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Anyways a little background. I have been born and raised Roman Catholic my whole life. She is southern Baptist and will always be that way. Well recently while discussing marriage with her mom Just for fun sort of , we were discussing how catholic marriages differ from a baptist and if one day I decided to marry this girl, how would it go along. Long story short I understand I have to uphold my faith which is no big deal, but also my children have to baptized and raised catholic. I also need permission from the Bishop I believe to do so. We love each other a lot and get along so well.

My advice is that it's unwise for a Catholic to marry and therefore date someone who isn't a Catholic because of things like this. It's far better to be of one mind.

You are right in terms of that I'm ignorant of some of the facts! And I'm trying to learn as much as possible. But the more I learn the more I don't completely disagree with the theology as long as it is back by scripture. I would encourage you to look up what we Catholics believe. Sites like Catholic Answers are great for this, especially since you're coming from a Baptist perspective. And what of the parable of Lazarus and the rich man? Jesus doesn't say "you don't get to intercede because you're dead.

Or how about the Transfiguration? Moses and Elijah are dead and not interacting with Jesus up there? Are you suggesting that the law, prophets, and psalms were done away with or changed after death was defeated?

Not going to have a general discussion right after waking up.

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What matters for this specific point is that that Pslam clearly ascribes power to death, which was ended with Christ's victory. The Pslam serves it's purpose in pointing to Christ, not as a source of serious doctrine. You might want to check out the Book of Revelation re the dead praising the Lord. It's kinda interesting. I have read it.

The book of revelation is the most poetic, apocalyptic and symbolic book in the entire Bible. If people are going to argue that you can't look at Psalms and other wisdom literature to form doctrine, then we need to be even more careful with revelation.

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This isn't a debate that laymen on are going to resolve, the internet has a ton of information both for and against christian mortalism, you might want to check it out. It is true - one should be guided correctly in the study of the Bible and not subject it to one's private interpretations. The Filioque was the straw that broke the camels back, causing the split.

Those were really the two big doctrinal views that caused a split. Outside of that, E. Orthodox and R. Orthodoxy, Divorce Doctrines and a couple of other things I can't think of off the top of my head. We are only in error if we think that the atonement of Jesus can't cover for any inadequacies we have. Or if we don't really understand the full purpose of Jesus' incarnation, death and resurrection.

Yeah, we Cat-licks will take just about any excuse to celebrate, complete with dancing, ribald Irish jokes, and, some of us even drink alcohol. I think it could work, though, between a Catholic and a Baptist. Focus on commonalities, and respect one another's beliefs.

I've reexamine them in recent years, and have come to my own conclusions about them. Thankfully, the Church allows for one to follow one's own conscience, and also, you don't need to check your brain at the door when you attend mass.

Sep 21,   That aside, my advice - as someone who once dated a Southern Baptist, seriously - is, quite frankly, not to. Many Protestant faiths are more or less similar to Catholicism. Anglicanism, for example, is very close. Southern Baptist is quite aways away in many respects. Questions and Answers regarding Dating; Question: I am a Baptist in a relationship with a Catholic. Often the Catholic priest will insist that an agreement is made that the children are raised in the Catholic religion before he will marry a couple, and if the wedding is not done by a Catholic priest, many Catholics feel that it wasn't a. Baptists and Catholics share some similarities, such as the Trinity and salvation through grace alone, but they differ when it comes to baptism, communion, confession, and so many other things. And all these issues would affect marriage.

Kind of. Personal and private disagreement is one thing, public disagreement with the Church is not allowed. You'd be committing the sin of scandal by doing that.

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My grandmother was protestant and my grandpa Catholic. Back in the thirties, when they got married, this was a Big Deal.

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A couple of their daughters claim that they were turned off from religion because of the battles between their parents. To be sure, my grandfather's family pulled nonsense such as sneaking my infant mom, as my grandma was recovering from the birth, to their Catholic church to get her baptised, despite my grandpa promising he would not do that, and that he wouldn't insist their children be raised Catholic.

Nowadays, it's not as big a thing. My stepdad is Presbyterian, my mom is Catholic, and they attend one another's churches together quite frequently.

Matter of fact, Mom and I went with him yesterday. I like their pastor, and I like the Presbyterian service. The only thing I find strange is that they don't do communion every week.

Yeah, my dad just decided that he was fine with going to the Methodist church and us being raised Methodist. I think that was mostly because my Methodist Grandma was much more religious than any of my other grandparents and she pretty much insisted on it. My parents decided that their own relationship was more important to them than the theological differences between their denominations. Catholics don't believe this. They specifically believe that you can't live however you want, but must actually be in the state of grace.

The idea that you can live however you want without it effecting salvation is more of a protestant thing. Other people praying for you can't save you in catholicism.

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It can only lessen your time in purgatory or things like that. We Catholics over there can provide scripture, tradition, and reason for what we believe. I don't mean to be rude, but as a Baptist you may have been mislead. Baptists are notorious for being anti-Catholic and spreading information that is usually not true about we believe.

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Glad you are searching for the truth! Since you are opening to hearing our reasons then I'd highly recommend posting there. You'll get really good Catholic answers. You know how will ask someone you know at church to pray for you? When you ask that, are you praying to that person in your church?

Your difference if opinion, if there is one, is in questions like 'Are the currently dead conscious in the afterlife? Catholics don't pray to saints or to Mary. They just have a larger pool of people they ask to pray for them than you do. Careful with your terms. Catholics absolutely do "pray to" Mary, Saints, and each other. When you ask someone in your church to pray for you, you absolutely ARE praying to them.

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You are also correct that prayer is asking for intercession to God, not asking for the direct favor of those saints. Certainly not for a Baptist is that a prayer. Then perhaps it is a linguistic divide.

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If you look at the definitionsit appears that when the Protestants refer to Prayer, they do so almost exclusively in the context of Definition 1 only. Catholics use Definition 1 when describing adoration to God, but Definition 4, 5, or 8 when discussing prayers to the saints. There are fundamental differences between Catholics and Evangelicals in their understanding of language, first of all. Then there are the differences in theology on top of that.

Truth is, they speak different languages. They both have reasons, but those reasons are culturally understood and their languages do not cross well at all. Catholic baptisms are really weird for me, being raised Evangelical. With more education, I came to understand why those words and phrasing are used, but they really are not two groups that are going to automatically understand one another.

Do not be unequally yolked. Marriage and parenthood is tough enough. There are signifcant conflicts that have been going on for centuries and will never on this earth be resolved.

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You will be sorry. I had a lot of issues with the Catholic church prior to dating my wife, and still do. She and her family would like me to become a Catholic and I and my family would like her to become a Protestant but I will not do so because I do not agree with the core teaching of the Catholic church, that they are the only correct and rightful church, the one established by Christ.

At the same time, I have learned to respect the Catholic church and Catholics, which is the opposite of how I was raised in an evangelical environment where Catholics were not even considered Christian.

I have learned that there are many wonderful Christians who are Catholics, even if I vehemently disagree with their viewpoints on many issues.

We are reaching a point in human history where secularization of society means Christians and Catholics have more in common than we ever have, compared to the growing number of agnostics, atheists, and non practicing Christians who are Christian in name only.

I do go to mass and while I don't get nearly as much out of it as I would at the churches I used to go to, I do find it helpful. Church to a Catholic is less about furthering knowledge of the Bible and more about communion with God - once I learned that, much of the Catholic faith started to make more sense. Many evangelical services in contrast can almost seem more like a lecture hall than church.

Perhaps one of my biggest issues I've had with the Catholic church is how study of scripture is not encouraged like it is among protestants, and much of that seems to be replaced with adherence to Catholic dogma and teachings. But to my surprise I've found that some of the most loving and Christ-like people I've met are Catholics who rarely read the Bible, yet spend time daily in prayer.

You have to consider that most Christians throughout history have not had the ability to read the Bible at all, so obviously study of scripture is not something God requires.

Some of the most arrogant and callous Christians I've met were Protestants who were well read in Scripture.

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It seems like spending time reading scripture is a great way to fellowship with God, but it's not the only way. That's not to say that study of Scripture should be discouraged, as it's obviously critical. But just because someone prays the Rosary daily instead of reading the Bible doesn't disqualify them as a Christian. To a Catholic, study of Scripture is not as important as it is to Protestants because the teachings of the Catholic church and the guidance of priests are usually sufficient. To a Protestant, study of Scripture is critical because most questions you are expected to figure out answers to yourself through your understanding of Scripture.

This is obviously an over-simpliciation, but it's something I've observed over the years as a Protestant married to a Catholic. I hope I'm not offending anyone. Thanks so much for the insight! I completely agree with everything you said. I went to a few masses with her and you are completely right!

It all about being in the presence of God not about the scriptures like I'm used to. Yup, you nailed it on the head about the primary difference between an evangelical Protestant service and a Catholic mass service.

Raising kids Catholic as a Protestant certainly has its challenges. is an exciting dating website for those singles who want to connect with Baptist single Christians. We believe we can help you in your search for true love, if you're having a hard time meeting other singles in your area. Dec 22,   I have NEVER seen a relationship between even a marginal Catholic and any Baptist or Protestant work out where the family did not go the way of raising their kids Catholic or Godless. That includes my own extended family. Since you never know where a relationship might lead, better to look for a born-again believer in your own tradition. If you become serious with her, you will face pressure to convert, or at a minimum to make your family Baptist-centered and to de-emphasize Catholicsm. Also, many Southern Baptists are very non people and they do good works, but consider also the ramifications of marrying someone not your faith.

For example, I don't believe in infant baptism. My wife and I have for now agreed to raise children Catholic, but allow them to make their own decisions about whether or not to remain Catholic when they become old enough to make that decision.

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I do intend to fully explain to them why I am not Catholic when they are old enough to understand. My wife has her own reservations about the Catholic church, especially after having been around my Protestant family and attending a few Protestant services.

She noticed that she learns so much more whenever attending a Protestant service, and that people actually care about reading the Bible which isn't something she was raised to do as a Catholic.

For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way? What is Paul?

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Servants through whom you believed, as the Lord assigned to each. No problem! We've got ideas on how to enjoy the night with your friends.

Christian Life. Jenn Arman - July 3, 0. Happy 4th of July!

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Check out these 10 Bible verses to remember this Independence Day! Sometimes it's difficult to truly find quiet time with the Lord - even when we intentionally set aside the time. We come to Him, Is it just me, or is it harder to stay consistent with devotions during the summertime?

I recently received my favorite weekly ate: an email about morning routines. Being the productivity nerd that I am, I love reading through the Well-known Christian speaker, author, and reality TV star Sadie Robertson has been sharing encouraging reminders since the coronavirus hit a few months ago. During this season, we know that your social media feeds are likely full of negative images and stories, but there is hope out there Justin and Hailey Bieber have been increasingly vocal about their faith since they got married in The two consistently talk about their decision Beloved Christian apologist, author and speaker Ravi Zacharias, 74, went to be with the Lord on May Over the past week, the news, social In a recent post to Instagram, singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle announced that she was going to be performing on the American Idol finale.

The two-time Grammy By Ask Olivia. Read more. Girl, this is one tough position to be in! Dating should be the first phase in meeting your spouse. Anything less is just a complicated situation that usually ends with someone getting hurt.

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Learn more about the Catholic faith. Doing so will give you a better understanding of the differences between your faith and his. Understand that within a marriage, spouses should be united in their decisions, and faith plays a huge role in these decisions. They will likely offer you insight about the situation in a way you may not have considered. Learn more about your crush and his faith. How important is it to him? Take your time. This applies even if you and he were the same denomination!

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Good luck and God bless! Ask Olivia Got a question about boys, your besties or God? I'm here to help! As the girl all my friends always came to for advice, I've turned my girl talk, level-headedness and love of Jesus into a job - one I love because I was a teen not long ago, too!

Project Inspired. Join Our Community. Read On. For me, where I live in northern Michigan, this means spending as many as five days a week on the water Worship music is one of God's greatest gifts.

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In fact, I believe the ability to worship our creator is one of the most beautiful As you head to the beach during your summer break, looking for God in the midst, here are seven quick truths to draw from. It's finally here! It's the perfect time to catch up on sleep, connect with friends and take vacations. But with a

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