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I have a confession to make. You might not realise it at first, though when I get excited about something, the game is up. My accent gets stronger and my voice quivers higher. I sound, in short, like what I am: a Brummie, sometimes almost unintelligibly so. The result? My experience is not unique.

If we're at a family party, don't ask what team everyone supports. It's our best Brum fact and we'll bring it out just at the mere mention of water.

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No we've never been to Benefits Streetalthough White Dee did walk past me once. A tip top is flavoured icepop is a fizzy drink and a gambol is a forward roll.

Get used to our lingo fast as we're not prepared to slow down our talking pace for definitions. We'll get excited to go the German market and then get bored after an hour.

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It's the same woolly socks, wooden shoes and overpriced mulled wine every year, but annual attendance is still compulsory. You will not make it through town without being bombarded by charity requests. You must always carry spare change as it's impossible for even the most hard-faced, seasoned professionals to make it down without donating.

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We'll think you're a cool guy if you do. We can mock our city, but if you do we won't be happy.

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And please don't attempt our accentchances are we won't find it amusing or arousing. Follow Josie on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Search for Naya Rivera now a 'recovery mission'. Some accents will be very close to your own, so you would have only a few features to learn. But Birmingham and Geordie are two that - compared with Received Pronunciation - have lots of really noticeable differences, such as these three:.

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No wonder actress Helen McCrory looked for help while working on the first series of Peaky Blinders, asking a Birmingham-born actress for guidance about her accent. No bar to office: Neville Chamberlain, who was Prime Minister between an had a Brummie accent. In Britain, during the 20th century, thanks to the way it was portrayed on radio and television, the Brummie accent picked up all kinds of negative atitudes.

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But abroad, it's perceived in a very different way. Once, in a summer school for foreign learners of English, I played the students a dozen British accents and asked them to rate them for beauty.

A person of little, if any intelligence or general importance in society. A person who can be easily bullied or victimised for either a) their accent or b) their general incompetence. - is a great place to meet new people in Birmingham to flirt, get to know each other and maybe even go on a date. There are plenty of fun things to do in Birmingham. Wander round the Bullring centre and find a romantic gift, or have a coffee and get to know each other. Or go for an intimate meal in one of Birmingham's amazing Balti restaurants. Are you in Birmingham and literally have no idea what everyone is saying? Don't worry; we've got your back. This guide to Brummie slang should help you out. Though some are seldom used of late, they still ring true with the Richard Franks.

Brummie came top. More evidence: Not long ago, a nightclub owner in Israel advertised in Birmingham's Sunday Mercury for staff to come and work in his club during the winter months. The owner said: 'I love the accent, and nightclub-goers can't get enough of it over here.

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I believe you can go a long way if you can speak the Birmingham way'. And he concludes: 'I've heard enough holiday-makers from the region to know it's the best accent by far'.

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Received Pronunciation is only around years old. It emerged towards the end of the 18th century as an upper-class accent, and soon became the voice of the public schools, the civil service, and the British Empire.

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There are more accents per square mile in Britain than in any other part of the English-speaking world. This is because of the hugely diverse history of English in the British Isles, with the originally Germanic dialects of Europe mixing with the Norse accents of the Vikings, the French accents of the Normans, and wave after wave of immigration from the Middle Ages down to the present day. But it's also because of the rise of 'mixed' accents, as people move house around the country and pick up features of the accent wherever they find themselves.

Everyone has more than one accent. Our pronunciation changes subtly depending on who we're talking to and how we get on with them. Linguists call it 'accommodation'.

Aug 26,   How Brummie Are You? Put down your ham cob and take this quiz, bab. by Ellie Bate. BuzzFeed Staff. Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image Image: Thinkstock Thinkstock. Jun 17,   A few years ago I started the festival "Talk Like a Brummie Day", in order - for once - to celebrate, not denigrate, our native tongue. I discovered two things. One, people from Birmingham. Oct 03,   BRUMMIE ACCENTS ARE LOVED ABROAD. In Britain, during the 20th century, thanks to the way it was portrayed on radio and television, the Brummie .

Mooch - have a look around. Nause - someone who makes a mess of something. One bomb - to knock someone out with one punch. Outdoor - the off licence.

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Peaky blinder - a flat cap worn by the Birmingham gang in the s. Pop - squash; not to be confused with fizzy drinks.

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Rezza - the reservoir, most likely Edgbaston. Round the Wrekin - going the long way around after the Wrekin Hills in Shropshire. Tara-a-bit - see you later.

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The cut - the canal. The Bull - a bronze statue outside the Bullring, and a general meeting place in town.

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Tip top - a long fruit-flavoured ice lolly. Tot - an alcoholic drink.

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Town - Birmingham city centre. Wag - skip school or miss a lesson on purpose. Wench - an affectionate term for a young woman. Wooden hills - old term for stairs. Got any words to add?

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