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I do not mean to be rude or critical of you cause I am a married woman. But why on earth would you have a baby from a married man? Why did you simply just not end the relationship with him 6 months is not a very long time, to really know about a person and truly love them. Especially when he lied to you. So you mean to tell me that you are satisfied being second in this mans life, you have never been to his house in two years and I am assuming he does not live with you right?

His wife even knows about me!! What should I do? There isn't any kids or anything so what's holding him back? I don't want to leave him but I'm becoming more stressful and it could only get worse if I stay. Any good advice?

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Girl if he wanted to leave his wife and be with you it definitely would not have taking this long. That's three years of your life wasted.

You need to find you a man who will give you all the attention you deserve.

Jul 31,   I am dating a married man and I'm tired of waiting for him to leave his wife. We have been dating for 3 years and its like a normal relationship except HE IS MARRIED. I didn't know he was married when we first started dating and after i found out I was too deep in love. Now I am becoming impatient. He says he's going to leave her when the time is right. Feb 26,   I am currently dating a married man, who had told me in the past he would leave his wife. i ask now and he say cant because of his children. i have never dated a married man before but for some reason did. is this normal behavior? was he just saying that to get in comfortable in the relationship, so i would fall in love with him? Oct 07,   I already asked this question but I think I should give more details. We've been together 8 months. Never had sex. He has 2 kids. Lives at home with his wife and I'm obviously a secret. Says SHE cheated on him multiple times and that is why they are not together. However does not call me when he is in his home and only does when he is out. Is extremely possessive and jealous of me even though.

You may not be the only woman he is seeing, especially if his wife knows about you and does not care. She's probably use to it. The question isn't when he's gonna leave his wife, its when is his wife going to leave him. And even if he does leave her for you LOL who's to say he won't do the exact same thing to you.

I'm In A 15 Year Affair With A Married Man... How Can I Get Out Of It?

Be greatful that she hasn't and move on. He's not leaving her and she's not leaving him.

Well it seems like you are enjoying the perks of the relationship as well as him. So I would just take it for what it is worth, nothing more. I feel he is not being completely honest with you and he is not telling you the full story in term of his feelings for his wife.

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He seems to know how to keep you semi quite by buying you things and keeping you pinned up in a condo, available at his convenience. I feel what is holding him from leaving his wife and marrying you is the security and love that he still has for her. And, she is not letting go of him, despite of you, because she is living an even more grand life then you.

She is not going to let that man go easily, she isn't crazy. Another thing, she is aware of you, so if they divorce, she can get a lot of money from him for having an affair.

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He seems unwilling to give her a nice chunk of his earnings, so although he is not all that happy, he deals with her and keeps you on the side. I've been in your situation before, it didn't last as long, but the feelings were there. First you need to leave him, because he will do the same to you. In fact the married man i was dating was seeing two other women besides me and one of them eventually got pregnant.

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There are so many men out there to love and who will love you how you want to be loved. At first it will be hard, but you know what you have to do. Stop thinking with your heart and use your brain instead.

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That's where people go wrong. And the gifts he give you are only to keep you in, he buys his wife twice as much. Besides you're worth more. The guy I was dating, left his wife and remarried, but he continues to cheat. Some men just don't know any better.

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The guy you're dating will never learn. Don't stay for who you hope he will become, leave for who he is.

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Have you ever seen this same scenario played out on many Why in the World would you place such little value on yourself and allow this negative behavior to happen or for that matter to continue. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

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His ego is being stroked at YOUR expense. He has a wife at home and you on the side Haven't you figured out the male ego. Sure he buys you things Even more sad is the fact that a price tag is being placed on you.

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You've been bought. If you had a daughter would you like to see her go through this same situation? What kind of advice would you give her?

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That man does not respect women or himself. If you should ever marry, lets' hope you don't experience your husband creeping out on you regardless of your consent or knowledge.

If this situation ends up happening to you during your marriage.

Jan 14,   I am thinking about letting this guy I am dating know that we need to slow things down until his divorce if finalized. He and his wife do not see each other getting back together ever, but His wife have been very slow with getting the divorce to proceed and I dont want to get to deep into the relationship and get stuck with a married man. I need to tell him but a little afraid. May 04,   I need the best advice that I could get My bestfriend (for 13 years) & I have always been there for each other thru thick & thin. We have always been attracted to each other, but our timing was always off. He was in a relationship, or I was in a relationship w/someone else. About 8 years ago he dated a woman who was married w/2 kids. She left her husband who was lazy & sluggish for my best. Oct 06,   i met this guy, we dated for about 6 months, and thats when his wife called me he was actually married. im 19 and he is well she told me they have been married for over a year, and how she waits at home everynight for him to come home (he would see me everynight till 3/4 am) she asked me questions and i told her everything. my bf denied it, but he finally told me the truth. i loved him.

Would you be ok with it? It's called adultry. You will reap what you sow what goes around There is a price to be paid for that type of dysfunctional, selfish and unhealthy behavior.

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You must feel and know deep in your heart that you're being played. The gifts that you receive are mere trinkets to keep you around. No disrespect intended You need to realize how important and special you are Kick that situation to the curb with a quickness.

The signs are right in front of you. If he does leave his wife then he will not be with you. He is feeding you lines to keep you from running away. He likes you beucase you are his sex sidekick and trusts you enough that you wont tell.

I am in the same kind of relationship and I am starting to realize that everyone is right and he is not leaving her.

I would do this and I will myself tomorrow.

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Give him a time frame. What is this mans problem? Mine has kids and I understand that it is hard to leave but your man does not have kids.

Dating a married man yahoo answers

I feel bad for her but if it bothers her, she doesn't let it show. But his feelings are it is too expensive to get a divorce. I think that is a lame excuse. In your case, I'd ask him what his intentions are regarding the divorce and if he won't tell you or hesitates I'd move on even if the sex was exquisite. If you settle for this kind of relationship, marriage may never occur and later when the sex cools down, you'll have to settle for living together and I do not think you want that.

Sorry, you should have cut him off as soon as you found out he was married and tell him to resolve his situation first, then proceed with you. I've seen this WAY too many times. Even tho his "marriage" is failing, it's still not completely behind him.

This always tells you how he defines the level of commitment. If things work out for you two and there's some kind of argument, he'll always have the idea that if it's not "working out", it will be ok for him to start dating someone else. Trending News. Trump comments on private border wall segment.

Mar 21,   Dating a married person is wrong regardless the situation and if he doesnt want to get married he should pay the cost and get a divorce. You should have .

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