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Users dating this forum: Google [Sky]. Lemma Soft Forums Supporting creators of visual novels and sky-based games since Skip to content. Quick links. Board walkthrough Player's Pavillion Completed Games. Rapmonster [dating sky] BTS Finished games are posted here, once they've been tested and are ready for wide release. Don't expect too much from it. Also even if you don't know BTS you can still play it.

I am glad you how least got a world out of it since even though I made it because I was bored it took me longer then expected. Hahaha wauw I am so happy you don't even know. For the sake of Joon. Lemme be the second world to comment on this. In my honest opinion, if you fix the sky and seriously work on the version sky even longer, I bet this will be mind-sky.

I am not surprised about the twist because from Jungkook's version when we are together with Namjoon, I predicted that there will be a special Jungkook sky? Who is online Users browsing this version: On Load:I've been working on this for the past few days. I hope all the A. Sky appreciate the hard work I put into this.

If you don't won't ate this in the future, since it's not done yet. If you make a playthrough, please link my channel MagesticDragon. I'm actually making a new game tho with youtubers. Can you send me the link to your channel? I might make a playthrough soon and I don't want to link a different channel by sky. I hope to see more soon. I will wait for the sky. Prev Next. Online from Msdragongirl Not only that, I also get abused by my parents. Why do I deserve this? I can't take it anymore.

Wait, no, I can't give up Even though the bts sting, you can texting the sky. Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles. Heaven On My Mind.

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Ego Death feat. Adore You Harry Styles. Wait For You.

Bts dating simulation eng sub

Dinner Guest. AJ Tracey Feat. This City. Don't Need Love. Roses Imanbek Remix.

Aug 28,   [Rookie King BTS Ep ] Picnic in Fall with BTS inside the house, what happened? - Duration: The K-POP , views. Nov 10,   Foreword. 1 Life with BTS; 2 School Life; 3 At The Carnival; 4 We're The Perfect Two; 5 Random; 6 Movie Time; 7 Baking Session - More Lik; 8 Drama; 9 BigHit Trainee; 10 Jan jan jan - Your BTS So; 11 Birthday Game; 12 Performing Together; 13 Life with BTS; 14 Seng Il Chu Ka Hae!; 15 Those Days; 16 Stay With Me; 17 Let's Go To The Beach-eac; 18 Fansigning; 19 Normal day with the . BTS Dating Simulation. 71 likes. ?????? Dating Simulation ??? Visual Novel ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????:).

Before You Go. Stuck With U. Don't Start Now Dua Lipa. Break My Heart Dua Lipa. Nathan Dawe feat. Midnight The Hanging Tree. The Woo feat. Break Up Song Little Mix. Fake Friends. PS1 feat. Alex Hosking. Jordan Hendricks. Rosanne Wong.

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Christine Yu. I got V even though Suga is my fav. Danica Lomeda. I got Jin. Yas, yaaas, yaaaaasssss. I got v yay!!! Lesly Samaniego. Charlotte De Weerdt. Kimberly Tomas. OMAhhhhhhhyyyyy I got Jungkook wohhh! Emma Putzig.

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Anna Toumanidou. I did it Well! I love hobi! Elli Callaghan. Anette Suga. I got Sunshine!!! Ronni Snyder FairyTailFreak. Katherine Samantha. I got Taehyung.

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Lily Andrews. Ohh yass. My bias, RM. Siramol Saithanu. Bts TaeJin. Mikaila Piper. Park Jineul. Joy TC Lee. I tried 2 times more n I got both the same: Jungkook XD. Jae Lee. I got RM! Aishwwarya Tadepalli. Yong Soo.

Remson comendador sanalila. I got now jin for my bias sowon and wish next is v again for Lisa ahhh. Kayla Acebuche. Marlene B. I got my bias wrecker Suga!! Kookie Bunny lover 1. Kim Hyun-Neul.


Angela Kuld. Namgay zam. Got Jimin. Julia Volkova. Kim taehyungggggg. Oh yeah I got me my bias wrecker, Yoongi. Rian Hobi. Clarissa Mae Abagat. Chantal Martin Nativesful. I got Jungkook!!! I got my bias. Claricia Zamor. Cristine Mortera Cenera. Sophia Grace. Bunny Corn. Louise Yzabelle Tan. Kathleen Faith Bejar David.

Park Jimin. Kim Tata Dennise. Annu Yadav. I like him In the 2 place. Mary Melrose Bondesto Andagan. Naomi Chazzy. I got the maknae. Welna Welna Welna. Kailash Singh Khatri. Adela Maulidya Rochyani. I got jiminie. I got V, my bias!!! Jungkook Jeon. King of Despair. Shin Ah Park.

Apr 05,   BTS 2ND MUSTER 2PM BangYeonSi 2 (Bangtan Dating Simulation 2) (6) Jimin Ver. Phillip Hjalmer. BTS REHEARSAL & D-DAY MAKING FILM - BTS 5th Muster Magic Shop DVD. Forever BTS. BTS VCR MAKING FILM - BTS 5th Muster Magic Shop DVD. Forever BTS. BTS 5th Muster Magic Shop DVD - BTS. My BTS boyfriend is V! He'd like to surpise me and sometimes I'd think he's weird. Anyway, my dates with him will never be boring. He'd spoil me and when I'm with him I might as well sometimes forget the rest of the world exists. My BTS boyfriend is Jimin! He's cute, really fun and energetic. A short BTS dating game Hope you enjoy it:) February 11, 22, takers. Just For Fun Music Bts Army Taehyung More. Report. Add to library Discussion Follow author Share quiz. BTS Dating doors. Lan Zhan.

Delia Gunnarsen. Shin jye Kyo. Nyl Arts. My ultimate bias :. Kim Jina. Crazy Skater Films. Jupiter Zan. Ariaj niazi. Julia Garcia. Rose KIrsten. Jungkook oppa is my ideal boyfriend omo.

Michelle Trenning.

BTS Dating Sim a by Sunchips Player Rating?/8 "Too few ratings to be ranked" based on ratings since played times (finished) Story Difficulty?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" Play Length?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" Maturity Level?/8 "Unknown / Not Set" N/A. Tags. After meeting Bangtan at a concert, you're invited backstage. Which member will you fall in. Which member of global smash K-pop band BTS would ask you out on a date? Take this deceptively simple YouTuber quiz and we'll tell you! BTS is a K-pop band that is taking the world by storm. Apr 21,   If you fantasize about dating one of these superstars, then you should probably take this quiz. Find out your true BTS soulmate by answering these hard-hitting questions. If you're a fan of BTS, formed in by Big Hit Entertainment, then we've got the perfect BTS quiz for you.

Omg yay I got my bias, I love you Jiminie! Jenina Agustin. Why you likey that. Zygel Faith Vidal. Omo jimin kyah.

Hanisah Mokhtar. Briana Nicole Villarreal. Min Yoongi Is my bias!!! I got my bias!!!!! Tayashi Ash. Queen of Runaway. Rhea Mae Mercado. Gabriela Izabel Petre. I got RM. Ryll Zapata.

BTS Soulmate Quiz. What is your favorite color? I like all colors. Pink like a princess. Blue/Purple. Red/Orange. Black/White. Yellow/Green. My hobby Reading/Writing. Singing/Rapping. Dancing the night away Drawing/Painting. Playing video games. Sleeping. Sports. Listening to music. Watching tv, videos. Other. Favorite Music Genre. BTS will be the star of a new game! On February 6, Netmarble Games held a press conference and revealed one of their latest projects, BTS World. As its title suggests, the game will feature the BTS members, and players will be tasked with managing and developing the members. But it was BTS, so my brain said, "Fuck it, let's do it." "Hellz yeah." "Great! See ya at my house on March Ohhhhhh god. My perfect attendance would be broken. I would also have to call in sick on the house phone. Everyone tells me I sound just like my mother over the phone, so that should be easy. But I'd have to get off the bus at Noah's.

Nik batrisyia. Chay Mandap. Mae Angela Abria Liquigan. Ghofran Mahmoud. I got my bias V as my boyfriend. I wanted Namjoon-oppa though.

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Hadzrhea Estoon. Alien Trash. Shenli Plays. My bias. African Rebels. Karen Rentz. I got my bias J Hope! Shane Sigua. Hafsa Saleemi. Unicorn Princess Deja. I got my bias J-Hope! I got my flipping bias suga. Worldwide Handsome. Ivin Marish Realo. Yeah I got my chubs! Ain Marsya. Szayel Aporro. Akinea Vul Ratnarap.

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Sapphire Gamer. I was hoping for Jungkook, but oh well. At least I got mah bias wrecker, V. A man like bj Peachlove.

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Mei-Ching Huang. I keep getting Suga XD. Miss Days. Ayusha Neupane. Nicole Huffman. Which is awesome I have a lot of similarities with him. Tae Tae. Bose Rasheed. Katie Tucker. Sweet Kookie. I got taehyunghe is my ultimate bias and crush.

Love you so much tae baby. Kawaii Studios. I never expected that LOL. Emma Hassan. Moira V Falevaai. Hehe, Suga Bias will always prevail. Caterina Mari crazy. Gerry kanter. I GOT V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sak Eri. I got Yoongi. Marily Frina. I really like him. Nemi chan. Yay, I got Jimin! Han Nyein Su. My bias is RMbut I got Vplease give me my man Serenity Reynolds. Nimra shah.

Jan 24,   BTS 2nd Muster: ZIP CODE: was BTS's 2nd Muster fan club event. It took place on January 24, The fan meeting was originally announced as "BTS 2ND MUSTER [ZIP CODE: ]" and it was going to be on July 13, but four days before was cancelled due MERS outbreak. Jun 05,   BTS fake calling & texting game/simulation app for ARMY! BTS Messenger is a fan-oriented fake calling & texting simulation app! Have you ever wondered what it's like to call Jungkook, or send a quick text to Jimin? Well, now, fake talking with your bias is just a tap away! ?? Not only can you fake call & message BTS, but you'll receive fake calls & messages as if it were from BTS! BTS Dating Sim. Users dating this forum: Google [Sky]. Lemma Soft Forums Supporting creators of visual novels and sky-based games since Skip to content. Quick links. Board walkthrough Player's Pavillion Completed Games. Rapmonster [dating sky] BTS Finished games are posted here, once they've been tested and are ready for wide release.

AHR12 I always get Jiminstill waiting for him to introduce me to Taehyung! I got RapMon!! Tais M I got yoon gi haha i was sure. Frinkles Claassen. Got mah bias! Jiminie I love you. I got jhope good to know the world accepts our fate. Kim Namjoon. I got my bias Taehyungie. TaeLyn Kim. Kylee Collins. Jebunz Mariano Bundalian. Maddie Alirkar. Tsu Ba. For the first time I got RM. The second time I got my bias Jungkook. Nazneen Dubash.

Katelyn Deku deli. Jimin-ssi My bias! Choi Ha Ri. Sandra John. My days are probably never gonna be boring lol xD Also it is pretty easy to get who you want, the options are kinda easy to tell haha.

JKGolden Maknae. Frauline world. I Got Jungkook. Barbara Anathasia. Mariah Resse. I gots my ultimate bias.

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I got my Ultimate Bias Suga. Now I can go to bed and sleep happily. Hajar Moukarrame. Dowoon Yoon. Senji Kim. I got jimin. Good foru. I really happy i got jimin. Im so happy i got jimin. He is my ultimate bias. Jocelyn Yu. Got Suga. Not even mad though. I love them all. Tammy Lindsey. I got my bias yes sugar. My bias is RM tho. Bri yes its me sam. Joreen Ross. Cheyanne Pridgen. OMG Jungkook.

I got j-hope and I was hoping for suga. Can u tell me what u answered please. I got suga but namjoon is my bias. Raden Denise.

Kaila Stewart. I got Jungkook but Suga is my bias.

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Pinky Promily Sanabam. I got my jungkookie!!!!! I got jungkook and i dont like him the most. Daphney Duerre Tingson. Janea The Potato. I got Kim Taehyung my bias. I got my bias. Desi Doykova. Kathleen Zeledon. I got Kim Taehyung! BTS meme. I got junkook but I love kim seok jin he is my bias. Jacqueline Alvarez. Lakshmi Niharika. Valeria V. I got Namjoon! Regina Lee.

I got JK yess my ultimate bias. I got Tae! My bias wrecker. Thessalonica Llegado. I got Jungkook my biasssssssssssssssss. Kookieee Jennie. Wendy cohn. I got V oppa!!!!!!!! I got rm. Umm so am not bts lover but got junkook ummmm ya.

Gulbahar Kurtulus. Yeaaah pink prince jinnnn oleeeyy. Liti Otaku. Phsyco Bunny. Anushree Midya. I got jimin!! I got Suga!! Sumnima Rai.

Aastha singh. I got v I love him. Mar rla. Kerolin Timungpi. In first try, I immediately got Jungkook! I got v my bias. Kpop Addict. I got my golden kookie!!!!!!!! Breanna Langston. Jungkook is my boyfriend I love bts. I got my 4D boy Taehyung. Corilynn Becker. I got Suga on my first try and he is my bias. Leandra Barros.

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Aby kim. Lonlin Imalay II. Yafreisy Gonzalez. Okay so I tried again and chose the 2nd best answer. And I got yoongi again!? Nicole Liu. I GOT V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl You wrote a legit essay.

Platnium Squad. I got my luv JIN.

Topic, very bts dating simulation eng sub mine very interesting

Melissa Untalan. Gabby Tedja. Alexandra Seighman. Angy Flores. Lorie WP. Daisy Dindin Maquirang. Anna Clarisse Dela Cruz. Took this again and this time I got Suga. Audry Ascania Putri. Looks like 3rd times the charm!! I got my Ultimate Bias, Rap Monster!!! Nicole Danielle Malate. Trinity Green. Yza Gregorio. I got jimin because he is my bias. I got Jungkook realy i love him very much. Jinkachu Taesaurus. Unexpectedly i got my worldwide handsome. Jamella Louise Ygot. I got Kookie yey!!! Yay i wanted yoongi even tho jimin is my bias I think yoongi would make a great boyfriend.

Gail Frances Lian Arevalo. I got Jimin which is my bias! I got sugar! My bias, he is the best one for me. BTS V. Kim Shook Jin. I got my worldwide handsome Jinie!! Kathrine Mak.

Hena Sugiani. Jungkook wkwkwk. Yago Vixen. Now it says I got Jimin:. Yeah I got J-hope too! I tried it 7 times 1st. Rm 2nd. Jimin 3rd.

You will bts dating simulation eng sub similar

J-hope 4th. J-hope 5th. Jimin 6th. Rm 7th. It was my Bias!

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