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Printer Friendly. So I ran into -literally this old GE fan at a garage sale. Thought it was kinda interesting this is my first old fan Anyway I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some history of this particular fan. It looks like it has 3 speeds and may oscillate. Back To Top.

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Nicholas Denney Guest Joined:. MorgantownPennsylvania USA.

Dating Older GE Fans by FORM Letter * to GE Desk Fan Survey, Don Eckerson, Jan * GE Desk Fan Bill Kreiner: Fasco/Arctic Aire Date Codes *. Make Offer - Vintage General Electric GE 10" Blades Turquoise Fan Metal Original Desk Wall VTG Antique 12" GE General Electric Fan 2 speed OSCILLATING 84 CY60 A $ Providing quality antique electric fans and parts. Search Menu. Fan Parts ; Desk Fans; Ceiling Fans; Motors; Electrical Items; Sold; All Electrical Items; Electrical Items; All Desk Fans; Highly Collectible; All Fan Parts ; Desk Fan Parts; OTR+W Wire Cable, Attach Plugs and Cord Sets; Ceiling Fan Parts; Pedestal/Circulator Fans; Other Parts.

CartersvilleGeorgia USA. What's the back look like?

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The knob that is on top of the gear box should look like a star. There should be another star on the oscillator wheel and then possibly one down on the neck. Ralph Bliss Guest Joined:. Based on your serial number your fan is a 3 star from As Ralph stated the struts are not original. You should have brass struts. Here is my R9 AO 3 star. You can see the strut difference. My fan isonly apart from yours Adrian Anyone have any idea how many were being produced a day?

Are these two fans same month, week or even day? I actually got is for free.

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Here is a picture of the back. Thanks BTW for the other picture.

Dating antique ge fans

I would like to restore it properly! I can't tell for sure, is there a 3rd star on the neck of the fan? Yes there is.

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I count 3 stars. So is this worth restoring or should I sell it at MY next garage sale! I never even knew fans had struts!

The last patent date on this motor tag, June 25, , was used on all GE fan motor tags from to leading many to believe any fan with that date was made in It is not that simple to date GE fans and the patent date only means that a fan so marked with that patent date, includes features of that particular patent. Jul 31, Thought it was kinda interesting (this is my first old fan). Anyway I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some history of this particular fan. It looks like it has 3 speeds and may oscillate. Thanks! Alternating Current Fan Motor Pat No. Cat Type A0 Form R9 Volts Cycles 60 General Electric Co., USA. General Electric 3 Bulb Heater I also collect early electric heaters. Here is an example of an early 3 bulb model by GE. The bulbs have a patent date of but I think this heater is a little closer to General Electric 3 bulb Round Top Heater This is an example of the round top version Luminous Heater that was offered by G.E. I assume.

Thanks for the catch. I probably could have stared at this all day and not have noticed! Lewis Fitzgerald-Holland Guest Joined:. Adrian Doyle wrote: Yes there is. Yes, It is worth restoring.

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I probably paid a slight premium but it was well worth it to me. If you have the fan restored you would have more in it than you could sell it for. Not a big deal if you plan on keeping it but if your trying to turn a profit, that will be tough to do.

THAT didn't take long Joshua Morris Guest Joined:. He mentioned the Quiet Fans acquiring the Vorty-type grille, like the one on the right in your photo has. This isn't interchangeable with the Vorty grille of the same size?

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Curiously, this change is shown neither in the nor the catalogs. I've posted the Quiet Fans from the,and catalogs below.

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Bill Kreinner wrote: " Also, on the Vorty motor, the struts were part of the cage wires and were mounted with screws to the front of the motor. I'm grateful to you for posting all that catalog information.

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The first and earliest model that is so different is just called a "Decorative Quiet Fan" while all the other models that are so different from the first one are designated "Small, Medium, Large, and Pedestal Quiet Fans". I have seen several of the style QB fans. At first I thought it was a Vorty with a QB installed in place of the Vorty blade but such is not the case as you can see by the arrangement of the motor and cage strut differences between the Vorty and QB models of I am assuming that the 4 blade 12" Vorty was offered in along with the last of the QB fans.

Steve wrote: Bill, That's correct; the Vorty used a cage with integral struts while the Quiet Fan had separate strap iron struts. Quite interesting. My theory goes down the sump hole, then. I assumed the use of the Vorty-like cages was because G. This can't be true, in light of the above. They must have decided to redesign the cages for the Quiet Fan line to resemble those of the Vorty line. Steve wrote: I'm grateful to you for posting all that catalog information.

The Decorative Quiet Fan does have its own unique style. By the way, G.

Aug 22, A General Electric fan (note the brass cage) - Image: . However, manufacturers were forced to switch to steel as global reserves were co-opted for the war effort. After the war most never switched back. Colour. Initially fans were mainly produced in a stark black, with the notable exception of General Electric - which used green. How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date of a GE Appliance To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not model number) to find date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made. Aug 22, The fan did come with a guard which was an S wire guard with the GE badge in the middle. Your fan has an older incorrect GE Whiz blade and would have had a deeply pitched 3 wing blade that was polished aluminum. That fan is gonna take a lot of time and effort to get it back to normal and is essentially a parts fan.

Steve wrote: I have seen several of the style QB fans. Yes, the 4-blade 12" Vorty is listed in the catalog as the G. Bill, seeing the new streamline QB grill design on the Medium and Pedestal models but not the Small or Large models is a surprise to me.

I would have thought and have thought that the change in grill design was made on all models in one year. It looks like the Decorative Quite Blade endured through the model year. I had no idea and thought it was a short lived fan of maybe a year or two.

Learn something every day. Thanks again for all the help and info. Steve Stephens wrote: Bill, seeing the new streamline QB grill design on the Medium and Pedestal models but not the Small or Large models is a surprise to me. I seem to recall Chris Mays's having said that the new guard was phased in during the course of Perhaps the Medium and Pedestal were just the first to get it, and the only ones to have it at the time the catalog went to press?

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I, too, was surprised to see the Decorative one was around for as long as it was. The first of the "C-strap" Standards with new stamped blades debuted inand this line was expanded in However, it doesn't seem to me that these blades were held in by rubber hubs, from what I can see in the catalog pictures.

I have one of those.

Most collectors prefer vintage fans dating from the s or before, however, companies continued to innovate with fan design throughout the 20th century, as with the bladeless fan patented in by Tokyo Shibaura Electric (now known as Toshiba) and later made famous by Dyson.

NM Whitney Jr. Guest Joined:. I want a 55X so bad I can taste it followed very closely by Mr. Stephens "cream finish" 55X A GE 49X was the very first fan I bought.

Still might be my favorite! NM, that cream QB belongs to another member, I just took some photos of it. Nice fan in great condition.

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So mine is ? Tag says AQ. I purchased this from Steve several years ago. I prefer the S-wire style cage over the atomic cage. Mine is the 12" 4-winger.

Jon Witt was wrong in his fan book when he said there was a 16" model. I agree on the output These machines really push the air!!

However, mine has a very annoying motor howl, all three speeds.

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The motor is louder than the blades!!! Do any of yours have this annoying motor whine? The 4th is very quiet now that it has done it welding of the remnants of the original power cord to the base. I hope the blown fuse on my stove outlet saved everything. I've never used any of these fans preferring the nicer running and solidness of the old cast iron fans.

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