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You met a shy woman at a college party last week, and think you might ask her out, but wonder whether dating her could be difficult. Fear not - she could have as much or more to offer as someone who is more socially confident. Though you might need to work a little harder in the beginning to help her feel comfortable, a shy woman is just as capable of offering affection in a long-term relationship. A shy and sensitive woman will often be a good listener and empathetic. She may come across as genuine and vulnerable - because of her own insecurities.

Really, they just have more analytical minds and are incredibly hard on themselves when they make a bad decision. Therefore, they do not usually like to be rushed or pressured into doing something until they have thought it through completely.

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Since highly sensitive people feel things so deeply all the time, they see the world through a lens of their emotions. While their mind is deeply logical and analytical, when it comes to personal matters, they react first with their emotions and then think about it after.

Top Tips For Dating A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Having emotional reactions to life, also means sensitive people find it hard to keep a poker face when they are hurt or stressed. Crying often can be a natural release for the pent-up emotions.

Since these people are constantly swept up into the moods and feelings of others, they can be prone to depression or anxiety. Imagine never knowing if you are actually sad, or if you are picking up the sadness of a lonely friend or relative.

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The onslaught of constant feelings that they face every day makes them anxious and afraid to leave the house, for fear of picking up these overwhelming emotions. Highly sensitive people can be incredibly hard on themselves when they make mistakes or wrong decisions. Even though they forgive and are sympathetic to a fault towards other, they are their own biggest critic, and aim for perfection in all that they do.

Highly sensitive people have an aura of compassion and understanding, and that makes others want to flock around them.

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These people are maddeningly observant. They are very aware of what goes on around them, including facial expressions and body language of other people, and usually sense when someone in the room is angry, lonely, or upset.

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Highly sensitive people are such people magnets because they mastered the art of listening. They know how to make anyone feel heard, and therefore, people pour their hearts out to them. They are born with an innate empathy, and truly feel the pain of others. Highly sensitive people are natural advisers because they listen carefully and empathize with your situation.

These people carry around a lot of extra emotional baggage, and they are also physically sensitive to their environment.

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They need exercise, plenty of rest, and a healthy diet to feel balanced. It sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, causing sensitive people to act out or withdraw in order to regain clarity and peace.

For us, there's no such thing as feeling too much - and it hurts when our emotions are viewed as a weakness.

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HSPs also tend to withdraw when they're being judged for their sensitivity, Aron said. We get bored easily.

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According to Aron's research, sensitive folks get a little restless in relationships that lack meaningful interactions - but that doesn't mean we'll throw in the towel. If anything, it's only going to motivate HSPs to create more stimulating conversationsshe said.

Jun 18, What You Need to Know to Date an HSP. 1. Your HSP will notice (and feel) what you feel. A lot of people navigate life by telling white lies about their feelings. "What's wrong 2. Give your HSP a little more time to adjust to changes. 3. Choose your first movie carefully. 4. No more sneaking up!.

We're more emotionally reactive in our interactions. PSA: We're probably going to cry.

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A lot. A partner who is understanding of a HSP's tendency to show their emotions is ideal for a successful relationship, Aron pointed out. Appreciating that is really important. Our ideal date involves a little downtime.

We love dinner parties and exploring museums just as much as the next person, but don't forget to factor in a little "off" time. The bottom line? We prefer your company, the activity is secondary.

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We pay close attention to what our partner wants. In Aron's research, she's also noticed that HSPs may have characteristic called "mate sensitivity," or the ability to quickly assess what pleases their partner and act based on that knowledge. This behavior also goes for platonic relationships as well.

Dating a sensitive woman

In other words, it makes us happy to make our significant other happy. They get to feel the absolute rush and satisfaction that comes with the good times, and the despair and turmoil in the bad.

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They get to feel it all, which helps them appreciate the positives in life even more. Sensitive people feel everything to their core, so yes, a lot of cts of life seem like a big deal.

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They have to process so many stimuli all day, every day, and decompress after exposure to it all. Sound exhausting?

According to Aron's research, sensitive folks get a little restless in relationships that lack meaningful interactions - but that doesn't mean we'll throw in the towel. If anything, it's only going to motivate HSPs to create more stimulating conversations, she . Here's what it's like to date a sensitive, vulnerable woman: 1. We don't show our emotions as often as you'd think. You might not even realize you're dating someone sensitive, because we try to hide it as best as we can. Dating a Shy and Sensitive Woman Relationship Potential. A shy and sensitive woman will often be a good listener and empathetic. She may come across as Seize the Day. Women who are shy and sensitive have trouble living in the moment, asserts Indiana University Southeast Affection and Trust. A.

Perhaps one of the worst responses to give to a sensitive person, this will likely result in getting ignored or getting the door slammed in your face. Do you possess superhuman abilities?

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Forget telephones that make conversations lo Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page.

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