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If you have at any time in your life been single, you probably have a checklist you keep of your dream guy or girl. This list often details everything from the color of their eyes to their height, down to the very last inch. Most people calculate it by dividing their age by two and then adding seven years to that number. As far as anyone can remember, there has always been a socially acceptable age range in matters of love and relationships that few dare to deviate from. Everyone has their idea of how much older or younger is too much for them to date. However, there is a general rule to go by if you are confused, especially about the lower limit.

In reality, most of us are actually a little more conservative in terms of age ranges we are comfortable with. In fact, most people prefer to stay within an average range of 3 to 5 years above or below their age. It is generally easier to get along with a partner closer in age to you as your thought patterns, challenges, and priorities should be pretty similar.

However, people are opening up to the idea of wider age gaps as the dating culture continues to evolve. Younger guys, on the other hand, are starting to prefer dating older women more than 10 years their senior. But not many women are comfortable with wide age gaps in the lower end.

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This applies to both mature and young women who mostly prefer to stay within the 3-to 5-year lower age limit. In a nutshell, we are now walking the talk with wider age gaps becoming more and more common. Maybe one day age will indeed be just a number! Everyone is doing it, from celebrities to ordinary folk like you and me! Yes, there is still some form of stigma around it, and it is clear that we still have a long way to go before no one bats an eyelid at such news.

However, these stories are becoming so common now that we are slowly getting more comfortable with it.

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This confidence makes connections with much older partners a lot easier than it ever was. So, social rules and norms are not everything that even applies if you want to pick up a married woman!

You still have the chance to make a relationship work.

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If you find someone that you have a genuine connection with, there is no reason to let age be the only deal-breaker. A wide age gap actually has its fair share of benefits! In this section, we take a look at everything you need to know about dating a much older or younger partner.

If you have always felt that your mind and soul are older than your body, then you probably have a tough time dating people who are the same age as you.

The problem here is that you do not get to build mature relationships, which can lead to frustration. You are probably always arguing about petty things, whether it is a failure to reply to texts or getting takeout from the wrong restaurant. Millennials, right? While dating an older person, you get to skip over these petty arguments and work on building a healthy relationship.

With age comes wisdom. Therefore, by dating an older person, you get to benefit from this experience and knowledge, allowing you to make better life choices. You do not have to waste your time investing in a relationship that is going nowhere.

In this case, the older partner usually knows exactly what they want and will probably not hesitate to make their intentions clear. Younger partners, on the other hand, usually just want to have fun. If you are ready to settle down and work on a long-term relationship, then you might want to try dating someone older than you. This does not in any way make you a gold digger.

Dating a younger person means that you get to be around youthful energy and the associated vibes. With time, these will rub off on you, allowing you to get in touch with your former youth. Dating a young person is no walk in the park.

It will challenge you mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. However, it is all worth it as it helps you grow and become a better person. They might be young, but there is a lot you can learn from them.

It could be anything from new-age philosophies to how to set up a Twitter account. No bit of knowledge gained is too trivial! There are obviously many benefits to dating a significantly older woman or younger person. However, these are still not enough to discount age as just a number in online dating.

However, it does present its own set of unique challenges that you should be aware of. Here are six unique wide age gap problems that prove age is not just a number. With age come health issues. It could be something manageable like hypertension or something completely debilitating like dementia or even strokes.

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Just communicate and compromise as you would in any other relationship and all will be fine. Trust me when I say that age is just a number. I'm not saying that all older guys are all the same, but from my experience, there definitely are common trends among the older male population in comparison to the younger guys. The cliche when it comes to dating is that "age is just a number." This is also used as something people say when they are experiencing ageism or something related when they get older. Although this is a good mindset, age is absolutely not just a number. Age is only represented by a number. If you are 30 years old, the lowest age limit for dating would be someone at the age of 22 (30/2=15; 15+7=22). If you are something like 50 years old, then your ideal partner would be a minimum 32 years old by the same principle. NB! This rule should only apply as .

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Age is not just a number dating

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But, it is worth considering that these might be benign preferences. That, for example, a white person has no racial bias, they just prefer light skins to dark skins for the same sort of reason one might prefer brunettes to blondes.

Then again, they might not be so benign. People are chock full of biases and prejudices and it should come as no surprise that they influence dating behavior.

On the one hand, it is tempting to simply accept these prejudices in this context on the grounds that dating is entirely a matter of personal choice. On the other hand, it could be argued that such prejudices are problematic even in the context of dating.

This is not to claim that people should be subject to some sort of compelled diversity dating, just that perhaps they should be criticized. When it comes to apparent prejudices, it is worth considering that the apparent prejudice might be a matter of innocent ignorance.

That is, the person merely lacks correct information. Assuming the person is not willfully and actively ignorant, this is not to be condemned as a moral flaw since it can be easily fixed by the truth. To go back to the food analogy, imagine that Jane prefers Big Macs because she thinks they are healthy and refuses to eat avocadoes because she thinks they are unhealthy.

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Given what she thinks, it is reasonable for her to eat Big Macs and avoid avocadoes. Likewise, if Jane believed that black men are all uneducated thugs, then it would seem reasonable for her to not to want to date a black man given what she thinks she knows.

If she knew the truth, her view would change.

As an example, suppose that Sam thinks that white people are all complete racists and thus refuses to even consider dating a white person on this basis. While it is often claimed that everyone is racist, it is clear that not all white people are complete racists. As such, if Sam persisted in his belief or behavior in the face of the facts, then it would be reasonable to condemn him for his prejudices.

Feb 22,   Although this is a good mindset, age is absolutely not just a number. Age is only represented by a number. Age is a life experience, love experience, work experience and experiences that can't be rushed or bought in any way. There are many disadvantages to . Dec 26,   Age Is Just A Number: Maturity's What Really Matters In Relationships. By Annette Szproch. Dec. 26, "The heart wants what the heart wants" is a . Aug 19,   While some might claim that age is just a number, that is not true. Age is rather more than that. At the very least, it is clearly a major factor in how people select or reject potential dates. On the face of it, the use of age as a judging factor should be seen as perfectly fine and is no doubt grounded in evolution. The reason is, of course, that dating is largely a matter of attraction .

Finally, it might even be the case that the alleged prejudice is actually rational and well founded. To use a food analogy, a person who will not eat raw steak because she knows the health risks is not prejudiced but quite reasonable.

Likewise, a person who will not date a person who is a known cheater is not prejudiced but quite rational. The question at this point is where does age fit in regard to the above considerations.

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The easy and obvious answer is that it can fall into all three. But, if the decision regarding age and dating is rational and well founded, then the person would have made a good decision. As should be suspected, the specifics of the situation are what matter. That said, there are some general categories relating to age that are worth considering.

Being fifty, I am considering these matters from the perspective of someone old. Honesty compels me to admit that I am influenced by my own biases here and, as my friend Julie has pointed out, older men are full of delusions about age.

However, I will endeavor to be objective and will lay out my reasoning for your assessment. The first is the matter of health. In general, as people get older, their health declines.

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That said, an older person can be far healthier than a younger person. As such, it might come down to whether or not a person looks at dating option broadly in terms of categories of people such as age or ethnicity or is more willing to consider individuals who might differ from the stereotypes of said categories.

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Using categories does help speed up decisions, although doing so might result in missed opportunities. While an older person might not be sick, age does weaken the body. For example, I remember being bitterly disappointed by a shameful 5K in my youth.

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Now I have to struggle to maintain that pace for a half mile. Back then I could easily do miles a week; now I do Time is cruel.

Life expectancy is also part of the health concerns. A younger person interested in a long term relationship would need to consider how long that long term might be and this would be quite rational.

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To use an obvious analogy, when buying a car, one should consider the miles on it.

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