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Skip navigation! Story from Relationships. Maria Del Russo. If you've interacted with another human this century, you've likely encountered a shitty texter. Maybe it was a friend, someone you wanted to date, your sibling. Maybe it's you.

If you've interacted with another human this century, you've likely encountered a shitty texter. Maybe it was a friend, someone you wanted to date, your sibling. Maybe it's you. These people aren Author: Maria Del Russo. Jul 06, If you want to sustain an actual relationship with someone, then you need to respond in a timely fashion. Or, if you're one of those people with the self-awareness to know that you're actually a Author: Alison Segel. May 29, During a recent happy hour conversation that predictably drifted to the dating chronicles of my single friends, one mentioned that she was currently fielding a guy who was infuriatingly slow to message her back. "It's so weird because he's great when we're together," she lamented. "But I think he's just a bad texter."Author: Victoria Hoff.

Because I prefer to compartmentalize and focus on the task at hand, I tell myself I'll answer them when I'm done. A few hours go by, I have a total "d'oh!

And so the cycle continues.

She was a horrible texter. I remember mentioning to her jokingly that she wasn't the best at texting and she laughed, shrugged it off, and assured me that she would work on getting better. As the weeks went by she made strides to get better, but all that meant was that .

When I asked our Facebook group earlier this week if anyone else could relate to this conundrum, one reader's response in particular distilled my thoughts on the matter.

She started off by noting something very key: It's usually disingenuous to claim that you didn't see their text. To me, this whole topic is a symptom of our culture of instant gratification, which we're only just learning to negotiate in the grand scheme of interconnectedness.

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Is it really fair to demand that we respond to everything in a consistently timely manner or else be seen as rude or unavailable? However, Silvestri notes that just as with any kind of human-to-human interaction, it's a tad more complicated than self-identifying as a slow texter and leaving it at that.

Dec 07, Are You A Bad Texter? If no one else will tell you, we will. by Terri Pous. BuzzFeed Staff. Getty Images Check all that apply! Have you ever Taken longer than an hour to respond to a text?. I'm talking about bad texters specifically in the context of dating. If a friend said she's too busy to text me back, I have more lenience. But if I'm dating you regularly and you're "too busy" to reply to me, we need to reevaluate if there's room for me in your life. Aug 30, Shutterstock Can You Be A Bad Texter And Still Be A Cool Person? Yes. And I am the example! Just kidding. But let's be real: The way a person .

There are different personalities to consider : your own, sure, but also those of the people in your life who value a more punctual response. Realized your relationships have suffered because of your bad texting?

Sent multiple huge paragraphs?

Nov 02, Their collective message was clear: I am a bad texter. This is not the first time I've faced this accusation. At multiple junctures in my adult life, I've had women I was dating tell me I'm terrible at texting, and in every instance I have dismissed their claims as ridiculous. Feb 28, The only downside is that he isn't an awesome texter. I am used to pretty much talking to guys I am interested in almost daily, even if it's just a "hope your day went well" kind of text. This doesn't mean he's a bad texter or he's not into you; it just means he has other things going on. Pay attention to when he texts you. Just as important as what he's saying is when he's saying it. Maybe he's not a frequent texter, but if he asks you out in advance, responds quickly enough when you ask a question and most.

Broken up a sentence or thought into multiple texts? Double texted a crush?

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Triple texted a crush? Accidentally sent a screenshot about a person to that person? Accidentally texted something shady to the wrong person?

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Accidentally texted something sexual to the wrong person? Sent an unsolicited dick pic?

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Used only abbreviations? Had a fight over text?

How to tell if he's bad at texting or if he just doesn't like you

Tried to make plans over text? Derailed a productive group text?

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Initiated an annoying or incredibly active group text? Actively ignored a group text that's trying to be productive? Texted "Can you call me?

If you've interacted with another human this century, you've likely encountered a shitty texter. Maybe it was a friend, someone you wanted to date, your sibling.

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Maybe it's you. These people aren't always obvious about their sub-par texting behavior.

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And then one day, you'll text them about brunch plans, and they won't answer for three hours. Meanwhile, they've Liked one of your Instagram posts, checked out your Snapchat story, and retweeted you and a couple friends.

That's when you can start to spiral.

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