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Photo by iStock. The Ultimate Online Dating Profile is one in which your profile is set up in a way to attract, and send you high quality, and pre-screened dating prospects you normally would not encounter in your daily life. Look upon any dating profile as simply another system you can employ in your dating life to automatically send high quality and pre-screened prospects your way. I personally have found it to be an inefficient waste of time to write women. To me its the law of diminishing returns. When you compare how many high quality matches you get with a good online dating profile that causes women to contact you first, versus writing every woman you find attractive to elicit a response from the ones that like you too its simply a more efficient use of your time to wait for women to respond to your profile first. Many reasons.

This starts them out chasing you from the get-go. It also causes them to see you as a catch. Besides, women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear anyways. Give them what they want.

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Let them be curious like a cat so they have to work to get you. Think about it from another angle. A successful man who is popular with women and who has lots of choices socially, is not going to spend much time online. Does James Bond have time to email chicks on match.

Absolutely not. It flips the script. It causes women to risk rejection to contact you. Then you get to decide if you like them enough to make a date with them. Besides, most beautiful women are absolutely inundated with emails upon signing up for a dating site. One gorgeous Russian I met thru match. She took it down after a week. I was shocked! She got over emails the first week. How can anyone deal with that? She also got angry emails from guys who she never responded to. I was one of the few guys she contacted upon joining.

I was the only one she actually went out with of course. I really feel sorry for women trying to navigate the online dating world. I coach guys and girls to get clear about the type of person they want to attract first, before creating an online dating profile.

You need to know what you want so you can ask for it in your profile. Otherwise, by not getting clear about what you want is what I call using the shotgun approach to dating. This sets you up to just get average lame chicks instead of using a precision instrument to nail pun intended your target. The top two dating websites are PlentyOfFish. Which is better? The chicks tend to be flakier. Their profile picture system quality is poor. This is an email I got from a new coaching client. Hey Corey, its Tom from San Francisco.

I put together the online profile that we spoke about on the phone on Tuesday. I also have my top tens for you; here they are:. Check it out and tell me what you think and where there is room for improvement. That should give you an idea of what a completed list looks like. From that list, you will create a positive, optimistic and focused online dating profile to automatically attract and pre-qualify good dating prospects that match your criteria.

You will tell a little bit, but not too much about yourself. If a woman is intrigued by your profile, she will ask you to tell her more. When creating an online dating profile, one of the most important things for you to do is to use several good pictures of yourself having fun and smiling. Its not cool and will turn chicks off. Now the next part is for you to describe what you want. The idea is to be brief, mysterious cats are curious-just give them a little tasteconfident and talk as if you are a catch without bragging.

After I first published this article one of my clients emailed this question:. Hey Corey, hope all is well with you! One question: What do you consider to be extensive or too much information for a dating profile? If you notice in my profile below, I talk about a lot of general things I like to do. It allows a woman to read my profile and imagine the possibilities of what we might do.

The Idea is to talk about a lot of different things without being specific as to my life routines. Predictable is boring and anti-challenge for women. I love beautiful, confident, and sexy women that are completely comfortable being feminine.

Are you drop dead gorgeous, healthy, confident, secure, optimistic, sexually open, flexible, giving, intelligent, honest, outgoing a social butterflyfun, great communicator my life is a drama-free zoneunderstands men, affectionate, sexy, happy, and very feminine?

Health, exercise and a healthy diet are a big part of her life. I love to laugh, tease, and have fun. I am a very playful, outrageous, silly and strong man. I am very confident and used to getting what I want. I want a woman who is used to the same. What ever you do for a living, its something you absolutely LOVE! A great sense of humor is a must! I love helping people! I want a woman who is just as concerned about the welfare and upliftment of others as I am and who will support me in my mission to make the world a better place.

My life is about helping people live their lives to the fullest. To wake up everyday and give a little more and be a little better than I was the day before. My life is about learning and growing and helping others do the same. My business is not work to me. I do it because I love it. For playtime I love being on the water.

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I love to snow ski, snow mobile, exercise, run and anything that allows me to enjoy the beauty of nature. I love to travel and see the world.

I have friends that live all over the world and just love spending my time with people who have the same care and concern for making the world a little better than they found it. I love to eat healthy and exercise regularly. My health comes first. I love cooking good healthy meals for friends and family!

I stayed up all night reading it because I could not put it down. Web of Debt by Ellen Brown is another must read. I am a very spiritual person. The Lord dwells in our hearts. I can read the bible and any other holy book and make up my own mind. She lights the room up with her calm and peaceful presence. I just ignore the ones I have no interest in. When I was on Match. Over the course of the month, I got really good prospects that were pretty close to my criteria. If she is timid, structured or has a bad attitude, I will never hear from her.

When she calls, I will limit the conversation to maybe minutes. By asking questions about her. When she asks about me I will give her a brief answer and then ask her something else about herself. If I feel there is a connection, I will invite her to meet out at a public place for a drink.

Coach corey wayne dating profile

I will make a definite date. That means we agree on a place, day and time to meet. I want high interest level in me. Not mediocre interest. I will set a definite date and time without any call back to verify the date nonsense. Setting up an online dating profile like I detail above, will automate the online dating process for you.

This will give you several additional prospects to practice with in addition to, picking up women face-to-face in public my preferred method during your every day life. Good stuff bro. Wish I would have known this years and years ago. I have been working to hard, pursuing to hard and not staying centered and in my masculine.

Try it, it WILL work like a charm. On match. Have you pressed the like button on them? Now I wonder, where do I get a cool pic, hmm. Thanks for the article.

- Explore Coach Corey Waynes board Sellers Quick Call. - Explore Coach Corey Waynes board 34ATTRACTION34, Coach Corey Wayne Photo by iStockDeagreez relationships corey wayne online dating profile template dating Multipurpose Landing Page Template - All in One - Bundle Template for local business, contact Photo by istocksvetikd Men Quotes, Quotes For Kids, Popular Dating Apps, .

Coach Corey Wayne discusses an email from a reader who he and his wife both have severe health challenges. She also has lost attraction for him because he does not act like a man who has any will to live and be happy. How to create a compelling future in the face of severe health and relationship challenges.

Tinder, Match \u0026 Online Dating

Are You? Coach Corey Wayne discusses why it is essential that you must be who you are if you want to succeed and be truly happy in life. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how you can overcome tremendous odds, survivors guilt, the loss of a loved one, tragedy, etc. Success With Women Breeds Confidence. Friend Zone: Decades of Frustration.

The ultimate online dating profile corey wayne - Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Find single man in the US with online dating. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. May 25,   I personally have found it to be an inefficient waste of time to write women. To me its the law of diminishing returns. When you compare how many high quality matches you get with a good online dating profile that causes women to contact you first, versus writing every woman you find attractive to elicit a response from the ones that like you too its simply a more efficient use of your time. Coach corey wayne the ultimate online dating profile How to create the peace palace library research guides are, corey wayne 2 comments. Com. Microsoft endpoint protection not ating clients corey wayne 2 comments. Add 'online dating profile that used period of understandingrelationships. Setting up a couple of understandingrelationships.

In this video coaching newsletter I discuss two different emails from two different viewers who have been stuck in friend zone for over a decade.

The first email is from a guy who hooked up with his female friend several years ago, but since then nothing has really progressed. They both have dated other people off and on, but they recently saw each other after she broke up with her most recent boyfriend. The second email is from a guy who has been stuck in friend zone for thirty years!

They also live on opposite ends of the country which makes getting together difficult. How Life Can Be Effortless Coach Corey Wayne discusses how becoming more successful with women spills over into other areas of your life so your life becomes effortless.

Working Through Social Phobia. How To Attract More Wealth. Be Insanely Great! Responding To Weak People.

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Why losing your job, your life going to shit, and your life falling apart is a good thing, and how you can use challenging life situations to force you to move in a new direction so you can become the person you were really meant to be. How you should handle close relatives or friends who are nosy and constantly offering unsolicited advice or opinions about your dating life, why you are still single, not married, etc. Focus On The Process. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss the power of focus and moving towards the things you want in life when there is little to no evidence that what you are doing is going to eventually bring you the results and success you want in life.

Why the quality of your peer group can have a dramatic influence on the quality of your life and the success you are able to achieve. Relationships Built Upon Lies. The importance of building a relationship based upon openness, communication, trust, honesty, etc. The Necessity Of Inner Strength. How to overcome performance anxiety when you get naked and your lover makes sexual jokes or laughs about your penis size to keep yourself from being diminished and developing performance anxiety.

Letting Haters Diminish You. The importance of not letting haters, people who are close to you or self hating and self loathing jerkoffs diminish you, and therefore, deter you from taking action to achieve your goals when they try to project their own weaknesses, flaws, faults, shortcomings and lack of success onto you, in an effort to make themselves feel better by tearing you down. Getting Your Center Back. How to turn your life around, regain your happiness and find a new job, purpose, girl, attitude and perspective in life after a bad breakup, divorce or your life falling apart.

When Your Family Sucks! In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who is twenty-seven years old and lives with his mother. A few weeks ago, he lost his job and did not tell her about it. Once she finally found out, she started spewing nothing but hate and loathing onto him. She even put a bottle of bleach in front of him and told him that he should just drink it and kill himself so she could have some peace.

Why you must have a compelling vision and mission for your life, and how a lack thereof will cause you to become lazy, lethargic, disinterested, indifferent and have a general lack of enthusiasm for living and appreciating the gift that life is. Plagued By Fear. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a viewer who has been following my work for about three years and it has helped him to achieve more success in life.

She hangs out with shady people and is constantly making life choices and exhibiting irresponsible behavior that puts her in peril. Success Is Making Progress. Why being successful and happy in life is a direct result of making progress towards achieving and becoming what you want, but not the actual achievement, accomplishment, or acquisition of your goals. Never Feel Sorry For Yourself. Heaven On Earth. How to create a life and lifestyle that is your own private version and vision of a heaven on earth with members of the opposite sex and also that spills over into your professional life.

I'm Stuck In A Rut. How to get unstuck and out of a rut if you feel like your life is going nowhere, you have nobody to love you, it feels like your life is over, hopeless and like you will never be able to accomplish your goals and dreams.

I've Never Been Happier! How to get to a place in your life where you can overcome a painful breakup and the end your relationship, so you can recover emotionally, rebuild your confidence, meet and date the next great love of your life. I Feel Like I'm Worthless. What you should do, what you should focus on and how you should change your mindset if you currently feel like you are worthless due to constant criticism, put-downs or verbal abuse from close family members, friends or co-workers.

When you should be patient and let things unfold naturally in your life to get what you want, and how to know when you should take action to make things happen on purpose. George Floyd. What the death of George Floyd can teach us about America, being self reliant, getting accurate news and information and what the riots teach us about the power of propaganda and misinformation distributed by the corrupt media.

I Hate My Life. How to change your life from one of constant failure with women, your career, financial struggles and disappointment, into a life of effortless abundance and success with women, your career, finances, health and overall sense of happiness and well being. Why a man must follow his heart, curiosity, intuition and his true passion and purpose in life in order to make himself happy, achieve his dreams and to attract and keep the kind of women he really wants.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who says he is staring into the abyss. His girlfriend has already left him. He feels that his life is spiraling out of control and the inevitable result is homelessness, worthlessness and cowardice. Be Open To New Possibilities. How to determine if you should become an entrepreneur and work for yourself, or if you are better off as an employee and should instead work for other people. How to determine what your first steps should be and what type of business or career you should go into if you have many things that you like and are passionate about, but are unsure of what type of career or business is right for you.

Dealing With Sudden Death.

Opinion you coach corey wayne dating profile not pleasant you?

How to deal with the sudden death of a loved one so you can feel the pain, heal it and move on with your life without getting caught up in endless suffering, guilt, anger, etc. Why you must be who you are in relationships in order to create and maintain attraction, but why you also must be charming, easy going and have a positive attitude instead of a negative one to prevent from turning members of the opposite sex off.

Why getting rejected is much healthier, builds your confidence and puts you in a peaceful and relaxed state, vs. Why having a cocky, playful, humorous and non-serious vibe is the best way keep women attracted, coming back for more and unable to stay away from you for very long.

Rate Me Baby! Friend Requests From Exes. Coach Corey Wayne discusses some things you should consider before you respond to or accept a friend request from a former lover after several years of no contact. Beware The Bitchy Woman.

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how you can learn to recognize when your lady is upset, why she is upset and how to resolve it so she goes back to being your sweet playmate instead of the bitch from hell. Do Women Test Their Men? Does a woman test the strength of her man constantly in a relationship?

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Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to handle a woman's tests and pass them. Especially when she brings up and shares the stories of other men hitting on her. Coach Corey Wayne discusses why you should never settle for anything less than what you really want in life and your relationships. Coach Corey Wayne discusses an email he got from a twitter follower who is dating a man who is in a long term relationship with another woman he is unwilling to end to be with her only.

Coach Corey Wayne discusses a man's need for freedom and how a woman can attract the type of man she wants and keep him interested in her and still give him the space he needs to feel free enough to pursue his dreams and give her the love and support she needs.

Coach Corey Wayne discusses an email from a man who is dating a woman who is separated from her jealous and controlling husband to ask if it is a good idea to date her.

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Woman Asks Coach Corey Wayne discusses an email he got from a woman who wants to spice things up in the bedroom with her man and how she can "blow his mind" after he returns from a 3 week business trip.

How to gradually back off after over pursuing to re-attract her so she pursues you instead. He made the mistake of over-pursuing during the lockdown by talking on the phone too much and causing a woman he just started dating to lose interest.

He said they also started running out of topics to talk about on the phone. I also discuss a customer review for the audiobook from a guy who read it the recommended ten to fifteen times. He shares the epiphanies and paradigm shifts it has made in his life to explain why reading it ten to fifteen times is essential to get the best results. The Success Secrets of Elon Musk. The success secrets of Elon Musk that enable him to make his grandest goals, dreams and desires a reality.

What you can learn from his success secrets and principles that you can apply right now in your own life to start getting even better results than you may already be achieving with your current life success strategies. We trace his humble beginnings growing up in South Africa, and dreaming of one day moving to America, to chasing his dreams, becoming a billionaire and one of the most successful entrepreneurs and visionaries the world has ever seen in modern times.

We examine his success mindsets, belief systems and life strategies to not only embrace pain and failure so you can learn from it and improve, but to endeavor to cause even more failures to happen.

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How this speeds up your learning curve and helps you to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time. Embracing failure as a gift and essential teacher.

Women Make Men Coach Corey Wayne discusses how and why women cause men to grow and become better men in relationships. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to overcome being cynical and jaded about past relationship failures to make your next relationship a loving success. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to deal with other men hitting on your girlfriend when you're both head over heals in love.

Relationships Based Upon "Horsetrading". Coach Corey Wayne discusses why obsession and neediness causes rejection and how to prevent losing your lover because of your own shortcomings.

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Coach Corey Wayne discusses why you should only get married if its what your heart compels you and your partner to do. How To Have Effortless Relationships. Why Men Become "Impotent" Sometimes What you should do if you are struggling to find your life purpose and still have not figured what you should do. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss four different emails from four different viewers.

The first email is from a viewer who sufferers from anxiety, depression, OCD and hypochondria due to growing up in a chaotic household. He asks for help to deal with stress and the fact success often feels hopeless. Should You Give Women Gifts? Honoring Your Relationship Commitments.

Subtle Marriage Hints? Coach Corey Wayne discuses an email from a woman who writes asking what she should do about a man she just started dating who is becoming impatient with her. The Courtship Never Ends!!! Coach Corey Wayne discuses why you must always court your wife or girlfriend or risk her leaving you for a man who does court her properly.

When Her Kids Are Disrespectful. Coach Corey Wayne discuses what to do when your girlfriends kids are disrespectful to her in front of you due to their dad's bad influence.

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In this video coaching newsletter I discuss three different emails from three different viewers. The first email is from a guy who is thirty and came across my work several years ago, read my book once, but set it aside because he was focused on self growth and business, but not dating. The second email is from a guy whose girlfriend is taking more time to respond to him and seems to be losing interest. The third email is a success story from a guy who was making the same mistakes as the first two guys with his girlfriend of seven months, but was able to turn things around after finding my work and implementing it properly.

She's In Love But Unsure? When Should You Get Married? Coach Corey Wayne discuses what you should consider and experience before you decide to get married.

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Women Want Your Attention Coach Corey Wayne discuses how to properly handle the ever increasing demand your woman places on your presence and time as she falls in love with you. Coach Corey Wayne discuses what you should and should not tell your girl about yourself and your life in order to maintain attraction.

Dating When You Have Kids. Why Women Can't Say No. Coach Corey Wayne discusses why women will give you their phone number, but then ignore your phone calls, texts and messages.

Girlfriend Is Texting Other Men. Coach Corey Wayne discusses what to do when your girlfriend is openly texting and calling other men in front of you. Speak Fearlessly From Your Heart. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to speak fearlessly from your heart in a charming but naughty way to create sexual attraction with your girl. She Doesn't Understand Her Boyfriend. Relationships That Come From Cheating. Projecting Your Dating Fantasy. Rebound Relationships. Some things you need to consider before getting too deeply involved with a lover who has just ended a long-term relationship and is therefore on the rebound.

Women Like To Be Courted. Why women like to be courted romantically, and why most women prefer to be in an exclusive monogamous relationship.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a female viewer who is frustrated with her romantic life.

She shares that most men tend to over pursue her in the beginning, which is a turnoff for her, but as they start backing off and losing interest, then she starts to want and pursue them more. She feels that what I teach is simply using women to come over and have sex without any concern for what they want regarding a relationship. I point out what the real problem is with her dating life, and why she seems to continually attract men who are initially really interested, but then lose interest over time.

I also tell her how she needs to modify her approach so she actually causes the men to want to stick around and be a part of her life on more of a long-term basis. How to deal with women who start jerking you around, cancelling dates, changing your plans at the last minute, etc.

What you should do if you develop romantic feelings for your friend but the feelings are not mutual to cause them to develop romantic feelings for you. Your Cheatin' Heart. What you should do if you suspect your lover is cheating and you have overwhelming evidence that they are cheating, but yet they continue to lie and deny that they are being unfaithful.

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In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a guy who says everything in his life is going great, except what he does professionally for a living.

This is a common problem everyone is faced with as they go through the seasons and decades of their lives. I discuss the process and some potential paths for him, and you, to answer these questions over and over when they inevitably come up over the course of our lives. Why we tend to attract what we fear and why focusing on a relationship ending or a potential breakup, instead of giving to and enjoying each other, will cause us to consciously and unconsciously do and say things that cause us to drive the person that we want most right out of our lives.

Work Affairs. Some things you should consider if you become romantically involved with a coworker who is in an unhappy relationship with someone else, but yet continues to stay with them when you want to have a relationship with them. My Girlfriend Might Move Away. What you should do if the love of your life, girlfriend, or your wife is considering or talking about moving away to another city, state, or country that you have no desire to move to, and you want to cause her to choose to stay with you instead.

What you should do if you have been dating a woman on and off for several months and yet she still seems to be cold, unaffectionate, unappreciative and does not respect your time, so you can increase her attraction and cause her to fall in love with you and want to be with you all the time.

She Flirts With Other Guys.

Sex Playmates. Bitchy, Grumpy, Bad Communicator. Some things you should consider if you realize that you just started dating who seems to constantly be bitchy, grumpy and a bad communicator. How to determine if a relationship is salvageable if you are dating a bitchy, grumpy bad communicator.

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The importance of knowing what you want from a relationship and setting healthy boundaries with lovers to ensure that they respect you, communicate in a loving and healthy manner and only bring joy and happiness into your life, instead of drama and conflict.

My Feminist Man Hating Girlfriend. Some things you should consider if you realize or come to the conclusion that your girlfriend seems to be a feminist, man-hating woman who tries to control her emotions, feelings and be the leader instead of letting her man be the leader.

The Player Vs. How to tell if the man you are dating and sleeping with is a player who will never settle down and is only interested in sex and hooking up, versus if he is a potential Mr. Right, and therefore husband and marriage material if you are a woman who is looking for a long term, committed, monogamous relationship. How to regain your hope for a better life if you discover that your wife or girlfriend has been cheating on you with another man so you can move on and attract someone who shares similar goals and values and who places a high value on loyalty and communication.

You Attract How You Act. Not Looking For A Relationship. What you should say and do if you are newly single and want to play the field for a while, or if you simply are not looking for a relationship, but some of the women you are dating are trying to lock you down to a commitment.

Breakups As A Weapon. What you should do if your girlfriend is controlling and manipulative by using breakups as a weapon to either punish you or to try and train you to be more like the way she wants you to be. Premature Relationship Ejection. How to prevent talking women out of dating and sleeping with you if your first performance in the bedroom with her was not your best due to being nervous, not being able to last very long, or if you were simply inexperienced, so you can grow her attraction, get another shot pun intende and redeem yourself.

Will She Ever Move In? It Just Doesn't Feel Right. Women Are Competitive For Men. Why women often will compete with their girlfriends and screw each other over when they both like the same guy. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss a partial email success story from a guy who was with his wife for seventeen years and is recently separated. He admits that he has been out of the dating game for a long time, but found my work after having difficulty attracting a new woman he really liked.

What I liked about his email is that he is saying things I would not have said and making minor mistakes, but he is still getting the results he wants. He went from getting blown off and jerked around and being tested pretty hard by this new woman, to her being flexible, submissive and having a complete attitude change.

How to handle dating and relationships during social distancing to keep the mystery, attraction and romance growing. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss four different emails from four different viewers who are in different dating and relationship situations impacted by social distancing.

The four different emails deal with guys in all three of the most important pickup, dating and relationship phases, and the skills and techniques required to increase and maintain attraction.

Why over pursuing a woman you want to date turns her off and causes her to lose interest so you can avoid these common mistakes.

Relationships: Getting Your Needs Met. How to make sure you are getting your needs, wants and desires met in your relationship, and what you should do if your lover does not honor their promises or commitments to you, or they are very inconsistent in treating you the way you want to be treated, even after you have lovingly communicated what you want and expect from them on several occasions.

Masculine Vacillation. Why men who vacillate back and forth between being sure of themselves and masculine, and being unsure and feminine, will cause women to back away, test, not trust their masculine core and often assume the masculine role which will eventually cause women to leave the relationship.

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to write a great online dating profile that will get several new high quality beautiful women who are exactly what you are looking for to contact you first for dates each and every month until you find the perfect match for you. Always go where you are wanted, welcomed and celebrated, not where you are merely tolerated." Coach Corey Wayne Photo by iStock/Prostock-Studio # confidence # relationships # women # dating # attraction # love # communication # getexback # relationshiphelp # success # coachcoreywayne If you're struggling in your personal or. Les cookies nous permettent Coach Corey Wayne The Perfect Online Dating Profile de personnaliser le contenu et les annonces, d'offrir des Coach Corey Wayne The Perfect Online Dating Profile fonctionnalites relatives aux medias sociaux et d'analyser notre trafic. Nous partageons egalement des informations sur l'utilisation de notre site avec nos partenaires de medias sociaux, de publicite.

Do I Have Commitment Issues? How to determine if you have cold feet, commitment issues or if you simply are not that into your lover and should let them go so they can find someone who will really love them the way they deserve to be loved, and so you can find what your heart really craves.

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