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Thanks, but no thanks. Dating should be fun! Or even worse, make you feel bored. These 29 alternative first date ideas will get you out of your comfort zone and into some fun and, at the very least, will have you and your possible new boo bonding over the experience. Heck, use them for any type of date - first and beyond! One person is responsible for drinks , and the other brings along bites. Pick a fun location like a park, a riverside, or really anywhere with a nice view.

Tip: choose somewhere with a beautiful view to go sky diving! I did it somewhere without a very nice view and I actually got a little bored.

Reliving your childhood can be a really fun date idea! Introduce each other to your favorite activities from you were kids. If you were into different things as kids, it can also be a great way to try new things together! You can also just do fun kid things. Some ideas:. Sneaking into things can be so thrilling! Go on an adventure by trying to sneak into a hotel pool.

Keep the adventure going by pretending to have a whole back story of why you are staying at that hotel. We are often rooting for opposing teams, which makes it even more heated and exciting.

Bassam always pretends to complain about it, but he always has so much fun too! Devise your own challenge and tackle it together! If you have a few days off, why not getaway somewhere? Can you imagine a more adventurous date idea?! Bassam was initially very reluctant to trying a helicopter ride and then he fell in love! Look up rides around your city for a really exciting and adventurous date night idea! If you want to take it up a notch, try to think of a unique helicopter ride.

For example, in Alaska we took a ride up to a glacier and in New York we flew in an open door helicopter.

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Both really added extra adventure to the experience. You can do a different type of cuisine like Indian or a challenging type of recipe like macrons.

No matter how it comes up, consider it an adventure! Bassam and I once spent hours making gnocchi and then at the last step, Bassam overcooked it and it exploded!

We ended up eating frozen pizza we had stocked in the freezer, but it was still such a fun adventure and a story we still tell. This is one of my favorite date ideas and makes for a very adventurous date night.

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Heads you go left and tails you go right. Continue until times up and then do something wherever you end up! Check out this post for more budget date ideas. Haunted houses are usually popular fall date ideas, but why not explore a haunted house anytime of year? Look up the closest one near you and go and see if you can find any ghosts yourselves!

May 19,   50 Fall Date Ideas for a Romantic and Cozy Adventure Go apple picking in an orchard. Do you want to go apple picking? Apple picking is so much fun for a date idea, because Have a coffee date in the coziest cafe you know. While this might not . 66 Date Night Ideas to Inspire Romance First Date Ideas. Think hard about the venue while you're planning a first date. Good first date ideas are ones that Fun Date Ideas. Planning a fun date from time to time adds joy to any relationship. What makes you smile? Cheap Date Ideas. Don't. The hard part is coming up with these crazy date ideas! Well at Mantelligence, we're here to help. I put together a list of adventurous date ideas to keep your girlie guessing. 37 Adventurous Date Ideas. Even though you're date is going to be an adventure, I would still recommend you stick to the perfect date formula I previously wrote.

Crashing a party always leads to an adventure! Find a low key wedding or a raging party and try to crash it. Give yourselves back stories and fake identities and see if you can pass as invited guests. We were walked around one night and stumbled upon a party at an outdoor bar.

We thought it was just a regular bar, but after we were dancing for awhile, we realized it was rented out for a private party, a wedding! It was too late to leave at that point, we already had drinks and everything, so we stayed and partied with the weddings guests.

A date to remember! The one time I went real camping was in Jordan in a Bedouin tent and that was well worth it!

Such an adventure! I love cliff jumping! Jumping together can be really romantic as well! Karaoke makes for a way more adventurous date night idea than your standard dinner and a movie! Check out a karaoke bar together and each sing a song to each other or do a duet together! If your hesitent to sing in front of an audience, look to see if your town has private karaoke rooms. Those can be so much fun!

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We love foodie adventures! Why not try a new type of food on your adventurous date night? One time Bassam and I tried grasshoppers on our adventurous date night. Another time when Bassam was feeling up to being adventurous, we tried oysters.

He ended up loving them and now always gets them! Why not create your own food tour? Pick a specific food time or type of cuisine and go food hopping as you try all the different places around you.

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You can even create a scoring sheet and rank the different places you try, as you attempt to find your new favorite! Dates like this are always so silly and fun! Pretend to be kids again and make forts in your living room. Bassam and I love having Pacman competitions anytime we come across an arcade.

It has been our thing since we started dating. We love going to an unusual bar for a drink when we feel like being adventurous. Look for unique bars in your area and take your pre dinner drink there. Look through the Guinness Book of World Records and pick a record that you can set out to beat!

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Switching up your daily routine is always an adventure and finding a different mode of transportation can be a great way to do that! For example, Bassam and I almost always drive. It would be even more of an adventure to take a train or the bus, even though we have a car.

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Try switching up your routine and see what happens! Volunteering is a great bonding activity. Doing feel good things like this boosts serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin chemicals in your body. If you remember, we discussed earlier how those are also the same chemicals your body releases when you fall in love.

Use that to your advantage by volunteering together and get a release of feel good lovey chemicals! We LOVE going on road trips and we especially love going on road trips without a pre determined destination!

We often will have an end destination, but will allow ourselves plenty of time along the way to stop in random little towns and explore. I think books are such a great way to have an adventure without leaving home. Go to a bookstore or library together and select books at random to read together. Be open minded about the subject and the genre.

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You never know what might interest you or what you might learn. Go on any random tour in your city. Are you noticing yet that a big theme in adventurous date ideas is the unexpected and the random? Have you ever noticed that a tourist often does all the awesome things there are to do in a city but the locals usually have never done them? As cheesy as your local tourist attractions sound, go on a tour of all the biggest ones your city.

Indoor trampoline parks are so much fun and also an amazing workout. This is a great way to be silly together and get your endorphins pumping. Go visit one near you and see what kinds of tricks you guys can do together! You use a GPS device, like your phone, to find geocaching hotspots in your area.

Then you find that location, almost like a treasure hunt, and see what has been hidden there. If can also hide your own treasures for others to find. More info here. Whether you believe fortune tellers are legit or not, this can be a really adventurous date idea. Go check out a fortune teller and see what they have to tell you about your fortune together.

Most cities offer official ghost tours and if not, you can make up your own by looking up ghost legends in your town. Going on a dinner adventure is a great way to spice up a dinner date night. In our town we have things like a pirate theme dinner, a medieval nights theme dinner, dinner in the dark where you eat blindfolded, etc. Look around your area to see what types of dinner adventures you can find. Wait wait for spring to do some cleaning?

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Spend time bonding with your loved one while also organizing and cleaning out your space. Plus, you can go to a local thrift shop to donate the items and then buy each other silly presents.

You can even challenge yourselves to make a meal out of only things you bought at the farmers market. Check out this post for tips on shopping the farmers market like a pro. Improv shows are always an adventure because you never know what will happen and what way the show will go.

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Also check daily deal sites for the best options. Sitting at a coffee shop can be a little drab, but picking up a coffee and walking around the neighborhood can make it that much better. We also suggest splitting a baked good or two. OK, trespassing may not be the best suggestion on this list, but it can certainly be fun.

And sneaking into a pool is pretty harmless. Pick an easy place to break into er, explore? You can make it as simple or complicated as you want, and you can always throw in the towel and grab a drink if needed - alone or with your date. Instead, take your workout outside. Whether you go for a long bike ride, try outdoor rock climbing psst an indoor rock climbing wall is an awesome option, toogo for a hikeor take some swings on the golf course, the fresh air will make the date that much sweeter.

Use dating as an opportunity to check things off and tread unchartered waters. You can always go for a drink or a bite before or after. Going to the majors can be great, but tickets are often pricey. The better option: a smaller stadium and a much smaller price tag. If you want to kick things up a notch, bring road sodas aka undercover, on-the-go cocktails.

Adventure dating ideas

In colder months, look for inside rinks. Embrace the weather, bundle up, and snuggle up. You can also buy painting supplies and go DIY with this activity.

We designed each adventure to help you: Explore outside your habits. -Dive deeper into your relationship. -Make meaningful memories. "It gives us something special to do that we wouldn't plan ourselves.". Kelsy & Mason.

Bonus: The worse you are, the funnier the date will be. Funny shoes, bumper lanes, pitchers of beer, bar snacks sounds like romance to us!

10 Awesome First Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Person - Top 10

To make it even better, place a silly bet on the game. We like to reward whoever gets the most gutter balls.

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Besides busting out to your favorite tunes, karaoke also forces you be outgoing - and fast. Just try to stay away from too many romantic ballads and too much beer. Lots of bars have jazz nights and showcase great local musicians.

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And when the weather warms up, keep an eye out for outdoor shows you can bring snacks to. Gone are the days of sipping drinks, staring in silence, and forcing conversation.

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Pick your poison - giant Jenga, cornhole, Uno - and let the friendly competition commence. We know: This sounds so old-school. But playing a little game can take away the pressure of maintaining a conversation with someone you just met, and you can keep it as simple as you like!

Plus, if things are going smoothly, you can always dare them to kiss you at the end of the night. Ow owww. OK, this may be a little out there, but it will certainly ensure you have plenty to talk about. Plus, there's just something about surviving a situation where you both feel like you're going to die that strengthens your bond-even if you're actually safe the whole time. We compiled a list of places you and your S. Bonus: You won't find skydiving anywhere on it, because we can assure you that gravity still works, and there's no need to jump out of a plane to test it.

These big buildings filled with trampolines of varying sizes will let your inner children out and push you to challenge yourselves-and perhaps each other. Then you can roll around together in the foam pit when you sink in and inevitably can't get out.

Since you're relying on each other to control the ropes attached to your harnesses and make sure you don't fall to your death, climbing is like a high-stakes trust exercise. But don't worry-most gyms are well-supervised and it's not nearly as dangerous as I just made it sound. Plus, if you like it, you could always go for an actual hike.

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