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It has to do with preferences and what I can and cannot overlook. Got some extra pounds? Going bald? It's fine. Graying hair? It's sexy.

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Would you date someone with a wonky smile? How about a missing tooth? While most people would agree that appearances aren't everything, with the rise of online dating it's now easier than ever to swipe 'yes' or 'no' based on a cursory glance at a person's profile picture.

And it seems we're becoming pickier than ever, rejecting potential love matches simply because their teeth aren't up to scratch. Scroll down for video.

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Would you swipe right? Londoner Elspeth Healy, 29, took part in a social experiment to see whether she would be more successful with gappy teeth right or a perfect smile left. A social experiment set out to see if having bad teeth was a deal breaker when it comes to online dating - and found that singletons with a perfect smile received a staggering 60 per cent more messages than their gap-toothed counterparts. Using the popular dating app Plenty of Fish, two real-life singletons - marketing executive Elspeth Healy, 29 and builder Darren Bird, 35, both from London - each created two separate dating accounts.

Both sets of accounts had identical settings - likes, friends, and almost exactly the same photographs.

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A picture of Elspeth on a beach left was edited to give her a missing tooth right. The social experiment set out to see if having bad teeth was a deal breaker when it comes to dating.

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Over the course of one week, 1, men and women were targeted - or 'liked' as potential dates - by Elspeth and Darren. Elspeth's 'perfect teeth' profile receives 60 per cent more messages than her yellow-toothed counterpart, with messages pouring in from 1, matches over the course of one week.

It included one message from a man named Niko, who told her: 'Sorry miss you not my type sic. An original picture of builder Darren Bird, The survey found that singletons with a perfect smile received up to 60 per cent fewer messages than their gappy-toothed counterparts.

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My boyfriend was lucky enough that his parents spend a small fortune fixing his teeth when he was younger. I can't imagine getting braces as an adult. The important thing is for you to decide if you are okay with it or want to spend a lot of money getting invisible braces or something.

Dating a guy who is extremely insecure about his teeth is worse than just bad teeth.

Oct 18,   A social experiment set out to see if having bad teeth was a deal breaker when it comes to online dating - and found that singletons with a perfect smile received a staggering 60 per cent . Bad teeth and dating. Close. 7. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. I also have bad teeth. Most women won't really care, but some do. A lot. You can either go to a dentist to fix it, or you can accept that some women will be turned off by it - but not all. level 1. 4 points 2 years ago.

Not talking about myself though, but yeah, insecurity is bad. Yes, I even wrote on a MyTake that this is sometimes really cute.

Dating a woman with bad teeth

A good friend of mine has really big, separated teeth and people still think he is quite handsome. It's not complimenting on everyone but it's not a big deal.

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I think as you age it starts to look worse, because it goes from youthful and cute look to homeless drug addict look for some. Not all people but once you start getting up there, it might be something to consider.

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Tbh I think it disgusting, because thats what your going to be putting your mouth on. That something everyone notices about you first is your smile. Its a major turn off for me.

10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

Depend how bad it's. Mine are not perfect but they give me a cute and young look. If he had really bad teeth then no because it's really unattractive and a turn off.

If we're talking SpongeBob gap level, probably not Mainly cause I know I'm immature enough where I would laugh at them But I would feel really bad. Kinda like cake. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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AriadneSky Explorer. I know that I should but I honestly probably wouldn't.

Dec 19,   His teeth, if you can even call them that, are legendary (Google "bad teeth" and his chompers show up more than once), are the type of thing that make people cry, and cry a lot. Jun 08,   If somehow someone had bad teeth that should have been fixed when they were a child, they should manage that as an adult. Teeth can be fixed: that part of your question isn't valid. I think as with every single other question about whether women would date someone - the answer is the same: some would, some wouldn't. Nov 30,   This topic of conversation just came up at work and I was surprised to say many people were almost hostile to dating people with yellow teeth or simply badly aligned or whatever. The main argument was that as a grown adult, yellow teeth are a sign of bad hygiene, being a smoker, and other personal problems.

And that's shallow, I'll admit it. I was aware thank you. No I meant you are a woman so your bound to think like that.

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Show All Show Less. It has. Men don't do that and if they did women would lynch them.

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I know what I say. And I'm right in saying it. In terms of separation maybe I could look past it. There once was a guy that was into me with super crooked teeth that were slightly yellow and it really put me off. I wouldn't say having gaps is bad teeth.

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I'm missing one tooth cause i cracked the hell out of by eating a peppermint and i need two crowns. Depends on how bad. Part of dating is attraction, and is someone's teeth are repulsively gross then I can't imagine I'd be attracted to them. Although he's since gotten dentures, MacGowan's former teeth are just as famous as his Christmas ode to New York City.

So with the thought of wonky mouths on the brain, I thought this week I'd ask ladies their thoughts on teeth.

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Are perfectly straight pearly whites a necessity? Or are crooked teeth somehow charming? What makes a sexy mouth? Bring on the snaggle teeth!

Jan 01,   I could go on a date someone with bad teeth, or fat, or say, ear hair. Less than "desirable" physical traits are what they are. Depends on how bad. Part of dating is attraction, and is someone's teeth are repulsively gross then I can't imagine I'd be attracted to them. Jan 03,   She was actually an attractive woman besides the bad teeth thing. She was very fit, had an amazing backside and great eyes; however, the gap between her teeth would have been a total deal-breaker for me. It just looks so trashy. Being that this woman is an attorney, I just don't understand why she wouldn't have her teeth fixed. Seems pretty.

I've been told they're sexy, but I'm sure some people would be like yo girl, get braces. If anyone told me to get braces though, I'd give them the middle finger.

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I've honestly never even noticed a guy's teeth before, so I guess I just don't really care," says Sabrina,

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