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Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of East Asian countries. They employ primarily female staff and cater to men seeking drinks and attentive conversation. The modern host clubs are similar establishments where primarily male staff attend to women. Hostesses light cigarettes, provide beverages for men, offer flirtatious conversation, and sing karaoke to entertain customers. Hostesses can be seen as the modern counterpart of geishas , providing entertainment to groups of salarymen after work.

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Hostesses are masters of conversation, using their feminine charm to give momentum to conversations and providing an atmosphere for getting closer to business partners that otherwise would be impossible outside of the club. Ginza hostesses cater to some of the most influential and powerful men in Japan.


Should a customer overstep his boundaries, one quick call to his company from the club could end a career. The structure in the club is elaborate. Clients at these hostess clubs, unlike kyabakura clubs or girls bars, can not switch between other hostesses in the same club.

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Thus, each hostess has clients that belong to her. Furthermore, every month hostesses must meet a quota of how much money their respective clients spend at the club.

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In addition to a quota, they must have dinner, called dohanoutside the club with customers, any customers. They are required to have at least three to four dohan a month. From my perspective, this means my girlfriend must go to dinner with strange men times a month. I often see her answer LINE messages through the day with her clients and customers, filled with hearts and winky faces. Just the other day, her manager asked her to be even more fun and involved with her text messages.

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I get jealous sometimes, seeing her send cute faces to other men and cancelling plans with me for dohan. A significant impact on my life is her drinking.

A club hostess works in a high-class restaurant or club, just as the job title implies. Their job description entails duties and responsibilities similar to those of the traditional hostess. They ensure clients are seated comfortably on their visit to the club, and are also managed in orderly manner. Oct 27, † When the club closes and everyone is moving onto another party, we have gear to put away, people to kick out, a social life to shun. Dealing with ridiculous rider requests from DJs is as. A host club (??????, hosuto kurabu) is similar to a hostess club, except that female customers pay for male company. Host clubs are typically found in more populated areas of Japan, and are famed for being numerous in Tokyo districts such as Kabukicho, and Osaka's Umeda and benjamingaleschreck.comers are typically wives of rich men, or women working as hostesses in hostess clubs.

Hostesses must drink the same amount and, in most cases, more than their clients. They are trying to gently encourage the client to buy more drinks, more bottles of whisky, wine and champagne.

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Professional baseball player - Play at Yoshida Batting Center three times and speak to the attendant in yellow. The magic of kimchi - Eat three times at Kanrai.

Dating a club hostess

Even old guys like gelato - Eat three times at Gelateria Kamuro. Collagen in Ramen - Eat three times at Kyushu No. Once you do these, Kiryu will say "I'll bet this will be useful at the cabaret club" or something similar.

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As you'd expect, I give you the best ones to give to each hostess. Note that repeating the same topic on a second or third attempt will give you diminishing returns.

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Who wants to hear about the same thing twice? As you get close to ten hearts and fifteen hearts, leave the club and walk around a bit and your hostess will call and ask if you want to go out.

They'll say they'll be waiting at a particular location for you to pick them up. Try to get there in a decent time, as you'll lose a little bit of Heart Meter if you're super late like over ten minutes and gain a little if you're early under five minutes.

Hostess Clubs. And now we get to the complicated subject that is "women". First, a few notes on hostess clubs themselves. A distinctly Japanese (and East Asian) market, a hostess club involves a male customer (or customers in a group) coming into the club and requesting the company of the young ladies employed by the club. Officially, it's part of the Japanese "water trade" and can be considered a step below regular sex work. That's in real life. In the Yakuza series, going to a hostess club involves finding a Author: Cyricz. Sep 10, † Welcome to Aphrodite's Hostess Club - the Tokyo nightclub where I was paid to flirt and drink with Japanese businessmen. Beside me a grey-haired Japanese man slides his hand on to my leg.

Once you arrive, you may have a little story encounter, but at the end, you'll have to make a choice of where to go. Each hostess has a different selection.

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Here's largely how it breaks down:. In this game, you might have little story dialogues during dates, but the only real event is the final event at 20 Hearts. The hostess will call with a problem and you'll have to help as a substory.

Once you complete this, you'll get your "special moment" with her. After that, wait until she texts you one last time with a selfie. This is the moment you've "completed" the hostess.

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You no longer have to deal with her if you don't want to, but you can still go to the club and talk, and you can ask her out if you to go to minigame locations like Karaoke. If you approach the attendants, you may have the option of including a hostess. Log In Sign Up.

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Aug 07, † The structure in the club is elaborate. The most important factor for a hostess is the client who comes to drink, and how much he/she spends. Clients at these hostess clubs, unlike kyabakura clubs or girls bars, can not switch between other hostesses in the same club. Thus, each hostess has clients that belong to her. To the outsider, Japan's hostess bars are a confusing mix of tradition blended with heavy drinking and womanising. But paying for praise and attention gives many Japanese men a chance to indulge a. A large chunk of hostess club earnings come from drinks-and not just those of the customers. Most of the time, the customer will pay for the hostess to drink as well.

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