. Once he finds out the truth, you will quickly see how hurt he is feeling.

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He likes the finest things in life and he spends money only on things that are of high-quality. There are many traits to be appreciated in a Taurus native. He succeeds in everything that he is doing without showing any stress, and he will work hard to have a stable financial future.

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This makes him a good father and husband. He likes having a family, and he will be protective of them.

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The partner of a man in Taurus will be spoiled and dressed in the most expensive clothes. He expects his other half to be faithful, reliable and truthful. Patient, down-to-earth, and knowing what he wants, the Taurus man will make place for someone special in his life, if he happens to fall in love.

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He is rather controlling when in a relationship, so if you have suggestions about something be careful how you tell him your opinions. If you have tickets to a theater play or a classical music concert, take your Taurus boyfriend with you.

Easily aroused and highly sexual, this man does not like to be teased. While on a romantic date with your Taurus man, it is best not to start something you are not ready to finish, unless you make the boundaries very clear. Don't change your moods, your looks, or Author: Carly Schuna.

After the date, go to your place and cook together. He enjoys wholesome and delicious food and a healthy laughter.

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Make sure you dress up and look elegant. He will most likely be dressed up when showing up for a date. Shopping is something a Taurus man would do all day long.

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