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The Wookiees , whose name for themselves translated to the People of the Trees were a species of tall, hairy humanoids that were inhabitants of the planet Kashyyyk. One of the most noteworthy members of the species was Chewbacca , Han Solo's best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War and afterwards. A race of arboreal mammals , the Wookiees lived in treehouses nestled in the canopy of the towering wroshyr trees. Despite their fearsome appearance, they were usually gentle, although they were prone to devastating fits of rage when provoked. A race of towering, hairy bipeds, the Wookiees were one of the most recognizable species in the galaxy. They were renowned for their great strength, their intelligence, their loyalty and their short temper. The Wookiees of the jungle planet Kashyyyk were shaggy sentient beings whose countenance was considered impressive by many other species.

When peaceful, they had the reputation of being gentle and benevolent. However, their tempers were fiery, and an infuriated Wookiee could erupt in a fit of berserker rage that only ceased when the source of their anger was damaged to their satisfaction. To outsiders, it seemed they simply charged forward, swinging their arms and crushing their targets with their massive fists.

That state of racial rage served as the basis of the deal-slang expression "wookinate," which referred to the rendering harmless an enemy using excessive force-obviously referring to the great physical strength that provided the essence of Wookiee combat.

However, despite their great physical strength and ferocious tempers, [23] the Wookiees were not willing to fight for trivial pretexts.

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When arguing in public, two Wookiees would engage into a duel of stomping and posturing. Whichever of the two fighters made the strongest impression was considered to have won the argument. Still, the influence of the crowd taking sides would sometimes infuriate the contenders, turning the otherwise harmless stomping competition into a real fight. A Wookiee who used his or her claws for combat would be labeled a " madclaw " and exiled.

Contrary to their rudimentary methods of hand-to-hand combat, the Wookiees used their craft to produce unique quality weapons. They typically eschewed standard blasters and grenades in favor of bladed weapons, such as ryyk blades.

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The Wookiees spoke an array of dialects collectively known as Wookiee languageall of which consisted in a combination of barks, roars, moans and growls. The most common was Shyriiwookoften nicknamed Wookieespeak in Basic, the literal meaning of which was tongue of the tree people.

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As a trade language, Shyriiwook was the most well-known Wookiee dialect outside Kashyyyk, and most strangers assumed that there was only one Wookiee tongue. Other known dialects were Xaczikspoken on the Wartaki Islands[3] and Thykarannwhich was richer in technical vocabulary. Nevertheless, they were quick learners and could easily grasp the various foreign languages they encountered. The Wookiees were largely believed to have originated from the planet Kashyyykwhich was part of the Kashyyyk system in the Mytaranor sector of the Mid Rim.

However, various pieces of lore had different versions on how they became the dominant species of their world. According to Wookiee legend, the first Wookiees on Kashyyyk were visitors, either in the form of pioneers or refugees. Their own records were vague on the subject and they rarely spoke on this topic. Conventional wisdom held the view that the Wookiees were simply the most capable climbers in a hostile ecosystem that was full of predators.

Their capacity to move higher up the trees allowed them to avoid their natural predators helping them to not only survive but even evolve further. Despite either view, no records suggested that there was ever a time when the Wookiees did not populate the surface of Kashyyyk.

Their world was one of the many planets that fell under the dominion of the Infinite Empire and its surface was terraformed by the Rakata for agricultural purposes.

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However, the collapse of their empire left the machines unattended and resulted in the abnormally large foliage with it being theorized that these machines led to the accelerated evolution of various native species. Inbreeding amongst these slaves led to sickly genetic deformities with the Wookiees of Malata displaying a stoop-shouldered, hairless form with long front incisors used to gnaw timber thickets.

Following the Great Sith Warthe planet Kashyyyk was discovered by the Czerka Corporation whose investments into the Galactic Republic's rebuilding program led to the Galactic Senate awarding them this world. This was under the justification that they had discovered the planet and thus were the rightful owners of it.

After occupying Kashyyyk, Czerka declared that that there were no sentient inhabitants to Kashyyyk and ignored the native inhabitant's designation of the planet. As the planet was deemed to hold little value, it escaped the devastation of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War with only Czerka maintaining control over it.

Their occupation was brutal and oppressive with the company treating the Wookiees as less than sentient whilst exploiting the world's native population and resources in order to gain profit. Czerka control of "Edean" was disrupted when, in BBYthe enslaved Wookiee populace overthrew the local corporate headquarters with the help of Revan and drove all outsiders off the planet.

Several thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Kashyyyk was visited by scouts from the neighboring world of Trandosha who were seeking sites to form new colonies.

The Trandoshans were driven off by the Wookiees and forced to leave a single starship behind, which gave the inhabitants of Kashyyyk the necessary jump-start in order to reach the stars.

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The inquisitive Wookiees easily disassembled the vessel, analyzed the components and eventually replicated it. This led to the first Wookiee explorers setting off into the black depths of space.

Nov 17,   Han Solo Was Secretly Married to a Wookie in the Original Star Wars. A new expose on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special reveals that Han Solo was once married to a wookie Author: B. Alan Orange.

In time, their explorations led them into contact with Corellian traders who had established trade relations with the Trandoshans but were not willing to ally with them against the Wookiees.

This in turn led to trade negotiations between the Corellians and Wookiees but quickly devolved into the former exploiting the latter. An end to this state of affairs came when the Alderaanian Diplomatic Corps became involved in the incident who petitioned the Galactic Republic for a Senate seat to be created for the inhabitants of Kashyyyk, paving the way for it to becoming a member of the Galactic Republic.

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After becoming a member of the Republic, the Wookiees dissolved the unfair treaty with the Corellians and formed a new equitable trade agreement with them. In addition, they began making treaties with other worlds and new species; this saw them purchasing hyperdrive technology from the Durosopening Wookiee cultural studies programs in Alderaan's finest universities and trading with the Verpine for the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Within the Senate, many politicians spoke admirably of the "wisdom of the Wookiees," and they were perceived as a race that were in touch with The Forceas they had integrated nature and technology on their homeworld.

Kashyyyk became a distinguished member of the galactic community.

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However, the Trandoshans resented their Wookiee neighbors; after some of them allied with the Trade Federation in the colonization of Alaris Primethey also attempted to assassinate Yarua in 32 BBY. Peace talks to resolve the issue were conducted 22 BBYunder the mediation of Jedi Master Oppo Rancisisbut failed when it was revealed that the Trandoshans were pushing for Senatorial representation with Trade Federation backing. During the Clone Warsthe Wookiees attempted to remain neutral at first.

It was only after the death of Prince Rikummee at the hands of Separatist droids that King Grakchawwaa led his people into the war on the side of the Republic. Later during the Clone Wars, the Confederacy invaded Kashyyyk. Conquering the planet would prove an asset since it would enable the Separatists to control hyperspace route planning and use the Wookiee's secret routes to disrupt galactic trade and communication.

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In response, the Republic dispatched a task force led by the longtime Wookiee-friend Master Yoda to defend Kashyyyk.

There, a combined force of clone troopers and Wookiees repulsed the Separatist droid invaders and their Trandoshan allies at the Battle of Kashyyyk. However, victory was short-lived. With the rise of the Galactic Empirethe Jedi were branded enemies of the Republic and hunted down by the New Order. The former clone troopersnow known as stormtroopersthen took over Kashyyyk and placed it under martial law. In response, the Wookiees rebelled against their new oppressors.

Any survivors that attempted to escape the beleaguered world were hunted down by the Trandoshans. When the Trade Federation traced the tracking homing beaconthey discovered a new species on Kashyyyk who were the Wookiees.

At the advice of the Trandoshans, the Empire enslaved the Wookiees for their strength. Wookiee captives were used for countless Imperial projects including the Maw Installation and the Death Stars.

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However, because of their devotion to their homeworld, many Wookiees would evade the Imperial garrison to revisit their beloved forests for important Wookiee holidays, such as Life Day.

The Nagai also attempted to enslave the species, though they were repulsed by the New Republic. Sadly, the peace was short-lived. The Empire, having licked its wounds, quickly reestablished a presence on Kashyyyk and enslaved the Wookiees once more.

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The planet also welcomed trade, and its city of Thikkiiana became a major exporter of computer technology. A task force under Zekk raided Thikkiiana's computer stores for use by the Second Imperium in its war against the New Republic.

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During the Yuuzhan Vong Warthe Wookiees suffered a great loss when Chewbacca was killed on the planet Sernpidal whilst helping refugees flee from the ruined world. A memorial service was held on Kashyyyk in honor for the fallen hero. As the Yuuzhan Vong continued their push towards the Core Worldsthey passed near Kashyyyk though it was spared from their usual conquests. This was despite the fact that the world contained a wide variety of deadly lifeforms would have served as useful genetic stock for the Shapers.

Military strategists in the New Republic believed that whilst the Yuuzhan Vong would have used the deadly predators they lacked the time or personnel needed for this task of capturing live specimens. It was believed that once the Yuuzhan Vong Empire had consolidated its holdings, it would have eventually turned its attention to the Wookiee homeworld. This led to the Wookiees preparing its defenses in case of any incursions to Kashyyyk.

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After the Battle of Yuuzhan'tarcelebrations took place on the planet. This remained in effect until Jacen Solo's militant actions turned the Wookiees against him and led to them joining the Confederation as well as being allies of the Jedi Coalition. During the conflict, the Wookiees participated in the Battle of Kashyyyk where they fought against the Galactic Alliance. Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire saw danger in Wookiees, but knew better than to enslave the entire species like the previous Galactic Empire did.

Instead it cut them off from the rest of the galaxy by having Kashyyyk blockaded and all Wookiee spaceports and shipyards destroyed. No Wookiees were allowed to leave or visit Kashyyyk without an Imperial order and HoloNet transmissions to the planet were completely cut off.

Supplies and traders still could come and go, after swearing under penalty of death not to provide Wookiees with information of the state of the rest of the galaxybut the Wookiees themselves were completely isolated and largely left alone. In a line ad-libbed by an actora character says, "I think I just ran over a wookiee on the expressway.

There were many early versions of Chewbacca's appearance, including one concept artwork that eventually became the basis of the Lasat. His final appearance in the movie is based on a piece of concept art by Ralph McQuarriewhich in turn was based on an illustration by John Schoenherr for George R.

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According to McQuarrie, George Lucas told him that the drawing was actually from the s. The Schoenherr illustration also includes a weapon that became an inspiration for Chewbacca's bowcaster. Wookiees were present in the Star Wars saga from George Lucas's earliest drafts. Top definition. One who travels from show to show with no money and sometimes, not all wookssteal food, beer, whiskey, drugs, or anything they can trade for them.

Evil wookies often sell fake drugs to support the free spirited lifestyle they live. Did you see those wookies passed out on the trail. Jul 12 Word of the Day.

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Also Used: Wooks. Did you see that guys wookies. A female Marine is referred to as a "Wooky" because of their hair. Often incapable of doing any arduous task assigned to them. Obtains uncanny ability to pick up rank quickly, also has exceptional proficiency and conduct marks on a regular basis. Dude, look at that disgusting wooky!

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