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Digital Download Proof. I get it. After all, this whole puzzle of dating and meeting women can seem incredibly confusing. In truth that level of effort is like going to the gym and doing one bicep curl a week. Yet this never happened. From the moment I saw the instructors practicing I knew this was the style for me.

They return to it over and over, finding endless depth and grace in it until they see the whole system is help in that first movement.

Without going through that process, I had no hope of learning the impressive looking jump kicks and Eagle Claw techniques that had got me into Kung Fu in the first place. That one key insight had relit the burning fire within me, and I was suddenly determined to do whatever it took to master the basics.

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Instead of expecting to pull off some super smooth James Bond banter with the first girl I approached, sweeping her off her feet and whisking her away to the bedroom, I went back to basics and focused on the fundamentals. But it was worth it.

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Within a year I was dating women I previously thought were well outside my league. The year after that I had 5 incredible girlfriends who all knew about each other. Just as the outer game is important, what you say and do, so is the Inner Game, your internal mindsets and beliefs.

Accelerator dating

The 3rd Bonus is a recording of the exclusive live webinar that was run by yours truly, James Marshall. Let me put it like this. Blowing your chances with the one cute girl at the bar and spending half of your weeks pay on booze or expensive club entry to make the night somewhat enjoyable. Now if you think about one of those awful dinner dates, and how much you invested, then compare how things would have played out differently if you could approach new beautiful women whenever you see them, suddenly things look very different.

Someone who has just discovered approaching, and never imagined that it would be possible to just walk up to a beautiful woman on the street and ask for her number. Yeah right. The one thing I hear them say the most is how they WISH they had started out with seduction when they were younger.

They start out by watching YouTube videos, downloading a free eBook or two, reading some online forums. So what do they do? More information about Dating - Seduction. More Info: Click to preview. Your email address will not be published.

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Dating Accelerator Teacher James Marshall. Categories Dating - Seduction - Hobbies. Buy this course. Happily ever after, right? Not likely. Most of the time the girl thought of them only as friends, is completely taken off guard by the sudden confession and gently but firmly makes it clear that he needs to stay where he belongs.

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In the Friendzone. Which to be brutally honest are just distraction strategies to ignore the cold, hard fact that most of their single life is spent, alone, frustrated and horny. Last but not least is the guy who has retreated almost completely from women and dating. Starting to sound familiar? I Know How You Feel. That working on your career, or improving your physique, or trying to fill your life with nice suits, fancy cars and a slick apartment that will one one day, eventually, sometime in the future, land you your dream girl.

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Trust me, I know the feeling. I used to be a musician with dreams of making it big and having women throwing themselves at me, just BEGGING for a chance to share the limelight with a famous rock star, even if just for a moment. I had everything banking on this.

If you could ever just walk up to a beautiful woman on the street, a complete stranger, and not only stop her dead in her tracks, but have a flirty fun conversation AND get her number. For me to answer that question, let me take you back to my early days as a young man, starting out as a martial artist.

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Not exactly a lot of room in there for a young kid with artistic talent. I tried that and ended up with more beatings. Eventually I started looking for a way to defend myselfand as a kid I was fascinated by Kung-Fu movies. First, my master made me practice painful postures for hours on end.

Dating Accelerator. Anon Send an email. 0 80 Less than a minute. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest VKontakte Skype WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email. Improve Your Dating in Quantity and Quality. Become a Master Dater! What you'll learn: Ask anyone out for a date, anytime, anyplace;. Welcome to Accelerate. Your long term program for success in dating, socially & in life.

Picture it. Me just standing there, moving from what I thought was basic boring pose to pose while the advanced students were doing super cool kung fu forms. Then I had to strike a bag of sand over and over until my hands ached. Eventually I got fed up and was about to quit, when my master sat me down and said. A light bulb went off in my head. I wanted to embody this artform and dedicate myself to this truth.

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The reason I was practicing these basics over and over again was to build a solid foundation which would then be the base for the more advanced moves. I applied myself to mastering every single nuance of the basics, no matter how insignificant it may have seemed. And over time I saw the pieces coming together. I saw my form improving, the moves becoming more natural, and a sense of ease and relaxation whenever I went to train.

The biggest lesson I had learned was not how to throw a perfect punch, or how to do a flying kick.

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It was that the old adage which we hear from our parents over and over again, but never truly take to heart, is true. Practice makes perfect. That is, having the right teacher, a pure and effective method and then countless hours of perfect practice. Now, you may be thinking:. Having seen the level of mastery I could achieve with Kung Fu simply by focusing on the basics, I knew that I could do the same thing with dating and meeting women.

Accelerate your dating and get back into the swing of things. Self-esteem can take a real beating when a single person goes through a dating dry spell. When the only plans you have for Saturday night is watching a DVD with your cat, loneliness can make you cry harder than the tearjerker movie you rented. Online mentoring is for individuals who seek the best outcomes in life in terms of dating but more importantly in terms of personal standards and lifestyle. Start Here Programs. The  Dating Accelerator  - a comprehensive online video course by James Marshall is the perfect place to this 3-week program you'll learn the fundamentals of approaching beautiful women, getting numbers and going on dates, with lifetime access to all video modules to return to as you develop in skill and results.

But all throughout this process I kept my focus on the longer game. Over many years. It was about the rest of my life. Since becoming a dating coach, I recognize the same mistaken mindsets in students who come to me for help. You could try to understand the basics by watching our videos, things like holding eye-contact, giving her a compliment, even posture and body language.

Admittedly some guys see small success from doing this. This is the equivalent of watching a Kung Fu movie and trying to dissect the moves you see and guess the principles behind them, pausing and rewinding back dozens of times to try to get it right. There is a solution. That you master the fundamentals you need to be ready for those deeper principles. We shared with Jerry some of our deepest secrets to transcend his identity and provided solid technical tools for him to attract girls his age.

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Coupled with MASSIVE action and rock-solid motivation, Jerry ended up starting an awesome sex life with the hottest college girls in his city, within a couple weeks. All balances must be paid before the start of the program. Easy Payment Plans are available. Click below to access our full catalogue of Five Stars Reviews.

We will invest a lot of time into these trainings. As it turns out, not everyone is meant to have an incredible dating life. It's tough. And you have to be serious about it.

The good news is, we've already done most of the heavy lifting for you - you just need to execute. The bad news is, there are only spots available per Instructor in this program.

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We want to make sure that the people we pick for these trainings are highly committed action takers who are able to make decisionswilling to invest in themselves and wanting to create themselves an incredible dating life. Step 1 - Completed! Step 2. Step 3.

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We will determine if you're a good fit for the program and y ou'll also gain massive clarity on how to act next. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:. Having your subconscious eat away at you like a parasite in the back of your mind. Taunting you, tricking you, and preventing you from reaching that higher self.

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We do not want finances to hinder your ability to take advantage of this offer so please let us know what you can afford and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Assembling piece after piece the puzzle of a rockstar lifestyle where women come to you on automation. Break down some of your OWN infields. Inner Issues Healing.

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