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If you want to learn more about vintage cast iron then you've come to the right place, you will also find some tasty recipes to try. You'll find lots of useful information on how to date, and identify antique cast iron. Also the articles cover a lot of interesting historical information about the foundries. The history of these foundries are quite fascinating. Scroll down to find out why people prefer vintage or antique cast iron to new cast iron admittedly I really enjoy my antique cast iron.

Amazing that it never had any food on it until I bought it.

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After that, I seasoned it using the method outlined at this site. One of the best ways to tell is by the font, location, and styling of the logo and trademarks on the bottom of the cookware.

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I highly recommend checking out the free guide if you are trying to determine the age of your Wagner Ware. I used the photos there to review the font and location of the logo on the bottom of the skillet.

If you have a Griswold cast iron skillet that has been hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard. Then it's time to bring it out, dust it off and start using these wonderful old pans. People really enjoy and treasure these old skillets including myself. In this article you can learn to . Jul 15,   Though wood-burning stoves gave way to gas, and eventually electric stovetops, this system of numbering continued as the standard for sizing cast iron cookware. A Wagner Manufacturing Co. catalog dated provides this code for the bottom diameters of their cast iron skillets: #2 - /8?. #3 - /2?. #4 - /8?. How to Date Wagner Cast Iron Cookware Step 1. Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up. Make note of all markings on the bottom of the pan and their Step 2. Examine the construction of the pan. Very old pans have a raised ring around the bottom. This kept the cookware Step 3. Consult.

The logo and writing is in the center near the top, or opposite the handle. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: 3 and 6. Search for:.

In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. Unfortunately. We can come pretty close to a range of dates once we understand a little bit about the manufacturing of the cookware. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: (#3) and (#6) The iron foundries would have moulds for the various pieces of cookware and over time the moulds would need to be replaced. A lot of people prefer vintage or antique cast iron. The main reasons vintage cast iron is preferred are; the cookware tends to be lighter and a lot smoother than cast iron cookware made today. Cast iron cookware made between the late 19th and the early 20th century is preferred by collectors. Dec 15,   A manufacturer of cast-iron cookware often stamps its name in large text on the underside of the piece. For example, Wagner, Griswold, Lodge, Wapak and Favorite are some common names seen in cast.

Very old pans have a raised ring around the bottom. This kept the cookware from direct contact with the top of a wood stove.

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Study how the handle is connected to the cookware. Note if there is a sharp ridge or a hollowed-out section where handles connect to the bodies of skillets.

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All these things provide clues to the age of your cookware. Consult a reputable guidebook.

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Compare the pictures in the guidebook with your cookware. Compare the markings on your cookware to the markings listed in the guidebook.

Post pictures of your skillet on the forum for Wagner and Griswold collectors.

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These collectors will help you identify and date your cookware. If the markings on the bottom of your cookware are unclear, lay a sheet of paper over the skillet and do a pencil rubbing with a soft leaded pencil.

How to Identify Unmarked Cast Iron \u0026 Reference Sources!

The markings should be easier to read on the paper. Cynthia Myers is the author of numerous novels and her nonfiction work has appeared in publications ranging from "Historic Traveler" to "Texas Highways" to "Medical Practice Management.

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Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Wagner cast iron pans are collectables. Step 1.

Antique cast iron skillet identification is as complex as tracing DNA. Foundry markings that may or may not be present, hieroglyphics in the shape of Indian heads or spiders, coded numbers and obscure notches on the bottom ? all are indicators of age and thus value of old cast iron cookware. Jul 04,   For example, if you have a cast iron skillet that has only markings on the bottom that say VICTOR 8, try a Google images search for "Victor 8 cast iron skillet", and see if a match to your pan shows up in the images. If not, try broadening the search, to "Victor cast iron skillet." Many images result from the search. 1 Heat Ring "Slant Erie" Skillets 2 Heat Ring "Slant EPU" Skillets 3 Smooth Bottom "Slant EPU" Skillets. The slant logo appears to have made an encore appearance on a handful of skillet sizes after the introduction of smooth-bottomed pans. 4 The large block logo is seen shrunken to accommodate size restrictions such as on small skillets or the undersides of lids.

Step 2.

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