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Romance is one of the most beloved and exciting genres within the anime industry. With a distinct culture of its own and a plethora of content to outweigh book shelves, the relationships of romance anime entertain in a way unbeknownst to other media. However, an incredibly frustrating element of the genre is its tendency to leave the audience hanging with the actual love portion. Whether this is due to a limited run by the studio or the creator themselves not having an end in mind, several anime romances never really come into fruition. With Valentine's Day drawing near, however, some otaku couples out there may actually want an anime that they can connect with. As such, this list will be running down a few anime romances, where the couples actually get together.

With each episode only about 3 minutes long, this series does not beat around the bush. It shows the initial meeting of these two and immediately goes towards their marriage.

From there, it's fueled less by coy, high school awkwardness and more by mundane, household awkwardness, as this series explores the strangeness and fun of sharing a life together. Say "I Love You" is not only the pinnacle of fan service within young adult fiction but a masterclass of the rose-tinted wooing that made Shoujo a landmark genre within manga and anime. Within it, high school outsider, Tachibana Mei, bumps into high school hot guy Yamato Kurosawa.

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While a simple mishap for her, it was love at first sight for the popular kid that was getting sick of all the fake people and games of his peers.

Though Mei is hesitant at first, her relationship with Yamato would not only help her out of her shell but also introduce her to a whole new line of friends that she never imagined that she would ever have. It's everything that people could love out of a Shoujo with the added benefit of seeing an actual relationship.

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Takeo Gouda isn't exactly seen as the cute, romantic type by his peers or, well, anyone with eyes. He's a large, hulking figure who seems more akin to a villain from Fist of the North Star than the comfortable second within a romance anime. Despite that demeanor, his chivalrous nature has managed to earn the respect of his male colleagues and, as fate would have it, the attention of a cute girl.

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Rinko Yamato, in comparison to her other, is small, fragile, and homely. Clannad is the vaseline-tinted anime drama that managed to steal anime fan's hearts in addition to their tears during its run.

Anime mc dating

At its core is the growing relationship between Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furakawa as a fated meeting during Nagisa's return to school would spell an emotional, transformative journey for the otherwise uncaring, unchanging Tomoya.

However, a budding romance is only about half of the series. What has sold this anime as one of the best dramas around is its roller coaster of a second half and the actual coming together of its adorable duo. To be fair to those reading, this is a bit of a major spoiler and a big wait across the series, but Toradora! Joining us today just and help this community grow!

View group. This is one of the most interesting, Anime-related community I ever saw on the internet.

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Wish you well. I searched for a website like this for years.

I would like to watch an anime that has multiple seasons or contains 24+ episodes. I'm tired of watching shows where the whole anime is a build up. I don't mind an anime that has a bit of a build up, but please I want to see some dates and what not. MAL Thanks! Feb 15,   Top 10 Anime where the MC gets in a Relationship - Duration: Red Start1 , views. TOP 10 Anime Where Main Character Gets Married - Duration: Author: Anim3Recon. Jan 31,   Still, while romance involving non-human creatures may evoke cringe-worthy memories of media like Twilight, anime typically does a little better job developing those relationships. So if you crave romance anime with partners other than boring humans, give these anime .

They do not like any sort of animation, manga, etc. So if you crave romance anime with partners other than boring humans, give these anime recommendations a try.

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Technically, Sanka Rea used to be human, but through circumstance she died and came back as a zombie. Are zombies sexy? In this case, maybe. However, this show also focuses on how risky romance is with someone who craves flesh.

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You never know when kisses turn into the lass eating your lips, right? After not being able to get into any human high schools, Tsukune is forced to go to the only school that will accept him.

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Unfortunately, that school is all supernatural monsters that would sooner eat a human than be his classmate. His only choice is to hide his identity, but Moka that vampire discovers his human side and she decides to protect him. Of course, things become complicate when he attracts his own personal harem of supernatural girls. After becoming homeless, Nanami accidently ends up a land god of a shrine.

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Her familiar is an ancient fox demon that is less than warm to her. Of course, you know how these things go.

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They spend more time with each other, they grow to understand each other, and then love grows! Inuyasha has become a classic show in the romance genre because it not only has some good romance and a little drama, but it has a lot of good fights to keep thing interesting as well.

Similar to Kamisama Kiss above, Inuyasha is about a girl that time travels back to the feudal area.

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There, circumstance sees her paired with a half-demon that dislikes her. However, through their trials and tribulations, their relationship grows.

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One day, Issei is shocked when a girl asks him out on a date. Unfortunately he learns that she is a fallen angel who just decides to kill him.

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He is then saved by a devil that revives him. Harem anime series are great, but after awhile, you have seen every type of girl trope there is to see. How does one reinvent this tired old genre? Well, why not make all those hot girls into different kinds of monsters?

Well, you know what? It worked!

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While highly perverted, seeing these girl tropes reborn in monster bodies is actually kind of a fun watch. Although Chobits is getting up there in age, it is still the pinnacle of this specific sub-genre of romance. What challenges will the overcome?

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What kisses will they have? Featuring prettier animation than your average bear, at a glance, Waiting in Summer seems like your standard slice of life bittersweet romance show.

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