For dating a nerd guy consider, that you

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Adorably dorky dudes - think J. These sweet, smart and often devastatingly funny guys could be sitting on the sidelines of your life as you go after the leading man. During that time spent checking out the many fish in the sea, I definitely dated outside my type. In fact, I threw my type out the window. Nerdy guys, with all of their quirks, are never boring. The nerdy engineer boyfriend I had back then was oh-so-sweet and oh-so-faithful and would never have dreamed of standing me up for a date. What a refreshing change from the clown car of jerks I dated before him.

If you do, he's more likely to zip his lip when it comes to your giant shoe collection or your secret addiction to The Real Housewives of New York.

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Actually take an interest in his nerdy stuff. While it's totally fine if you don't engage in his nerdy hobbies, it never hurts to take an interest. Ask him why he loves his favorite sci-fi books or movies.

Dating a nerd guy

Try playing his World of Warcraft game at least occasionally. Pay attention when nerd-dom hits national news. For example, when Disney purchased the entire Star Wars franchise for a sum numbering in the billions and announced plans to release more Star Wars movies. That's something your man wants to chat about!

10 reasons dating a nerd guy sucks. They're several materials on the internet speaking on the benefits of dating a nerd, nut here's why it sucks having one as a boyfriend: 1. Nerdy guys are usually shy.

That said, taking interest in you and your interests is something he should also do for you. Celebrate your common ground. You may have different interests, but one way to spend quality time with your nerdy guy is to watch sci-fi movies or TV shows that also appeal to female non-nerds. In many ways, relating to a nerdy guy isn't all that different from relating to a non-nerd; he just has different toys.

Love him for who he is, and he will be a loyal partner. So you are getting a very reliable life partner if he is the nerdy guy.

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So every time like you have something to tell, then he is the best one who listens to you and puts his ideas to solve your troubles. These cute nerdy guys can be shy to their college days, but they never lose the power to achieve this better than anyone. He believes in himself, and this thing makes him way more independent and responsible.

5 Reasons to date a Nerd!

Even if he was not that famous among girls and some of them took him as a joke, but now you know how successful he is and can be in the future. He can surprise you when he decides to do things seriously in his life, and he can prove him that he can give you all the stability in life. A relationship does not matter much for guys but for cute nerdy guys, it can be their entire world.

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He only wants to be your man once you both agree to be in a relationship. Every human takes some time to be open to others, these cute nerdy guys can take more time to remove the hesitation. They can be slow, but they are the most depressed ones.

Believe me, if you date a nerdy guy, you can't stop cuddling him like ever. You better know this if you are dating him right now. All you get is affection whenever you see him; he is also the one who cuddles you more than anyone. 2). He Hugs You Like He Is Hugging His World. Dating a nerd is just like dating any other guy in that conflict is bound to arise. You have to be ready to handle these conflicts in the right way. Remember that nerds tend to be more logical than emotional. There's an overlap with nerdism and autism spectrum. Getting overly emotional or dramatic during an argument will not help matters. But after comparing stories with a few other ladies, I think it's safe to say - there are some benefits to dating a nerdy guy. In fact, many women prefer it. 1.

So this self-consciousness takes some time to get off their heads, and then they prove themselves as the most lovable guys. Flirting is not his thing, but he observes you for everything that is important to establish a relationship with you, and then he comes up with his great sides. It makes him the most reliable person in a relationship, and he is not going to do but you either as he believes you the most. Loyalty is the thing that matters to him, and you can always see that he has a few friends, but all these are loyal and humble.

These cute nerdy guys are the most lovable because of their loving and caring nature for others.

They are most sensible, thoughtful and sensitivity of guys, so they are awesome at taking care of their girlfriend. He will care for you in the sweetest way and for every tiny thing that makes a relationship strong.

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Many times, he will do things that you want without even hearing it from you. These are the geeky ones, and that means they have better capabilities to do things.

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They see the things differently and then implement their ideas as no one does. They are technology expert; the IT guys types who have a keen interest in knowing things and keeping them in mind. It is the reason they are called nerd because they are the wise guys and best friend of technology.

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They have their personality to impress just anyone, and this thing is sought for them that make them the person with a great attitude. Not just respect for their nerdy skills either.

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Often they know they are masters in their field, and are deservedly self-confident. It's like a man telling a stunning woman how beautiful she is.

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Sure, always good to hear, but she knows this. Now, genuinely praise her for some other ability, and she's listening hard! As his partner, your job is to be his number one cheerleader. Heavy-handed teasing will drive him back into his shell. This is not to say you can't challenge him. There's nothing nerds enjoy more than a reasoned discussion.

A defining characteristic of nerds is being both passionate and expert on an unusual subject.

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If you feel the need to mock him for spending Friday night researching Runescape lore, then you should ask yourself why exactly are you dating him.

And as for trying to cure him of his nerdiness in a "me or the Ninjago" ultimatum, know that the Lego will win.

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Don't worry, you don't need to be girl-nerd, whispering kinky Klingon in his ear. In fact, Dr Nerdlove thinks nerds are better off dating mainstream girls rather than their fantasy Geek Girl.

But it won't harm to show some appreciation for his heroes. Ask him some questions, and at least try to understand why he thinks Dick, Asimov, Gaiman and Adams are the greatest writers ever.

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Try also to keep up with the latest news of his favorite books, movies or games. Wouldn't you rather he discussed it first with you, rather than his on-line community?

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He might be inclined to vent about minutia, obsess over arcane details that the rest of us neither understand nor care about. Be kind. Listen for 10 minutes before steering the conversation away. Nerds are happy talking to anyone about their passion.

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But if that someone is a sexy girl then they've just arrived in nerd heaven! He will never forgive you if his friends label you fake geek girl.

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Most guys, nerdy or not, consider their friends to be an extension of themselves. Any perceived rejection of his friends will be taken personally. Understand and accept their unique tastes, take some interest in what they love doing and genuinely share in their passions and concerns.

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