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One of the most popular clocks in the 18th and 19th century was the mantel clock, according to "Collectors Weekly. Mantel clocks were made with brass and wood movements, and most ran for 30 days. When dating your mantel clock, be aware that replicas of the fashionable clocks are still being manufactured today. You can begin to determine the age of your American-made mantel clock by reviewing history. American clocks date to the s, according to DiscoverClocks. Most of those originals were the tall, grandfather-style clocks. Clockmaker Eli Terry boosted smaller clock popularity in the early s when he began mass production of clockworks in Connecticut.

Ingraham, and The Waterbury Clock Company. Another thing to notice is the style of the clock. These styles are well documented in clock books as to the years they were made. Some of these styles are banjo, OOG, black mantel, beehive, steeple, lantern, iron, cottage, and many more.

Some of the other things that are looked at are the type of glass and stenciling, the dial paper, tin, wood, ceramic, etc. All these items have dates and companies that used them along with the years they were in use. So, as you can see, there is a lot to learn if you want to do this yourself.

If, on the other hand, you just want help identifying one or two clocks you happen to have, post it here. Maybe we can help! Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page. Maybe you can help them identify their antique clock Waterbury clock? My grandfather collected antiques and I found this clock yesterday in the trash pile while moving my grandmother out of their home.

I know it's old Can't pin down enough info about my mantle clock!

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This clock was something included in an auction I recently bought. It was ticking beautifully and stopped about two days afterwards. I do not know the year it was produced, but it says made in France and is a 7 Jewel Alarm Clock.

The inside of the back cover says The Sessions Found two Clock Jacks for cooking on a fireplace hearth. At a garage sale, I bought two of what I've come to learn is called a "Clock Jack" for turning kettles over the fireplace hearth. Here are their pictures. Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Clock 76 G. M I can not find any information about this clock or its manufacturer. My grandmother gave this Ansonia clock to me.

She remembers it when she was a child. That was around The clock still works great, keeps good time. From the pictures, hopefully you can see the identifying features. It has a 4. I was told it was an clock and other than that I know nothing. It has butterflies and flowers on it. I looks like oak encasing around it. Hello, I think this clock was made by E. Welch or Sessions Clock Company but not sure. Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal.

No name on the face. It is now in my posession. It is black and gold with a standing cylindrical German Tall Clock - My childhood charmer! My grandfather clock was given to my parents as a wedding gift but was not brand new. My Grandfater lived southern Germany Austria. I would Please help me identify this Enfield clock My husband brought this clock home one day and I know nothing about it. I have no idea if they bought it new or used. I don't know anything about it.

It was actually purchased by my father from a friend while visiting in England, New England Clock Co. Farmington Conn. I know absolutely nothing about clocks. A friend was throwing it out and my daughter rescued it.

Itis a mantel, 8 day, half hour strike, cathedral gong clock. Now by looking at it I can tell that it is an old clock. It has a brass German movement. Black Forest styling on cabinet. I had to move it tonight for redecorating and thought I would do some research Competing with an Auctioneer! I bought this lovely mantel clock from a small auction in Leicester, 3 years ago. The actual auctioneer was competing with me, but I won the clock.

It has some defects. I have attempted to get it repaired. I can not find anyone who can repair it or Made By E. Can you help me identify the maker and manufacture date please? And, is it allowed to ask for valuation E. Welch Mfg. It's a Heco. The inside chime mount has a 29 in the upper right, then below that centered is A. It was a gift and I could never find out how much they had paid.

Unfortunately, when I was young, I let someone refinish it. I know that its hand carved and made in Germany from the Black Forest. When I found this clock it was covered by two inches of dust. I carefully cleaned it up with a brush as much as I could. It has a stained glass front with Elgin and 31 day on face. She was It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face.

I have not been able to find one like it on the net. The label on Antique German mantle clock, or not?

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I bought this clock from a gentleman who was clearing out some of his collection. He told me it is German-made and over years old about years. Does anyone know the year of manufacture? I do not know anything about it really. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn USA". It has all of its original parts. The German China Clock, Antique or not? It has a brass bezel around the clock which Citizen Clock Manufactured by Wm. Made in Bristol, Conn. Manufactured United Clock Corp. The electric light is working, but the clock is not.

I have found no other labels. It also has a wooden cukcoo bird, 2 women, 2 men who go in a circle, I guess. I am unsure about how she came to own it. I expect that it was bought in the 's Help!

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I aquired it along with an entire estate It runs and sounds beautiful when it chimes on the hour and half What is my old clock worth? Ansonia clock in excellent condition. I posted earlier but only the back of the clock was pictured. My parents bought it when they got their new home in It has the "head" of a grandfather Help me with my clock!

My husband recently purchased this clock for me, and it's beautiful but I know nothing about it. I don't know anything about this clockI just know that I saw this clock from the day My grandmothers old mantle clock My grandmother left me this mantle clock.

She moved to Snohomish, Washington in from St. On the inside of the lions head it is labeled Gruber This model sailboat clock was given to my mother in by her two brothers who just came to the USA from Italy. She passed away in I Egret Crane or Heron on my clock? As of late, I've ended up with two antique clocks in my possession. They belonged to my grandfather and he was an antique dealer.

It was bought from an antique dealer in Louisville, KY. She passed away in the early 60's and had been married over 50 years. I have no idea what kind it is or even how old it is. It uses tone rods, and has a great sound. The model is No. There is a red light bulb that lights up the fireplace.

Thank you. I brought this clock E. Ingraham Company clock we came across in a closet at my parent's home. I have recently acquired the Hermle mantel clock shown here. I can't seem to find out much about it so wondered whether anyone else can help. It was in my mother's basement wrapped up for how long, I have no idea.

It is very heavy and made of black wood with green marble inlay. It comes with a key and pendulum. It is in How old is my Ingraham? I have acquired an Ingraham mantel clock. The instruction label is on the "floor" inside the case. It is in excellent condition and still runs. Help dating a Gilbert movement. My father found this movement a few years back, fixed it up somewhat and put it in his own home made frame.

He's gone now, but I would like some help Westwood Chadwick carriage clock? This clock is very heavy, evidently a fairly solid piece of metal.

Just underneath the 6, on the face, the word 'Westwood' is printed. He claims it was made in the s, but I'm not so sure. I would love to know how much it is worth. It works well and keeps good time.

Dating antique clocks

I think it loses a minute every 12 hours. It has a pendulum that may be brass. It has 2 "gold" columns on the front. The face is behind glass and is gold and black. I would love to know more about it, Cuckoo clock? Is this clock considered a cuckoo clock? What is the origin of this clock. Anyone information would be appreciated.

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All I know is that it was made in Germany. I liked it because it was so heavy and unusual. I do not know much about the clock. It was my grandmothers, and I always remember seeing it when I was growing up. I was talking to my mother HELP! The wood looks to be mahogany, and the pendulum Black slate Ansonia clock - help me? As far as I've found out so far it's a black slate marble casing Ansonia clock. This was purchased as is from an Antique store.

I was wondering if it had any value and was the cabinet original and is it missing a top? My husband passed away recently and he loved this clock which Please help me to identify my Antique Clock!!!!!! Hello, I need a lot of help in identifying this antique clock I have. I do not know anything about this clock and I cannot find anywhere on the clock N. I want to know if I overpaid or was it a good buy. There is a very worn paper taped to the back identifying it as a Waterbury Clock.

I can identify the clock as a Clarion, but I can't find anything on Google about this movement. I have been told its over a hundred years old. It needed a few nails and glue for all the loose pieces. It was given to him in The Face Reads: A. Golay-Leresche A. Geneve The back reads: A. It is a model It is a brass carriage clock as per photograph.

I don't know much The clock belonged to my husband's step Grandmother when she passed away. They had an Estate Sale, where someone offered over Thrift store clock. I found this clock at the thrift store.

It has no identifying marks other than "Regulator" on the pendulum door. There are no markings anywhere else. Can anyone tell me a little about it? Is it common or does it have value? Things were piled three feet high in most rooms.

I had to go through things piece by piece. As family lore goes he was given a sample of every clock he designed. Marti et co. Medallie de Bronze stamped 8 day and strikes every half and on the hour.

It is in good working order. Recently while I was cleaning out her belongings I came across an old clock.

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At least it looks fairly old. This clock was owned by my great grandmother, so it must be at least 75 years old, I would imagine. The clock is encased in dark wood. Can anyone tell me who made it? I did get a certificate of orgin from Chelsea. The watch works, then doesn't The cherub pounds on the arrow heads. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct. Curious to the value and history of this clock.

This was I think before any of us kids were born. It looks like a late 's Vienna style clock. On the back it has engraved in it WF It's made of metal and has a flower embroidery What make of Marine Mechanical Clock is it?

I know the history of this 6" marine mechanical clock. It served time on board a US Naval Vessel until It has been passed down on my wife's side of the family. He is very familiar with the historical understanding of the antique clocks and their value.

This is a two weight clock with beveled glass in a brass frame. I fell in love with it but I don't know much about it. I am trying to find out if it is worth something or just a clock. I don't know anything about this clock. I've had it about 30 years and it says "Gilbert " on the face of it. Do not know the date it was made.

Wrangler is stamped on the back of the clock. Any one know of this clock. It is missing the glass cover in front and is in fair condition. It is 9" high and 16" wide. Unfortunately the clock mechanism is not working. I inherited this clock from my grandmother and was curious as to how much it was worth.

I plugged it in and it still works. Thanks so much. Farmington, Conn. Greetings, I'd acquired this mantel clock from a friend whose father brought it back from Germany after the last war.

As far as we know it originated from his grandfather who, we guess, died midth century. I can not find an identical clock any where on line. The face, works and case all have this name. From the My old Welch Clock handed down to me. I have a old E. Welch clock that appears to be a mantle clock.

Made like a book which opens up front and back Maybe a desk clock. What year it was made, the Value, and such It is a mantel clock and seems to last about days after being wound up. It has an internal pendulum and uses a key to wind up the clock. My Mum has had it for quite a few years, she loved the Westminster Chimes - it does have a lovely tone. There are 3 Old clock with no name I know nothing about this clock. I found it in a storage unit that was auctioned off because the owner hadn't paid the rent.

She owned an antique store in Connecticut many years ago. I can remember as a small child hearing it chime at her home. It also has a F.

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Schneider, Lawrence, Mass. I got it from a friend. Beautiful ceramic case with lion's head, pastel floral design, gilt, gentle crazing overall, runs well. Name is "Merrimac" impressed E. Ingraham unfinished mantel? It's in need of a restoration. I've looked at several White marble - French? I am told that this clock is a French Antique. It is made from what looks and feels like white marble.

We have checked the internet and have not found any info other than Colonial Please Help! This clock was given to my husband by his father who bought it at an estate auction many years ago.

How To Date an antique clock from Clock Repair Ltd; Serial Number Production List for several U.S. watch makes from PM Time Service; Swiss Movement Identification, downloadable books by Horloger-Rhabilleur; Specific Styles; Dating French Clocks by Scott Dean, Adobe Acrobat KB; Dating German Clocks by Douglas K. Stevenson, Adobe Acrobat 38KB. Mar 25, And the only other helpful dating tip is the plastic that is separating on the clock face. Plastic was invented in the 's I think. So this may have . Finding a name or trademark image on a clock may simplify the task of identifying the maker and the approximate date the clock was again, it may provide you with misleading information. For instance, an original paper label may have been taken from a clock (perhaps one in poor condition) and affixed inside another in an attempt to make the second clock seem more valuable or to lend an air of authenticity.

I picked it up at a local auction barn one Friday night and have not been able to ID it. It is working perfectly My Seth Thomas Clock! I know my clock is a Seth Thomas Schoolhouse Regulator wall clock. My husband bought it from an antique dealer for me for valentine's day. Growing Found a Cartier Clock During renovations to an old home, we found a small clock.

It is very heavy and the hands are stopped. I had to have it. When I got it home, I didn't see a name What's my clock? My clock was given to me by my mother. Her mother in the 's bought this clock at Sears in Ontario Canada. The clock has written Wm. The seller said it is around I cannot find a date, just a piece of paper on the back "Oxford, Manufactured by Wm.

The design is very simple with little decoration. The face is paper with a distinctive Anyone know this Ansonia Mantel Clock? We recently were passed on this Oak Ansonia Clock. Width: 4. It has a date stamped on it from New York with June 14th There is another date of I love it and it runs great. It's in perfect condition and looks new. Ingraham Mantel Clock No 2?

This clock belongs to my parents. I remember as a child the clock was treasured by them.

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The dial face has a date of Looked all over it and unable to find any namesdates or markings other than Help me identify my clock please. A friend has asked me to research and try to sell her antique clock for her.

She thinks its about years old. It says "Made in USA" on the face. It Any info would be interesting to know Hello, This is my girlfriend's clock. It was obtained by her grandmother at an estate sale, then passed down to her mother and finally to her.

The approximate age and value? It is an 8 day wind. It was made in the ,s in Bristol, Conn. Ingraham, but I don't know anymore.

Can you please help? It does not have a name or number anywhere that I can see. This clock looks new and runs really well. Very heavy. Black slate or stone. Greek pillars with greek characters engraved including a centaur and maybe a figure of PaN.

- minute hands were introduced to longcase clocks c. - matching minute and hour hands were introduced c. ; however, clocks were still produced with only hours hands up until around - seconds hands began to be commonly added to longcase clock dials in around - dots in the minute rings of brass dials were added c. Dec 09, Invented in France, these clocks became very popular in the United States in the 19th century. Mantel clocks were made with brass and wood movements, and most ran for 30 days. When dating . Jul 17, One of the benefits of owning a bit of history in the form of an American-made Elias Ingraham clock is that it's pretty simple to date the clock to within a few years. Ingraham typically added either the date and month the clock was made in the form of serial numbers, or included the company's name stamped on its workings.

The weights and pendulum missing. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes. My father did not like the sound so she stopped. Inside tag says I really don't think its that old. The rolling pin clock!! I received this clock from my great uncle a few years back cant find the year on it. Its runs great. It's a New England Clock.

It is in the original box. On the side it says No. It is Black with 6 gold pillars E. Many sites out there give good info on how to find out the date that your clock was made. The time set works, but winding the spring is without resistance - broken windspring? I know nothing about it. Can anyone help? It runs well, and had a very loud sound when it strikes.

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I did find a picture Sam Sung Watch Mfg. American Extra? It ran in our house for over 40 years. I can't find any name or ID plate on this one.

It is made of brass and is a Queens carriage drawn by 4 brass horses and has 2 angels in E. I have no idea when it was bought or how old it is. The back of the brass works has E. Very beautifull but dont know much about it. The clock is Digital looking analog clock made by GE. GE 60s? Telechron Digitel Anolog clock that looks digital. Has gears and little arms driven by gears that move panels. Here's a video. When Mr. Serial number Not sure of age, etc. In excellent working condition. There don't seem to be many Ansonia Clocks from as the factory was closed during this time.

I have searched every Web site I could find, looked at nearly 2, photos of Ansonia mantel clocks, researched seven books in Vintage New Haven Clock Co. I have never seen another like it. I am curious to find out its history and what it may be worth. This clock was given to my parents in the early 's as a gift from their friends whom had just visited England. The clock is made Inherited grandfather clock. My mother bought this clock at an estate sale in England. I had it appraised in and the appraiser said it is a George Braddock Mathews clock.

I purchased this clock recently. It reminds me of one my grandparents had. Inside the door, the label is gold with a red border and has important instructions. I have to admit, neither do I, but it was in perfect Antique regulator - does it tick for a year?

The attached clock has been in my family since it was given as a wedding present and came to Canada on a boat in Don't really know the history. It is old and working. My 95 year old mother her mind is still sharp! It was made by Jules Rolez Limited, Paris. Inside the clock there is a letter written by my great-grandmother. Came from a grand old Southern Mansion.

Is in working order but needs a pendulum. Would love any info I could get along Beautiful William L. Would love to know the name of the clock and a value if possible. It is in great working order. She was stationed in Europe. I have a small pocket watch that she used. It has a gold case. It is about 14" long and 12" tall. Clock face Ivory star-burst effect flowers pouncing each number. Made in Germany, Hall Craft Corp. Russ Smith E.

I have since gotten it to run, but it is missing the columns in the front. It is a black mantle, with E. Ingraham Co.

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We have no idea what to do with it. On the back of the wagon it says United Metal Goods Co. I would like to know it's age more than it's William L. But the Regulator A model I have not been able to find a duplicate of online. It is a Waterbury 'gingerbread' clock.

An Introduction to Antique Clocks - Introductory Video

It is a wood wall clock about 28 to 30 inches tall. On the face of the clock it says "Colpman Wellingborough". I am not to sure of that but that is all I know. The face looks like it's thick paper with a glaze?

It has Ansonia on the edge. It has several hairline cracks in the face. It sat on a desk in our living room for many, many years. He collected French clocks at one time. My aunt owned it, I commented on it and she gave it to me. Mahogany Veneer and appears to be on pine construction possibly. Very good shape. I have it running on Family Clock I recently obtained an old clock that was once my Great Grandfather's clock.

We bought it at an on-line auction because we liked its looks. I have searched, trying to find some information on it, but have come up short. The salesman sold punch clocks before working for my father Please help us find more about this clock. The design is very unique for the time frame it was made. The pendulum has a bird and stars, as is similar to other Waterbury French Baker's Clock?

Can anyone further identify this clock, its antique value, and suggest on who might have great interests in acquiring it? C Ives clock. Made in Bristol Conn.

It is an 8 day clock. There is no manufacturer listed on it,it just says Germany on the face. It's really cool I need the Wm. She was uncertain if it's age or value, but guessed years. It measures, 11cm H8cm W6,5cm D. It has a white enamel face. It had layers and layers of paint on it when it was purchased.

My mom removed the paint in Can you help identify this clock? This New Haven clock was one of them. The clock seems to be old, but I don't know much about it.

It was from her dowry. It used to have a glass dome over it. I would like some information about the clock, such as when was it made and how much is Stag Clock by W. I would like to learn more about this clock. I have been searching everywhere and can't find one quite like this.

My mother purchased this clock in an antique shop in London while living there in the early 80's. She paid pounds for it at that time. However I was able to glue it back together so it looks original. Can anyone tell me about this awesome Seth Thomas Mantle clock? Any info would be appreciated. We think it Adamantine, single column, roman numeral face. Manufactured around The clock is in perfect working order and looks like new.

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I am trying to determine Would like to know who made this clock and what date? Well, where to start? This clock is that black wood color and has twin wood pillars on both sides. It has many markings on it, some of which are very hard Wm. On the back the stamp has a Capitol No.

I can't seem to find any info on this clock except that it was made betweem and Help me find out about my old clock please I purchased this clock in Pennsylvania 5 years ago, and I don't know anything about it. The face is hand painted.

I would like to know the approximate date of manufacture and the price I might expect if I sell Want more info on E. I would like to know the approximate date of manufacture and the price I might expect if I sell it. I believed it was a prize awarded my grandfather in a gymnastics contest. I grew up listening to it, and Beautiful clock! But who is the maker? I bought the clock at a Swedish auction in In the catalogue, the clock was described as "a small mantle clock in empire style, 19th century".

I was Clock given to W.

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She told me that he had bought it at Sears, but I wonder if it might be older than that. It is a Seth Thomas mantel clock. It is in above average condition and works to this day. I Grandmother Clock needs an identity! I know very little about this grandmother clock except it is no newer than It is a wind up but there is no key. It says 8 wood plate "L.

It is signed in 2 places and initialed on the back door beneath a white sticker. I'd like to know if any of W. The glass door was broken off, the figure was loose, and the hands were loose. The back board of the clock says Ardine, Patented Sept 1, ? The clock Son give's Mom a clock! The cab has a light when turned on the red Help me restore a Derry Mfg.

Derry N. It has a head of a man on the top. The door is all glass, with a design on the lower half. I am assuming that it is a Seth Thomas clock, it has the letters ST inside a diamond on the painted glass. Model No. This clock is miles away in a home that needs to be cleared.

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It no longer works but looks good. It came home with a Great-Grandfather from his Merchant Marine days. It was made in the mid 60s.

It keeps perfect time. It is a great looking piece, but I have no idea about it or who made it. It semi-works I'm not sure how to use What is this label telling us? Dad obtained this clock at an estate sale 40 years ago. It has been displayed just as he brought it home. It has half a label on the back. I was told by a clock guy who oiled it or cleaned it for One of a kind?

All I can tell you is that I have possibly dated it to around the 's. It is a key wind clock and runs perfectly. I love it when it's lit. The maker was United Clock Corp. It is an E. Ingraham Company clock made in Bristol, Conn. It does not have the handles Can anyone please identify my clock?

Hi, I have an Antique clock - the identical clock as in the picture although I am missing the base. The clock and alarm work. He got the clock from an employer many years earlier.

I don't know much about this clock. I'm thinking it is from the late 's. The name on the face of the clock says Gilbert After searching on the internet it looks like a banjo clock. It still runs now that I put a new plug on it. The key wind works. There are no clock maker IDs on the face or movement. The top of the clock cabinet has a carved New haven Clock Company - Help me date it and more! This is the second clock I am posting on this site. Unlike the first, the paper label on the back is intact.

This is the only reason I know the maker. She told me it is a Seth Thomas fromhowever, I have not been able to locate any information on it. I know it's a Waterbury, but other than that I haven't a clue. It is probably a reproduction as it is made of plastic looks gothic. Not sure what it is worth. Noticed the same type of clock is posted on this website as well. Any help is appreciated.

Can someone help me determine how much this Waterbury Regulator style 8 day wind up clock made in is worth? Any help would be appreciated. I love and buy keyed clocks all the time and this one has me baffled.

Louis, MO in the early 'sI've heard it is much older but don't really know. Any info is appreciated. They were both killed in a car accident so I really don't have a history on it except my dad Need more information!

I have an E. Welch 8-day kitchen clock I need more information about. My wife's sister came by it in an opp shop. It is my task to make it go again. It is a wall clock without glass over the face. I dont Help Me Sleep! As a kid, I remember the chime had a very nice sound to it. In the middle of the dial, it says Seth Thomas and it kind of somehow resembles a Seth Thomas Need information on E. Ingraham clock.

All I know is that this clock has Seth Thomas' signature in cursive in the center of its dial.

Brass dials pre-dated longcase clocks, being used for lantern and table clocks of much earlier times. We do know that brass dials all but ceased in Victorian times, being replaced by painted dials in the late 18th century and beyond. Arch dials began about .

Can anybody help? It is a mantle clock L. The writing on it indicates "L. Mayer Germany no jewels". The clock looks like it might be mahogany. It's a beautiful clock, if a little F. It is a porcelain or china clock that Rare Ansonia Clock? I inherited this clock from my late father. The time is on top face and it says "patented on Dec 28, ".

The month and day of week are on The clock in Mom's Atttic. It had been in the attic since I remember about 8 years old that was 40 years ago. P Registered User. Jan 10, 1 PAug 19, Hi All you fellow Hac collectors! Here is an email address that I came across for information on your HAC clock. You will also need to send any information you have obtained from the clock.

I have had two Hac clocks identified and dated this way but dont be dismayed, it does take a long time for them to respond. Be patient Tom. Feb 22, 1 0 0. Been waiting to see a photo for about 4 years now.

In the meantime here is a little info about the company history. When Erhard Junghans, founder of the Junghans factory, died inhis widow's son in law, Paul Landenburger, who had acted as business manager for Junghans, left to start his own factory Named Landenburger and Lang.

Kochmann has numerous references. The company used many different trademarks but the best known is the "crossed arrows" symbol. They eventually merged with Junghans in Trance2k New Member. Feb 25, 2 0 0.

And it took us awhile to find out it's an HAC clock. Which I am guessing is gear tooth count And the only other helpful dating tip is the plastic that is separating on the clock face. Plastic was invented in the 's I think. So this may have been made after the merger between the companies. I am guessing. Hopefully anybody here can help me out. I think it is a beautiful clock. Keeps decent time, and has a nice chime. Trance, your clock style was quite popular from about to the mid s.

HAC started using a certain celluloid type of plastic as early as and your celluloid coated paper dial is a typical product of the years mentioned above. The movement is a standard HAC No.

Stamped-in numerals indicate beats per minute, EW teeth count, and pendulum length in mm. BTW, we do have a brief history of the company here: hac history and the above post about HAC is not quite correct. Kochmann references are to used with due care because they are wrong to some extent, as we know today.

Erhard Junghans, for the records, died inand not, as mentioned, in Thank you soaringjoy!! I would never guess the clock was made between to mid 20's. I was so certain in the 's. I have read somewhere else that after the merger, the gears started being painted gold. And they do seem possibly painted.

Dating the Antique Clock Dial 19th century retailers and distributors often put their own names on clocks as an attempt to brand their product. The actual clock movement may have been made by someone else, as until the 19th century clock cases were almost always And, of course, a . There are many ways to identify and date an antique clock. Entire books have been written on the subject. But some of the most common things to look at first are usually the most helpful. First, look for the obvious signed dial, and/or movement. Many clock makers (and companies) put their names directly on the dial and on the movement. This chart will give an approximate date for your painted dial longcase clock. Dating chart Compiled by Jon Kneebone. Feature: Unusual: Normal Period: Unusual: Numbering: Dotted Minutes: Minutes 5,10,15,20 etc: Minutes 15,30,45,60 only: Minutes not numbered:

I'm not sure of the materials used back then though. All I know is that the movement is heavy. And a lot of brass was used. Just a random question though. And not pertaining to my clock. When did "silent mode" like at night time start to be used in clocks? I know some grandfather clocks silent the chimes at night. And I haven't found an answer yet. Thanks again! I haven't seen any clocks with an automatic night silent switch that were older than around the 's, if it was an automatic switch you were wondering about.

Also, I've never run into "gold painted " gears in clocks. Brass is shiny enough by itself, and by the time it might show signs of tarnish, the warranty would be long over.

Clocks with visible movements such as day clocks often had a coat of clear varnish to keep tarnish at bay. Trance, see that's one of the things we fight against here. The internet, for example, is full of false or missunderstood information that has a tendancy to become "truth" via multiplication. No, not even after the merger did they paint their wheels yellow There always are the "Kriegsmodelle", the war production movements, that used brass colored steel, for instance, that one has to keep in mind, though.

HowardHorology likes this. Nov 28, 1 18 Male Retired. Do you have a pic of the front plate. I picked this one up for about Come to think of it is this a Werk 36? The minute and lifting lever pins are threaded. It does not look like anyone has worked on this movement Andy.

Why shouldn't it be a No. Yes, the clicks had those little pins. I don't recall if the other pins were threaded, but probably. The No. The predecessor, No. It was designed in the s and already had spring barrels. Yes, well, I suppose that is not what you're looking for, so I will post some pics: Do note, that your clock is shown in a HAC catalogue with the simpler 30 hrs. The clock styles were not offered anymore byBTW. Hi Jurgen, That is the one and the lifting lever and minute wheel has small nuts.

The pendulum is also the same. What date would you place it around? Andy, I would assume your movement is a late No. Some late HAC movements did carry a dating code, yes, and after the takeover, I believe all of them did. Given that only three HAC catalogues, are available afaik it's a bit like poking in a fog.

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