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What threw me for a loop, however, was the fact that many of those changes were so deeply unsettling. And with good reason. Just shy of turning 31, standing at five foot four and an important half, I weighed pounds. My triglycerides were high at , and I suffered from myriad health issues-from depression and anxiety to fatigue and headaches. My doctor told me that I was headed down that well-traveled road to heart disease. It was while on a trip to San Francisco with my partner in -during a friendly meeting with the publishers of a magazine I freelanced for-that the trajectory of my eating changed course. As we all scarfed down a Middle Eastern dinner, our dining mates practically foisted an advance copy of a new documentary on me, strongly encouraging me to borrow it.

Smith gained those pounds back as soon as she was able to eat real food again, but shortly after, she downloaded a calorie counting app. She used the app to calculate what her daily calorie intake should be by entering things like her age, gender, current weight, goal weight, activity level, and more. She lost 15 pounds in the first month using the app.


Now, she's lost over 70, and she's hoping to keep her weight-loss journey going. Getting used to her slimmer body has been exciting, but it's also come with serious challenges. She got catcalled walking down the street for the first time in her life, and she started to notice that attention like that really scared her.

Like she said onher excess weight used to be her "screening process. Looking back, she knows that so-called screening process didn't actually protect her from the rejection and hearbreak she was always so afraid of, she adds, but she just felt safer.

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Smith says she was "terrified" to get back on dating apps following her weight loss, yet after taking all new photos for her profile, she decided she was ready. She put herself out there, and she's really glad she did. It's this entirely new type of confidence. But, contrary to what many might think, that confidence hasn't necessarily made dating any easier. Smith is still really scared of opening up to new people, even 70 pounds lighter.

And, quite honestly, I like it. I savor it.

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And to the extent I can get away with it, I use it. Want your passion for wellness to change the world?

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Dating after losing 100 pounds

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Personal Growth. Written by Jasmin Singer.

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January 22, Share on:. Jasmin Singer. Jasmin Singer is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Our Hen House, a multimedia hub of opportunities for anyone who wants to change the world for animals.

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With her partner, More On This Topic Spirituality. The AstroTwins. Abby Moore.

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With Lissa Rankin, M. Integrative Health. Post-graduation, I moved to NYC and my weight stayed within a pound range, but I strongly believed that if I could just get back to the weight that I'd been that one "good" fall, things would be better; I suddenly wouldn't be insanely underpaid, I wouldn't feel lonely, and the guy I liked would like me back. This mistaken belief led me to do more bullshit diets that didn't really work.

I'd lose weight, but never very much, and never for very long. It took another couple of years for me to accept my body.

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Things that helped: leaving a job that sucked and a city that has a well-deserved reputation for being soul-crushing, moving home with my family, prioritizing healthy eating and the kind of exercise that brought me joy when I'd first started working out a decade prior.

Starting a blog and writing a ton. Meeting with a registered dietician. Training for a marathon, which sort of forced me to think of food as fuel and my body as a collection of muscles and organs. Being honest with guys about what I wanted and ending things when they didn't want the same things. And by the way, my weight stayed about the same, mostly because I'd finally stopped the destructive habits that led my weight to swing so wildly in both directions.

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I really didn't expect to lose any more weight after that, nor did I really care to, but I ended up losing weight verrrrrry slowly over the course of the next couple of years, after I moved to Texas. Now I'm actually at that "goal weight" that I pursued so unhealthfully for so long, the same weight I was the fall of my senior year of college.

But it feels so different this time around because my relationship with my body is so different. And because the way I got there was balanced, and not at all extreme.

Currently, I know most stores carry my size. I can board a flight without having to worry I will be kicked off before takeoff because another passenger finds my body disgusting. I can go to the doctor and not have any symptoms I describe be attributed to my weight without any further examination.

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I am subjected to far fewer abuses and indignities on a daily basis than I would be if I weighed more. So in a lot of ways, my life is easier.

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But I deeply resent that this is true - because everyone deserves to be seen as a human being worthy of respect, no matter what they weigh. It is straight-up baffling to me that so many people still think otherwise. After several years of having a bad body image, I tried to think less about numbers and more about how I felt.

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I never weighed myself, and when I went to the doctor, I'd step on the scale backward because I didn't want the number to ruin my day. But after doing this for a while, I realized that feeling like I had to avoid the numbers meant that the numbers still had power.

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So I focused on getting to a place where knowing the number, whatever it was, wouldn't ruin my day. I reminded myself that it's a number like any other - my temperature, my height - that may tell me or my doctor something useful, but that doesn't hold any power over me.

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I've noticed that a lot of people who have lost a significant amount of weight have an attitude of "I figured out how to live, now I just need to do this all the time for the rest of my life! After I lost that initial 60 pounds, and again after I lost the additional 15 pounds in college, I got very frustrated when I couldn't seem to lose more or even maintain what I'd lost.

Why can't I just get myself to do the thing? Why isn't the thing working? And we're not the only ones. I've also learned that things like appetite, lifestyle, motivation, preferred type of exercise, and, yes, weight, will continue to change in ways that I can't really predict. I could never seem to get into yoga Same with running.

I also never, ever thought I'd be someone who would lose weight without trying. I thought - and I think other people who've taken down an entire pizza while crying and listening to sad music would agree with me here - that the idea of losing weight due to stress was basically an urban legend.

May 14,   12 Lessons I Learned After Losing 80 Pounds & Keeping It Off. I had a ton of fun with my friends, started dating like three guys at the same time, and was generally loving life. Jan 22,   Two years later, after losing nearly pounds, I even wound up on The Dr. Oz Show, alongside Dr. Fuhrman, where I discussed why Eat to Live, the eating plan I largely followed when I wasn't juice fasting, was (and remains) a key element to my health. View weight quickly and after photos! My surgery date, leave your body shame, then After losing over. Inspired by real women who lost pounds in august, lost 50 pounds. Surely, was the pounds during and not snacking. Get inspired by real women who have to lose more than most of a loop, i started dating after losing over pounds.
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