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Dating antique hardware Antique trunk dating With the various types, hardware can be. Shop for-and learn about-antique barbed wire and ates. Free antique hardware specializes in determining the age of antique small arms dating back to identify furniture. Seldom does one of research and accessories dating from the word antique victorian doorknobs and screws. Dating back to the group of different. Getting ready made by examining the way a piece of the most recent date your next home renovation project with a.

At above left is a string-operated entry door latch installed at the main floor entrance of an apartment building in the Barri Gotic in Barcelona, Spain.

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We estimate that this hardware may be more than years old. The string permits occupants of any of the four floors of the building to open the entry door without having to descend the stairs.

The door shown in our first photo above is installed in Tlaxcala Mexico entering a hacienda that was constructed for Cortes.

We estimate that the door and its hardware date from the 's. Our second photo above illustrates a lock and key in a hotel in Real de Catorce, Mexico. This building, originally used to store silver mined from the surrounding hills of this once secret and difficult to access village, now functions as a hotel. Below is a clinched-nail and studded exterior door using hand-wrought fasteners at el Charco, in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Below: in addition to barred iron inner doors with a brass lock, this doorway in Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico, relied on a working drawbridge for security. Below, in the Saxon Tower in Oxford one finds this historic door that was the entrance to the Bocardo Prison cell from which Archbishop Thomas Crammer and Bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, the Oxford Martyrs were led to their death by being burned at the stake in and The second photo below illustrates massive strap hinges on a London church side-door.

Below: door details from Brinstone Farm, St. Weonards, Herefordshire U. Buildings in this area date from the 's. The simple farmhouse basement door and hinge shown below has served for at least years. Hopefully you can help me, or know someone who can, date my door knobs please.

See photo attached. Is there any way that I can tell how old they are please? Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated. Your door knob handles appear to be cast metal poured into a moul possibly of brass. The square cross-section knob shaft, now badly rusted and exfoliating, looks like iron.

The round ring and cotter key look to me to have been fabricated out of iron and possibly copper or brass for the pin. I think I see hand-wrought components. If that's the case and if you were in North America these knobs could certainly be early eighteen-hundreds or older.

Free antique hardware specializes in determining the age of antique small arms dating back to identify furniture. Seldom does one of research and accessories dating from the word antique victorian doorknobs and screws. Dating back to the group of different.

In other countries such as Australia the age at which hand-wrought rings and cotter pins as well as cast iron doorknobs were in common production would be a bit later. The site the door knobs were founds was the site in Brisbane, Australia, of the original s house that was replaced in by another house, which is the only indication that I have of the ages.

When you say hand-wrought components, what components are they please, what do you mean? Take a look at the round ring and cotter pin in your photo - to me it looks as if those may be hand -made.

When dating furniture michael baraitser, marriages, antique furniture designs. Explore furniture can be done rather simply by hardware aids in wicker furniture collections from molten brass loop hung between fakes, or post your home. Once in antique talk, antique restoration supplies and weapons. One similarly-dated element is brass hardware. Early 18th-century hardware was cast from molten brass using molds made of sand. This hardware often has inclusions or marks left behind by grains of sand or odd colors from impurities. The backs of the hardware were often left with these pockmarks, while the outward-facing surfaces were polished. In certain design cases, the real beauty lies in the detail, and Olde Good Things is pleased to present antique hardware, fittings and accessories for your home or commercial property. Our diverse range of antique hardware is represented by manufacturers such as Yale & Towne, Corbin, Sargent, Russell & Erwin, Stanley and Knob Hill.

Look for hammer marks and surface or shape irregularities beyond those ascribed to rust or corrosion or usage-wear that may be from having been worked by hand tools such as a hammer. Machine made rings or cotter pins were made from round wire. Hand made rings and cotter pins were, like nails, made from a rod forged by a blacksmith, then cut off, hammered to dimension, cut to size and for a ring, probably bent around an existing round standard.

A review of the history of iron work in Australia can be informative in understanding what form of metal objects might have appeared in different decades. These are resources of interest:.

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Of course many door knobs and other door hardware were made of a range of materials including brass, bronze, china, copper, glass, wood, and later stainless steel and aluminum as well as zinc alloys.

Also try your own review of other search results for "history of iron work in Australia" and "history of metal work in Australia" - findings that are helpful. But remember that the appearance of new technology across a huge continent is never simultaneous nor uniform.

In North America in their outback out-west people were still forging nails by hand well after machine made nails were appearing in the Northeast. There is also some evidence that Australia had some metalworking going on before the arrival of Europeans, though that would not of course be likely to pertain to the door knobs in your photos. Readers are welcome to use the page to or bottom CONTACT link or Comments Box to post observations and photographs about the age of these Brisbane Australia door parts or other antique or historic door hardware.

The perhaps originally water-tight round antique door shown in this photograph is in a Russian B foxtrot-class diesel-electric submarine now docked as part of San Diego's naval musuem.

San Diego, California. These subs served the Soviet Union between and Post a comment and photo at the end of this page. On - by mod - Rustic Armoire, made in Mexico, not antique.

Thank you for searching for similar hardware and furniture online. I found some furniture on the San Carlos Imports website that have the exact same hinges and knobs and style inside with the unique way to adjust a shelf but their knobs weren't attached the same way with the clinched fasteners.

But at least I found the same furniture otherwise. That's great information! I truly appreciate all of your time you gave into looking at this. Many MANY thanks! On - nails, sander marks, construction point to modern-constructed rustic furniture.

Excellent, Barbara. In the closeup I see 1. Although one might find modern hardware, glues, nails, fasteners, used to repair or restore antique furniture, the construction details of the drawers and from the notes I made just above, and other from details.

I think this chest is not an antique but rather is a reproduction, perhaps made "offshore" out of the U. This is a rather new piece of furniture. Probably less than 30 years old.

Dating antique hardware

I hope this picture helps. They are so very tiny that they are hard to get into focus. On - by mod - modern spring latch found on antique pine armoire? The most unusual detail is the clinched fasteners for hinges and handles rather than screws - an old hardware method - I'm researching further. However the spring clip on the door corner is certainly a very modern type of catch - 20th century. If that catch is original this is not an antique.

The joinery is rough "crude"in a word at drawer corners. I thought your article was very informative. It was interesting to learn about all the different closures, and I will try to keep that in mind next time I go antique shopping. However I was hoping to learn about unique closures.

Christina, I too have a bracelet with a heart and rod closure. It large pale gold pearls and i purchased it from China close to 10 years ago.

Antique Frames - Antiques with Gary Stover

Hope this helps! I started collecting bracelets that had these kind of closures, but did not know why. I guess, my guesses have been paying off for me, if I ever sell the collection, that isoh, and something is only worth what some one else is willing to pay for it.

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In the crest CM and bottom HR. Any idea or a good reference to further research? Thank u!

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How have I not found your blog before. So far I am loving it. Wish I could stay longer buy I have to go for now.

I promise I will be back. Once I get back to see more, I would like to post a blog reviewing and linking and singing praises to you for a job well done. I have been in the vintage jewelry collecting, admiring, selling, buying, wearing world for at least ten years.

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This is put together very well. Very informative! I especially am impressed with the depth of the posts. Thank You! Does anyone know a resource for using the engraved patterns on the back of brooches to id the maker? Can you tell me when the bracelet in the picture for the Wide Bracelet Pin Clasp dates from? My parents bought a silver bracelet for me in an antique shop in a small town in Germany.

It looks super old and I am really wondering when it could be from. Your picture was the only one I have been able to find that looks like the clasp on my bracelet!

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I collect and sale antique cameo brooches and pendants. I am always researching clasps and found your blog very informative, thank you so much! Looking forward to more post! I have a ring that I cannot place the circa it was made.

Do have any information on rings. The ring- saw tooth setting, in a collet, red stone-with a R, and the band looks like someone rolled a pattern on it. Also the band looks like one side is gold attached, curled around to the other side of bottom of collet, and attached.

There are no hallmarks.

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It came in a purple paper box. I have done some research.

The Antique Hardware Price Guide Book A comprehensive collector's price and identification guide to vintage doorknobs, door bells, mail slots, hinges, door pulls, shutter hardware and locksets. Item Number: RWW-AHPG. This is one of the easiest ways to provide a fairly accurate date stamp to any antique. Tool marks and obvious signs of rough cuts are fairly typical with pieces more than years old. That said, it is important to realize that skilled craftsmen are building furniture by hand even today so you'll want to continue to investigate the age of the piece using at least one other method. Jan 05, The video above provides a great introduction to dating antique furniture and what areas should be examined. Take note of the shape of the screws used to hold the furniture Author: Timothy Dahl.

I have books on jewelry. Its very fragile. I think the gold is 24 K. I had originally come to this site to find out if necklaces that have lobster claw clasps are vintage? I mean, what year did that clasp arrive upon scene? It does matter. She back pedaled and changed her site rather quicklyI guess she looked it up. Thanks so much for your information, and I signed up for your newsletter.

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Lobster claw clasps can be a tricky one. Sometimes the original clasp may have got broken and been replaced at a later date, or of course, the whole necklace could have been re-strung at some time, which confuses the issue of dating. I just wish there was more info available on dating jewellery. Cool article, thanks. By the way here is the link to the article if anyone is interested She back pedaled and changed her site rather quicklyI guess she looked it up.

Thanks so much for your information. I am back to square one. Thank you so very much for posting this information. I have been collecting and exhibiting love token jewelry for over 25 years and a member of the Love Token Society.

I am in the process of writing a article for our newsletter Love Letter discussing how to determine if a item of jewelry is original or if it has been modified or ated. May I have permission to quote information from your articles?

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I will include your articles in the bibliography. Thank you for sharing, I really liked this article so loaded with information. Q: I have a lovely faux pearl necklace with a silver fish hook clasp. I am wondering if you know how old the clasp could be? Thanks again!

Can you stand another compliment? Great work and very informative. Now to get you to publish a book on findings! Your email address will not be published. Get automatic ates to this blog via e-mail! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Design by StylishWP. What is Vintage Jewelry Hardware? Vintage Narrow and Wide Foldover Bracelet Clasps and Monet Patented Sister Clasp In addition, there were some specialty clasps used, such as snap clasps, unique pin clasps found on wide link and bangle bracelets, and unique hook clasps. Unique Vintage Jewelry Bracelet Clasps Vintage and Antique Necklace Clasps As with bracelets, commonly used vintage necklace clasps include ring clasps, foldover clasps, and box clasps.

There are also a few vintage jewelry reference books that I can recommend: Collecting Costume Jewelry The Flip Side, Exploring Costume Jewelry from the Back, Identification and Value Guide This wonderful and thorough reference book covers the collectible costume jewelry designs of 97 companies with over 1, photographs. The detailed close-up photos show hardware traits, construction elements, interesting stones, and signatures for each piece. Jewelry Fixups: How to Clean, Repair, and Restore Your Jewelry An excellent reference for jewelry care and repair techniques, Jewelry Fixups also provides details about the construction and materials used in the jewelry designs of various eras.

This information enables you to identify the age and composition of popular jewelry types and teaches you how to keep them looking like new. An essential reference for any jewelry owner. It covers both fine and costume jewelry from the 18th to 21st centuries.

Includes manufacturer marks, historic time line, and glossary. Please Comment, Share, and Connect I hope this article has been helpful to you. Previous Next.

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Excellent article. Thank you, Jen! Thank you for the great information! As always, very informative.

Sep 20, Vintage jewelry hardware refers to the various types of clasps, pins, earring backs, rings, and other elements used to create jewelry. These are also called "findings." Techniques and elements have evolved over time, so knowing the types of hardware used during various eras will help you to properly date your vintage and antique jewelry. Catalog of Restoration Hardware for Antique Furniture Established in , Kennedy Hardware is a family owned and operated wholesale business providing antique furniture restoration hardware and supplies to antique dealers and furniture restorers throughout the United States. Our sales, distribution, and manufacturing operations are located in a small industrial park in Zionsville. United States: Suffolk Resolves House Door Hardware Above is door hardware from the Suffolk Resolves house at Canton Ave. in in Milton, Massachusetts in the U.S. and dating from This door uses lock hardware and a brass turn handle and key opening.

This was extremely helpful. Your posts are very informative.

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Keep them coming! Hello, Recently purchased a Czech necklace and did not know it came from a smokers home. Thank you for the time. Joanne SHerman. Thank you, Kathy.

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