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Share Facebook. How would you feel about dating a woman who is the same height as you or a little taller? Add Opinion. Xper 7. It doesn't matter.

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Dating a woman same height

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Method 1 of Accept that she's taller than you. There is nothing either of you can do to change the fact that she's taller. Think about what is really important in a relationship-Do you get along? Do you have chemistry?

Do you have similar interests? Don't let something superficial and beyond your control ruin what could potentially be a wonderful, fulfilling partnership.

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Are you afraid people are going to laugh or make comments? Don't let other people's pettiness stop you from finding happiness.

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If you truly can't get over the fact that she's taller than you, you may have some soul-searching to do. Ask yourself why it matters to you and if it truly makes a difference in the quality of your connection with someone. If she turns you down because you're not tall enough, then forget about her. If she's not willing to see beyond a superficial difference, you're better off finding someone else.

Don't mention it.

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You may think it's cute or cheeky to tease her about her height-opening with a line like "What's the weather like up there? Can you dunk? Make it clear you're interested in getting to know her and her personality and that you're not hung up on something superficial like her height.

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One tall lady suggests treating a tall woman's height as you would a woman with an ample chest-even if it's part of her appeal, you would never walk up to a woman with large breasts and ask about her bra size. Then you can tell her how her long legs are super sexy.

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Let her know you think it's an asset, but it's not something you spend a lot of time worrying about. Own your masculine energy in other ways. You can still be strong, kind, considerate, and chivalrous.

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You can also make a woman feel safe, respected, and desired. The most attractive characteristic of a man or woman is self-confidence and feeling good about who you are.

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If you are insecure about your height and constantly remind her of how much taller she is, or if you ask her not to wear heels because it makes you feel uncomfortable, you're going to look like you're not secure with who you are.

It may also make her feel like you think something is wrong with her. If you're a short guy and you're comfortable with your tall lady wearing heels, it will be clear that you feel good about yourself and your relationship, and that you have a great connection that is greater than stupid taboos.

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Don't try to always stand somewhere so you're taller than her-like on a curb or one step above her on an escalator. She will notice what you are doing and it will suggest to her that you are not comfortable with yourself or the fact that she's taller.

Method 2 of Appreciate her height. The height difference is not something to just put up with, it's another quality to appreciate in your amazing partner. Once she knows you like her for her awesome personality, let her know that you think her height is just as cool as her wicked sense of humor, her ability to quote your favorite movies, her incredible math skills, and all the other things that make her special.

Confidence is probably the single most attractive trait in both men and women. And men find this super sexy.

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Combined with great looks, a confident and beautiful woman is the ultimate package. A loyal woman means that she has deep moral convictions. Loyalty is not so easy to find these days.

In my experience, no. Men are statistically taller than women, which in itself leads to the man usually being taller while mating and dating. Furthermore, there are some anatomical advantages during sex, when the man is taller than the woman. That is my experience, anyhow. Jun 20,   According to Bennett, a woman's height won't have much of an impact on the amount of matches she gets, as straight men frequently don't Author: Natalia Lusinski. How would you feel about dating a woman who is the same height as you or a little taller? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 1. ates: Follow. 0 1. Share. Facebook. Twitter. How would you feel about dating a woman who is the same height as you or a little taller? Add Opinion. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions.

Loyal women think with their heads, and suppress impulsive, emotional and irrational desires. A grown man who's worth keeping around respects a loyal woman who will be faithful, far more than an easy lay. A woman cannot fake maturity. Maturity comes with years or a lifetime of experience. Why would a man want a grown woman who acts like a teenager? Though it's not very common to find a girl who's 5'10 or taller.

It's OK as long as I like her the height is not really that much important. I wouldn't have a problem with that, same height there are a lot of other things that matters. I prefer that, because I prefer her be about my age or a little shorter, without heels, but, taller than me, WITH heels.

No issue for me. Probably would be for her though lol. No problem with it but it is usually the women who find this a problem.

May 05,   One tall lady suggests treating a tall woman's height as you would a woman with an ample chest-even if it's part of her Unless she brings it up first, don't mention her height until you've gotten to know each other. Then you can tell her If she addresses your height difference, tell her you 77%. I'm aware a lot women generally don't like dating guys who are shorter than they are but what about guys who are roughly the same height as you? (in bare foot) Of course if a woman decides to wear any heels there's going a noticeable difference, so perhaps that could be . Sep 27,   18 Things Any Girl The Same Height As Her Boyfriend Knows 1. You're always at ideal kissing level. Forget bending down, picking up, or any of the gymnastics couples with height 2. And no one has to stoop or stand on tiptoe for handholding. You just .

I wouldn't hit on a girl my height or taller. I don't like setting myself up for rejection.

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I'm over 6 feet. Anything taller than me would take some getting used to, but I'm not opposed to it.

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Ivanhunter Xper 2. Just fine. I once dated a woman who was a foot shorter than me.

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