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Listed below is an A-Z list of university-wide academic policies and procedures. Additional policies related to specific majors and degree programs are available from the offering department, school and or college. University policies and procedures are subject to change and are not tied to a catalog year unless otherwise noted. For a list of all university policies, academic and non-academic, please visit the A-Z Index of all university policies. For a list of terms frequently used at the university, visit the glossary of academic terms.

Classification of Courses. Co-enrolled Continuing Probation Program. Continuing Education. Computer, Internet and Electronic Communications. Distance Education Complaint. Enrollment Verification. Email Policy and Information.

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Experiential Learning. International Students. International Baccalaureate IB Credit. Math Placement Testing. Mission Statement. Nondiscrimination Title IX Statement. Any damages that are not listed on the room inspection report RIR at the time of check-in will be billed to your student account at the time of repair or check-out. Personalizing your living space is an important part of making your room your home.

Please be advised that you may not make any permanent alterations to your assigned living space. Damages not listed on the room inspection report will be billed to your account. You are responsible for thoroughly reviewing your Room Inspection Report and notifying University Housing staff within 48 hours after moving in of any discrepancies.

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It is not permitted to put nails, staples, duct tape or holes in the walls see hall staff for recommendations on appropriate methods to hang items on walls. No decorations can be displayed in exterior, public-facing windows. Residents and guests are required to comply with the room decoration policy.

NOTE: Rearranging university furniture in your room must not interfere with safety and regulations or code compliance. See hall staff to verify. All equipment, materials, decoration, etc. Hall specific fire evacuation procedures are outlined within your room or at your front desk. Tampering with or disabling fire equipment and smoke detectors are a felony in the state of Arizona.

Residents are encouraged to confront individuals disregarding this policy and to report the incident to their hall staff. The following items are prohibited in the residential community due to their association as a fire hazard:.

Weapons may include, but are not limited to: knives, paint guns, air guns, CO2 guns, stun guns, tasers, martial arts weapons, laser pointers, tear gas, sling shots, darts, and pellet and spring guns. Residents are prohibited from gambling in the residential halls. Guests must be signed in by their host ASU resident for that specific community when entering a residential community.

Guest s must present a valid form of identification. Any minor under the age of 18 not presenting a valid ASU ID must be signed in by a parent or legal guardian, including a valid emergency contact number in the event of an emergency.

Certain registration fees are non-refundable on or after the first day of the semester. For additional information, please see the Tuition Refund Policy. 05/25/ Tuition & Fee Payment Deadline When registered on or before May 05/27/ Automatic ASU Payment Plan Enrollment - Summer Academic Policies and Procedures. Listed below is an A-Z list of university-wide academic policies and procedures. Jan 29,   ASU needs to get serious and ban such relationships altogether. That, and that alone, constitutes a modern-day "life happens" policy. Should professors be allowed to date students?Author: Doug Maceachern.

The host must escort guests at all times. The maximum occupancy of a space is four guests per housing unit with an additional max occupancy of two times the number of bedrooms. Residents will be held accountable for their guest behaviors by the conduct system.

Employment outside ASU Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Labor Union Membership Drug-Free Workplace Requirements "Whistle-Blowing" and Personnel Actions Drug-Free Campus Environment Driver's License Monitoring Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Information Management Policy. Feb 06,   Arizona State University's tougher policy on dating between faculty and students is now in place. ASU Provost Robert Page Jr. has signed a Author: Anne Ryman. Policy The university's varied activities do not permit a uniform work schedule for all departments. Vice presidents, deans, or their designees should establish standard, nonstandard, or alternative work schedules and telecommuting options that best meet the service and work needs of .

Overnight guests are limited to a maximum of three consecutive nights and not more than six nights per month. Guest s under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian during their stay. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance through the Community Director after a Minor Consent Form is filled out and submitted in writing.

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Rollerblading, hover-boarding, roller-skating, skateboarding including freestyle skating, skateboarding tricks, and any time all 4 wheels leave the groun or biking inside the residence halls or inside courtyard areas is not permitted. Playing with, throwing, bouncing, kicking or rolling any ball, or using any sports equipment except in designated areas inside the residence halls is also prohibited. No wrestling, sparring, or rough play of any kind is permitted in the residence halls.

Failure to pass a second inspection may result in judicial action and a cleaning fee.

Asu dating policy

Keys issued to residents by University Housing may not be duplicated or given to unassigned persons friends, family members, others. All keys must be returned at the time of official check-out.

Should a student be identified as potentially missing, University Housing notifies AS for investigation and assistance, in-addition to following established university protocol. High-speed access to the ASU campus network is provided to each student residing on campus. Each resident is prohibited from setting up their own wireless access point in their residence hall room, as these devices directly conflict with the ASU wireless network and degrade its performance.

Lateral Transfer within Arizona State University An employee who has a lateral transfer, and continues in a vacation-accruing position, retains the vacation balance and accrual rate. The new employing department assumes liability for the accrued vacation hours of the transferred employee. ASU student groups identify red flags that can lead to dating violence. 1 in 5 college students experiences dating violence. There can be warning signs of unhealthy relationships and violence that go unnoticed because of the lack of awareness of the red flags we can look for. University Housing Policies. University Housing policies help create a secure and appropriate living environment for all students and residents. Through the active participation of all residents and their guests in abiding by the policies, a community, conducive to living, learning, and personal growth is .

Video streaming devices that have an Ethernet port, such as the Roku 3 or Apple TV are permitted, but only if connected directly to the network port in your room. Wireless printers are also not supported by the ASU wireless network, and will only function if directly connected to a personal computer with a printer or Ethernet cable.

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For best performance, we strongly recommend connecting consoles directly to the network port in your room. All residents will be held responsible for actions originating from their network devices, computers, printers or accounts.

For specific questions or assistance, please contact the University Housing Technology Center at Residents are obligated to remove themselves from any situation where a violation is occurring. No pets, except fish, are permitted in the residential facilities except Family Housing. See below.

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This includes all non-human mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Fish tanks larger than 10 gallons are not permitted in the halls. Guests are not permitted to bring pets into the residence halls at any time. Please note that failure in the timely removal of the pet from the residential hall as determined by hall staff may result in the enlisting of animal control services.

To register animals and for other accommodations that need approval, please follow the guidelines outlined with the Disability Resource Center DRC.

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If all occupants of the shared space are not in agreement, the student with the animal will be administratively relocated to another unit. We strongly discourage animals in the houses. Only a Family Housing license holder may request to have a pet. A license holder is allowed a maximum of two 2 animals per family house. University Housing, at its sole discretion, may deny any request for a pet. In addition to the pet s fee, all license holders must provide documentation of the following for each animal: 1 spayed or neutered 2 current vaccination of rabies 3 dog licensure through Maricopa County.

All animal breeds categorized as an aggressive breed are prohibited.

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All animals s must be indoor pets. Failure to seek approval prior to obtaining an animal may result in your pet being denied and possible cause for license agreement termination. Feeding of any stray animal s owned or free roaming is strictly prohibited. This means that all water and food for authorized animals must remain indoors at all times.

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University Housing at any time may revoke a pet approval without notice if an emergency situation concerning the animal s arises or applicable animal control laws or regulations mandate removal, isolation or quarantine of the animal s.

Upon notice, any unauthorized animal shall be removed immediately from the residence. We may turn the pet over to a humane society or local authority.

We will return the pet to you upon request if it has not already been turned over to a humane society or local authority. We have no lien on the pet for any purpose; but you agree to pay for reasonable care and kenneling charges for such pet.

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If you do not pick up the pet within two 2 days after removal, the pet shall be deemed abandoned. Residents swim at their own risk. University Housing does not provide lifeguards for its pool facilities. Glass containers are not permitted in the pool areas. Residents are required to act in a manner that will not disturb or violate the rights of others when using the pool facilities. Please see posted pool hours. Use of pool outside of the posted hours is subject to disciplinary action.

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Pool use is limited to residents and their escorted guests only. Failure to maintain the facilities, vandalism or damages may result in the closing of the pool and surrounding area for all students, and may result in community damage charges.

Nudity is prohibited. For reasons of safety, security and the overall well-being of our ASU Housing residential communities, the following items are prohibited. Please note this is not a complete and exhaustive list. For safety and maintenance reasons, no student is allowed on any residence hall roof or ledge for any purpose. Screens must remain on windows at all times.

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All permanently sealed windows must remain closed to regulate the air conditioning and ensure safety. Throwing any object, solid or liquid, out of a residence hall window or off any balcony or landing is strictly prohibited. Signage of any sort will be prohibited in being posted on the inside or outside of windows.

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Food, plants, or other items are not permitted on outside window sills, balconies, landings, or ledges. ASU recognizes that tobacco use is a public health hazard and is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and educationally productive learning environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited in or on all university property.

Solicitation is prohibited in all residence halls. Solicitors should be immediately reported to a residence hall staff member or the hall front desk. Residents are not allowed to use their rooms, computer lab facilities, or mailboxes for commercial or business purposes unless otherwise outlined or approved by University Housing.

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Stalking is prohibited. Each residence hall room contains a bin for collecting trash and a blue colored bin for collecting recyclable materials.

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Residents are encouraged to participate in the ASU Recycling Program and to use these bins accordingly. All residents are required to dispose of their own trash and recycling by taking it to the designated disposal locations. Dumpsters for recycling are clearly labeled and residents are asked to not contaminate them with non-recyclable materials. Theft is prohibited. Threats are prohibited. Residents are prohibited from entering the residential halls illegally, improperly, without authorization, or during non-contract periods without proper permission.

This includes your or another resident's room or any room you are not authorized to enter, including alarmed exit doors. Virtual Tours In-Person Tours. Housing Policies.

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University Housing Policies University Housing policies help create a secure and appropriate living environment for all students and residents. Bicycles University Housing does not permit bicycle storage in the hallways; locked bicycles to exterior stair rails or bicycles blocking fire escapes.

Chronic Misbehavior Residents are prohibited from establishing an unacceptable pattern of misconduct. Cooperation and Compliance Students are expected to provide accurate and truthful information and to comply with the directions of university officials or agents which include hall staff, law enforcement, or security officers who are acting in good faith and in the performance of their duties. Courtesy and Quiet Hours University Housing has two policies related to noise in the common and private areas of the residence halls for the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to academic success: courtesy hours and quiet hours.

Quiet Hours: These are enforced in the residence hall as a supplement to the courtesy hours. Decorating Your Room Personalizing your living space is an important part of making your room your home. All holiday decorations must be removed prior to fall, spring and summer residence hall closing.

Any decorations on or around an artificial tree must be non-combustible or properly treated with fire retardant material.

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