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Since dating Russians and Ukrainians has been getting so old, welcome to the Balkan extravaganza. Which is where this article comes in. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are not members of the European Union. Ukraine is trying their damnedest to get in, while Russia and Belarus seem to be much less pro-EU. They are still in Europe well, a huge part of Russia is in Asia but still - Eastern Europe to be exact. The Balkan peninsula is also in Eastern Europe. Not all of them are predominantly Slavic.

She was raised to love beautiful things, plus no one likes a woman who only smells like Ivory soap or nothing at all and wears 10K Gold.

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Wait a minute? Take her to dance bars, clubs, and vacations.

What you need to do to start dating Serbian women Choose a reliable dating website that has a variety of Serbian women's profiles in its database. Go for a service with lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers even if the membership fees will . Generally speaking, you can find four types of women in the Balkans Commitment Junkie Traditional, or at least in search of a traditional relationship, she feels a special connection with you from the moment she lays eyes on you. Mar 19,   What You Must Know About Balkan Girls. The thing is, there's only a handful of foreigner man-Balkan girl relationships that truly last. One major factor is that most foreign men jump right in without even understanding that being in a relationship with someone from another culture requires more from both parties (more so the man). This is where our Relationship Musts List comes .

This is a NEED, not a want, so get a booth, bottle service and have a good time. She loves to wear the color black.

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Yes, black is like an unofficial uniform for Balkan women. They wear the color each and every season and always manage to pull it off.

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Learn geography. She probably has a weird first and last name.

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Hold your liquor down. Balkan women love to drink alcohol.

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In fact, they have some of the best livers in the world. They also love hard liquor so make sure you always have a decent supply of vodka, Rakia, and whiskey.

Serbian women: how to date girls from Serbia

Learn to appreciate music from her homeland. Balkan women are generally in amazing shape and they know it and they work hard to maintain it.

No woman wants to date a dumb guy, so pick up a book and get with the program. If you want a woman you can take to a business meeting that can present herself in a highly respected way and then perform the most amazing stunts in bed, a Balkan woman is the girl for you.

Fair skin, light-coloured eyes usually blue because true green eyes are super rare anywayhigh cheekbones, slender.

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An Indo-European ethno-linguistic group who speak the various Slavic languages of the larger Balto-Slavic linguistic group. Most Slavs also share the same religion - Orthodox Christianity, but Roman Catholicism and Islam are also present among them. We divide Slavs into Eastern, Western, and Southern.

Finally, there is a sense of independence but Balkan girls are also very relationship and family-minded. While some Northern Slavic girls like Russians and Ukrainians expect their husband to be the main provider, in the Balkans it's about the partnership. At the same time, Balkan women prioritize their relationship and family over their career. Bosnian Dating Welcome to LoveHabibi - the Web's favorite place for Bosnian dating worldwide. Whether you're new to this or finding out about LoveHabibi for the first time, signup free today and connect with other people from Bosnia-Herzegovina looking for . Hence, one of the most flattering things you can say to Balkan girls is: I traveled all over the Balkan region and your country is my favourite. It works wonders. We love to hear that we're the best. And, once you tell a girl that, she'd try thrice as hard to prove her country's superiority.

The Balkan Peninsula is a geographic term. These include:. When it comes to Balkan culture, it does have a Slavic influence. The other major influence comes from the Ottoman Empire.

Dating balkan girl

It controlled most of the peninsula for nearly five centuries. Apart from Slavic and Ottoman Turkish influence, you also have national traits. Greeks are not Slavic, and neither are Romanians, or obviously Turkish people.

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Even among Slavic countries on the Balkans, there are cultural differences. Most countries on the Balkans have had turbulent last five-six centuries. Unlike Russia, which was always a world power be it under the tsar, or under the Bolsheviksmost of these countries have had to struggle for their independence.

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Turkey is the obvious exception here but it was still involved in a lot of conflict in the last century. As someone who was born and raised in the Balkans go, Bulgaria!

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You have to remember that not two decades ago there was an actual war on the Balkans - when Yugoslavia was breaking up. This conflict is very recent.

In the countries that participated, there is still actual, palpable hatred towards the opposing side. They have some differences but not enough to justify calling them separate. However, Bosniaks do get offended if you say they speak Serbian, and so do Croatians.

Here is your way to cheat the system. It works wonders.

You can also use the same general tactics to make friends with local guys and build a social circle. Women on the Balkans are beautiful, hands down. Some notable examples include Nina Dobrev Bulgarian!

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They are high maintenance and proud of it. Of course, combing your hair is hardly high-maintenance. It just goes to show how important grooming is to Balkan women - important enough to not even let your husband see you in your natural state.

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The difference here is that Balkan girls are perfectionists in other cts of their lives, too. Some might have been lucky but the large majority started their lives out very modestly.

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The situation has improved since.

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