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What's the protocol for drunken office hookups? We haven't talked about it since. Should we? I am a single early 30s female working in a professional office environment, as a member of a small team. A male colleague and I have had very good chemistry together for several months, with some light flirting. However, about a month ago at an after-work event, we both got very drunk and ended up making out pretty heavily not in front of our coworkers, fortunately.

Keep a list of the actions you witness while the alcoholic is drunk or having a fit. Many alcoholics often deny or dismiss claims of being mean or an alcoholic while drinking - so keeping track of what is happening without just your words may help when confronting them. Dismiss rude words and behavior towards you when an alcoholic is being mean or aggressive. Remove yourself from any situation that presents danger or harm to you or those around you.

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Avoid giving in to fits by ignoring the alcoholic and do not give them additional alcoholic drinks - this will often make the situation worse. Present possible solutions and options to the alcoholic when sober by hosting a family and friend intervention.

Young enough that you are still a ball of hormones on feet, the both of you.

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Because really, young, jacked up on hormones, and rendered stupid by booze TLDR; Booze makes you stupid. Inexperience leads to poor decisions. Hormones make you crazy. Combine the three of them into a cocktail, and it's a recipe for shame. Learn from your mistakes, but pretend this one never happened.

Don't get irritated at a guy you randomly hookup with because you feel unimportant to him. If you want to feel special, don't do drunken hookups. So, who knows, maybe he likes you but you have to cut the drunken flirting out and be brave enough to just be with him sober and getting to know him, and having him do the same with you. The protocol for ill-advised drunken makeouts is Ignore and Don't Repeat. That goes double if it's a coworker, and triple if either of you are committed elsewhere. Sounds like you managed to avoid too much awkwardness - stay professional & friendly, and the tense should pass soon. How to Deal With Mean Drunks | Our Everyday Life.

The fact that he left when he did and sent a pretty respectful message was a very good indicator that he is a nice person. The time that has passed suggests he does value his relationship more highly than the nascent whatever attraction between you.

It may indeed ironically have made him understand exactly how much he wants to keep it and he probably has already told his girlfriend about this. So leave him raise it if he needs to. Sheesh, clearly lots of people here who would perhaps could never be tempted to a human failing.

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If we don't learn from our mistakes the lesson ain't that interesting! If you aren't pregnant or infected, say nothing.

I'm not about to excuse what happens between two adults while drunk, but the 'don't talk about it EVER' line works because - why do anything else?

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This is one of those cases where the incentives all stack up when this is sealed tighter than Area I don't like that he came by your place for sex. I don't like that you were the one to raise concerns about his girlfriend, not him.

Frankly, he doesn't come off as a good guy. You should rethink your attitude about your attraction to this fellow, be thankful you don't remember much about that night because it will be even easier to forget, and MOVE ON. I'm sure his long term girlfriend thinks he's sexy, too.

You're playing with fire and wondering if you have an ethical "in" to revisit your attraction. You don't.

How to deal with a drunken hookup

Be glad you made the right choice in the end. Stick with that. I'm sorry you're involved in this whole thing.

Step 1 Assess the current situation you are in and the relationship you have with the mean drunk or alcoholic. Understanding the alcoholic's behavior and reasons for acting out will help you when talking with them when sober and reasonable. Step 2. May 12,   Get them to a hospital as soon as you can. If you've been drinking, do not drive. Call an ambulance or have a trustworthy sober person drive you and the drunk person to a hospital. Be Aware: It's possible that someone slipped something into their drink that could mimic the effects of extreme intoxication. May 19,   A snoring drunk beside you is hardly a brilliant aphrodisiac! If it's daytime and you have a family, take them out for a walk or meal. Play a board .

I know it's confusing and maybe even hurts a little. Don't harbor feelings for someone in a committed relationship. Move on.

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Say nothing. Yeah, I think you want to bring it up, because hey, "very good chemistry" is hard to walk away from. But this is not a can of worms you want to open. To answer your question, no, it's not "rude or weird" to not mention it.

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She has no reason to lie, and in fact, doing so would not give her the accurate advice she's seeking. To me it sounds like you want to bring it up with him.

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Maybe you want to find out what he thinks or this episode got your hopes up. Best to leave it alone and not mention it. First off, I want to disagree with the argument of "if he cheats on her, he's not boyfriend material," because who knows if they're open, or if they're only together because they're afraid of being lonely, or if they have some kind of fucked-up codepencency they're trying to break, or anything.

You don't nor do you remember who brought up the girlfriend, or what was said about her. Moreover, that argument feels a little bit like arguing that men have more agency than women, and that all women are more or less interchangeable in the context of a relationship.

However, if he offers to explicitly leave her for you, that is kinda fucked up. Second, if you feel like discussing it with him, go right ahead. But figure out what you want to say first, and what, if anything you want to know from him.

The worst he can say is "I'd rather not talk about it," and that's all. But make sure you're alone and probably not at the officeand don't tell anybody else at the office, either, THAT'S the real bad form thing. The protocol for ill-advised drunken makeouts is Ignore and Don't Repeat.

That goes double if it's a coworker, and triple if either of you are committed elsewhere.

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I don't see any gender assumptions in it. A made out with B. For example, is asking for someone to hold their hand, talk to them, look at them. And when they think they won't feel better, or that they'll die? Try to reassure them and ask them if there's anybody you can call for them.

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Call an ambulance if they're at risk or exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 9. Don't leave them alone.

Ask them if you can locate someone they know to help them. If you don't know them, alert the staff of the restaurant, bar, or building that someone needs assistance in the bathroom. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. Giving them fatty foods and plenty of water can help their body process the alcohol better and take the edge off of a potential hangover.

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However, the only way to actually get rid of the alcohol in their bloodstream is to give them time to process it. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. You should lie them on their side so that they don't choke in the event of vomiting. Not Helpful 2 Helpful You should still follow all of the above advice, including calling for help.

It's better to make sure that person is taken care of and alive than to worry about getting in trouble. Getting in trouble is temporary. Someone being dead is permanent.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful Guide the drunk person to a comfortable area, take off his shoes and turn out the lights.

Keep them in a proper position. It is very important to stop a drunk person from sitting on their stomach or on their back. There is a high risk they will vomit and choke. Also, do not let them sleep alone because many people have died in their sleep while they were drunk. Make sure they don't engage in risky behavior. Oct 06,   So goes a night with an angry drunk. According to this study, which cropped up in every Facebook feed over the summer, you're dealing with a "Mr. Hyde," one of four scientifically determined drinking personalities (the others being "Hemingway," "Mary Poppins" and "the Nutty Professor"). Jan 30,   When you're drunk, you're going to do things you wouldn't normally do, and say things you don't normally say. So is he. And it's John Ortved.

He will likely fall asleep quickly. Not Helpful 16 Helpful How can I take care of a drunk person who is throwing up and refusing to get up but is awake? Have them sit in a chair, stand behind them and make sure their head doesn't fall back or forward.

They had a drunk hook up the night before but, now... - The Morning After - Part 1

A second person is ideal so they can hold the bag, but I've done it by myself and managed. It's gross, but you can save someones life just by making sure they don't hit their head, fall over, or choke. If someone ever just wont stop throwing up - call Not Helpful 19 Helpful You really can't. Talk with them instead! You never know just what will come out of a drunken sleep conversation with someone. Just remember, they are probably not going to remember all that in the morning.

Not Helpful 31 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Never allow someone who is drunk to drive or operate machinery.

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If a drunk person insists on driving, try taking their keys or calling the police to prevent them from injuring themselves or others. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 1. Related wikiHows.

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In a four-part series, we'll explore different facets of the drunken hookup double standard, seeking to expose some preconceived notions that aren't lining up with what's really happening in sexual encounters between men and women. Each article is dedicated to recognizing Sexual .

Reader Success Stories. JL Jade Lee Nov 15, I now know everything I did was correct. KP Karen Paluszka Oct 7, I'm glad I read this article so I can be better informed.

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