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Theoretically, acupuncture in anticoagulated patients could increase bleeding risk. However, precise estimates of bleeding complication rates from acupuncture in anticoagulated patients have not been systematically examined. To critically evaluate evidence for safety of acupuncture in anticoagulated patients. Of 39 potentially relevant citations, 11 met inclusion criteria: 2 randomized trials, 4 case series, and 5 case reports. Seven provided reporting quality sufficient to assess acupuncture safety in anticoagulated patients treatments.

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A Morris County man who formerly worked as an acupuncturist in Springfield has been convicted of sexually assaulting a patient. Edward Raskin of Chatham was found guilty this week of sexual assault, a second-degree crime, and criminal sexual contact, a fourth-degree crime, following a two-week bench trial, acting Union County Prosecutor Lyndsay V. He faces five to 10 years in state prison for conviction on the sexual assault charge and must serve 85 percent of his prison term before becoming eligible for parole under New Jersey's No Early Release Act.

Raskin turned himself in to police at Springfield Police Department headquarters in February before being taken to Union County Jail. Help MyCentralJersey continue to provide in-depth reporting like this.

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Find our latest subscription options and special offers here. Raskin was also known to have an office in New York City.

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Anyone with information about his activities still is being urged to contact Santos at or Mirabile at One of the many things that keep the day in the life of an acupuncturist exciting is seeing again and again the positive results that come from acupuncture. In just one example experienced at AMC, a patient came to the clinic on crutches. She had been suffering from lower back pain for five weeks and had gone to the emergency room four times.

She had thousands of dollars in medical bills, but her pain persisted. However, after five acupuncture treatments, her lower back pain dissipated and she no long needed crutches. Stories like these are not uncommon, and they are what keep so many acupuncturists excited and passionate about their career. And for more information about becoming an acupuncturist, download our free course catalog.

Acupuncture practice then and now Back when acupuncture originated, acupuncture practice was passed down from generation to generation.

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The typical day of an acupuncturist In many states an acupuncturist is considered a primary care physician. Exciting victories, ongoing passion One of the many things that keep the day in the life of an acupuncturist exciting is seeing again and again the positive results that come from acupuncture.

Anticoagulants are widely used in the hospital and community care settings to prevent coagulopathies and embolic phenomena, with demonstrated safety. Meta-analysis of randomized trials comparing anticoagulant prophylaxis with no treatment in 19, hospitalized not perioperative patients showed a nonsignificant increase in major bleeding.

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To place our review in a broader context of patients receiving low-molecular weight heparin or vitamin K antagonists, the safety of surgical procedures far more invasive than acupuncture has been closely examined. A Cochrane meta-analysis of 27, anticoagulated patients found bleeding events per patients The risk of procedure-related bleeding in anticoagulated patients receiving acupuncture may be lower, but the question has not yet been definitively investigated.

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We therefore conducted this meta-analysis to review all identifiable peer-reviewed medical publications and critically examine the safety of acupuncture in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy. We searched other databases with comparable terms.

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Two reviewers screened all citations and conferred with a third when disagreements arose in deciding on inclusion or exclusion of citations. Exclusion criteria were as follows: no discussion of both anticoagulants AND acupuncture, no quantifiable data, anticoagulant use not confirmed, and adverse events not reported. We ordered 39 articles that were potentially relevant and, upon review of the full-text copies and exclusions Figure 1identified 11 that met inclusion criteria: reporting on the combination of acupuncture and 1 or more anticoagulants.

After data extraction, we conferred to assess these 11 articles and, combining clinical judgment with literature assessment criteria, graded them by quality of reporting and apparent likelihood of a causal relationship between anticoagulant exposure and acupuncture-associated bleeding.

To facilitate clear risk stratification, these articles were grouped into likelihood of certainty that the outcome bleeding event was attributable to the co-exposure acupuncture, in patients receiving anticoagulants. We assessed that likelihood of certainty on the basis of the elapsed time between anticoagulant dosing and acupuncture as well as on the quality and thoroughness of documentation of each therapy in the published manuscripts. Data from the full-text articles were then extracted into table format Table 1.

Safety of acupuncture in patients receiving anticoagulants: a systematic review. Published data on acupuncture complications in patients receiving anticoagulant medication therapy.

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Our systematic search yielded 11 relevant citations Figure 1 : 2 randomized trials, 2933 3 retrospective case series, 283436 5 case reports, 2731323738 and 1 practice description. We sought clear documentation of time between anticoagulation and acupuncture therapy as well as an adequate description of adverse events observed. We found seven publications with quality of reporting sufficient to assess whether the safety of acupuncture was influenced by concurrent anticoagulant therapy Table 1.

Minor bleeding typical to that seen in both acupuncture and medication injection a drop of blood managed simply with pressure and cotton-tipped swab was observed in 51 Moderate bleeding in one deep needling event was likely exacerbated by the presence of warfarin anticoagulation, which was managed by oral vitamin K to reverse anticoagulation. Significant bleeding most likely related to aggressive anticoagulation and not to acupuncture was reported in a randomized trial comparing two different acupuncture methods in the treatment of 80 patients with acute ischemic cerebral infarction up to 6 hours after attack, in which intracranial hemorrhage was a reported outcome.

Significant bleeding apparently caused by inappropriately deep needling likely to have happened even if the patient had not been anticoagulated was observed in 2 case reports: acute carpal tunnel syndrome including bleeding from rupture of several extensor tendons of the hand the day after acupuncture in an year-old woman receiving unspecified anticoagulant therapy, managed surgically 31 ; and multiple small hematomas on the inner membrane of the appendix in a year-old woman following acupuncture with long needles placed at a depth that repeatedly pierced the intestine wall.

The remaining 2 high-quality reports documented no acupuncture-induced bleeding.

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Cumulatively, the 4 women received 51 acupuncture treatments without electrical stimulation at local and distal acupuncture points. After treatment, none of the patients demonstrated any bleeding or bleeding-related problems, either as observed by the physician-acupuncturist or through self-report, except for an occasional asymptomatic bruised area at an acupuncture site on the upper back on one patient.

In a practice review conducted at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston, MAthe authors reported that in their experience in treatment of more than oncology patients, acupuncture did not increase the chance of bleeding rates not specified in oncology patients receiving anticoagulants. Because of the poor quality of reporting in these 4 articles, we were unable to draw conclusions and withdrew them from the review set.

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We determined that 7 of the 11 articles identified in our systematic search provided reporting of sufficient quality to critically assess our research question: does acupuncture in anticoagulated patients present a higher-than-expected risk of bleeding?

Of the anticoagulated patients treated with acupuncture discussed in the 7 articles, there were 58 bleeding events documented in treatments among acupuncture patients, a bleeding complication rate of 1.

Proper Patient Records. As a medical professional, your notes and patient records are critical to both protecting you and providing the best patient care you can. Keeping detailed patient records is critical to protecting you in the case of any malpractice case. Jul 29, One theory on why acupuncture is so effective is that acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's pain-relieving chemicals, and the part of the brain that controls serotonin levels, according to Harvard Health. This could explain why many patients feel happier and relaxed when they leave an appointment - it has mental. Acupuncture Dating. Previous story. Next story. SHARE. I will never forget when I was first introduced to acupuncture. I must have been around 8 years old and my mom took me with her to one of her sessions. She didn't usually do that but as a single mom she balanced taking care of herself and taking care of us all at the same time and.

This compares very favorably with the Remarkably, the 1. The majority of acupuncture bleeding events found in our study were either an asymptomatic bruise 34 or a minor drop of blood typical of any needling procedure and managed with pressure and cotton.

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By our assessment, the only serious bleeding events were the result of either inappropriately deep needling for two patients 3132 or mixtures of anticoagulation regimens. These observations do not support assigning causation of hemorrhage to the combination of acupuncture and anticoagulants but rather suggest anticoagulant combinations were a larger problem.

acupuncturist typically has several appointments throughout the day in which they meet with patients, ask questions about their medical history, and uncover reasons patients may be stressed or in pain. During examinations, the acupuncturist assesses the patient's pulse and looks for other physical clues about his or her health, including. A physician must terminate the patient-physician relationship before initiating a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship with a patient. Likewise, sexual or romantic relationships between a physician and a former patient may be unduly influenced by the previous physician-patient relationship. Feb 05, NJ acupuncturist convicted of sexually assaulting patient. Edward Raskin of Chatham was found guilty of sexually assaulting an adult victim during an appointment at Spirit Acupuncture Author: Suzanne Russell.

For the 4 remaining cases that we identified, the relationship between the bleeding event and the combination of acupuncture and anticoagulants was indeterminable.

Two case reports documented calf compartment syndrome following acupuncture, but we determined causation was not assessable because the duration between acupuncture and anticoagulation was not specified. Given that 56 of patients treatments; 1. The fact that the only significant bleeding occurred in patients whose acupuncturist caused tendon and organ damage underscores the importance of respecting appropriate needling location and depth.

A prospective randomized trial similar to the one randomized trial 33 we identified but that monitored for both minor and major bleeding events following acupuncture in anticoagulated patients, would help to confirm the findings of our systematic review.

Our systematic review noted a large difference between our observed complication rate and that of Witt et al. Disclosure Statement. There is hardly a field in all of historical scholarship of which we know so little as the development of Chinese medical thought.

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A mountain of books which treat this subject has accumulated in the West since the sixteenth century. Some are written by European practitioners, since acupuncture is now a flourishing enterprise in the Occident, and some by scholars.

INTRODUCTION. Acupuncture is a healing method intended to regulate physiologic and neurologic functioning, with the earliest archeologic evidence for acupuncture tools dating to Neolithic times, and the earliest textual evidence of acupuncture written in the Shang Dynasty ( BC to c BC).1 Acupuncture needle stimulation achieves its therapeutic benefits through up-regulation of processes. C. Sexual violation: a sexual act between patient and doctor. There is no distinction between which party initiated the contact or whether the act was consensual. Relations with Current Patients. Perhaps one of the more confusing issues is dating a current patient. It may seem innocent and above board.

But most of these writings, regardless of origin, obscure rather than illuminate the beautiful Chinese theoretical system. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Perm J v.

The Science Behind How Acupuncture Helps Relieve Pain: A Doctor Of Chinese Medicine Explains

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Introduction: Theoretically, acupuncture in anticoagulated patients could increase bleeding risk. Objective: To critically evaluate evidence for safety of acupuncture in anticoagulated patients. Results: Of 39 potentially relevant citations, 11 met inclusion criteria: 2 randomized trials, 4 case series, and 5 case reports. Conclusion: Acupuncture appears to be safe in anticoagulated patients, assuming appropriate needling location and depth.

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Figure 1. Table 1.

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