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Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Boker pocket knife, age? Here's the pocket knife that pippin' pointed out on the Miller lock thread. It is 3 blade, looks like red bone handle, tree emblem on both sides, 4" long closed. Don't know where I came up with this knife, but it appears old. I have done some research on Boker, but haven't found this particular model number or manufacture date.

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Dating boker knives

Re: Boker pocket knife, age? Not sure if this is it. Nice one again, Tony!

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I'm throwing this out there for your ideas and photos I put all my Boker knives on the table today. They've become my focus recently, simply because it's a challenge to find information. Anyways, here's something I noticed. Ringed Bolsters It appears to me that almost all of my pre- Bokers have ringed bolsters. They did seem to continue the ringed bolsters on some of the congress patterns.

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Nowadays it seems they're back in vogue though - on my new copperhead pattern for instance. Same could be said for swedged blades Shields I wish I could find some Boker catalogs from I have access to the catalog and all of the shields have the tree brand on them in some fashion.

Back in the early time frame the shields were purely decorative - bars, federal shields, etc. Approximately when did that change? With TJT's help I've also begun to notice the different diameters of the round tree shields. When I compared my knives, the late s knives had a 10mm diameter shield. All the newer ones I have are smaller. I know that the shield size depended a lot on the size of the knife, but were some sizes more prevalent during some decades?

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I think the current ones are 9mm. But I also have 6mm, 8mm in my collection. Break out the calipers guys! If you have a knife that you're certain about the date, what size is the shield?

Boker Knives of Solingen, Germany has been producing knives and tools for over a century and today they are one of the foremost knife makers in the world. The Boker Knife is famous. Boker Knives offers their traditional Tree Brand folding knives in popular styles like Trapper Knife, Stockman Knives and Canoe knife models, as well as the Applegate Fighting Dagger combat knife, Tactical Liner. Boker USA is committed to taking all necessary precautions to protect both our staff and our customers during this time of crisis. We are currently open, answering customer enquiries and processing orders as quickly as possible.

Knife World's excellent article by Mark Zalesky did an awful lot to "roll back the clouds of ignorance" surrounding the tang stamps, but I noticed some differences in the Boker USA tang stamp too. Dimensions, "sharpness" of the letters, hot vs.

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I only have a couple but i'll mic them tomorrow and let you know. I do have though about a dozen pages from a Belknap catalog which is about 5" thick that covers the knives they were selling then.

It covers Schrade,John Primble and boker.

Boker offers knives made in Solingen and knives from all over the world. Boker B2B Shop We are still here for you and process orders and customer inquiries as quickly as possible, but due to the current situation it may temporarily come to longer delivery times!. Mar 15,   We know how difficult it is to determine the age of a Boker knife. Tang stamps, steel, bolster and liner materials, blade etches, and scale materials all tell a part of the story. Another method is by looking at the shields. It is tricky, because one needs to be certain that the shield is original to the knife. Dec 03,   boker pocket knives dating code, boker usa , dating boker knives 98 , how to date boker knives, old boker knives, tree brand boker usa 98 , vintage boker tree brand knives, vintage tree brand bone handle boker knife , vintage tree brand knives. Click on a term to search for related topics.

Out of about 28 boker models only the congress knives have the ringed bolsters. I'll be glad to mail you a copy, just end me your mailing address. One other question for you. If you look at the knives from the bottom spring side. Looking closely at the interface between the bolster and the handle material. Are they straight up 90 degrees or angled about degrees toward the ends of the knife?

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I've convinced myself the older the knife, the larger the angle. Beautiful knives by the way - thanks for posting! What is the handle material on that camp knife? I must not obsess, I must not obsess, I must not obsess, I must not obsess This one is on a knife made inbut the bar shield was in use long before that.

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One of the earliest catalogs I have is a reprint and several bar shields are included. Next is another old standard. The federal shield. There are a few variations on this theme, dating up through the s on US made Bokers. This shield is circa ss.

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This is my favorite EDC knife - an stockman pattern with a broken main blade. It was purchased at an online auction. Below is a shield found on a era pattern, scout knife. Careful though - many old Solingen made knives also have this shield! Note the lack of a trademark registered symbol.

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Circa This one is still in use today. I have no idea how long this shield has been in use. Made in Germany.

Solingen Boker Stag Hunting Knives

Compare the shield above to this Solingen shield from the early s. It is my understanding that the Henry Boker shield below is from the s, and was a special factory order for a large US knife distributor. This shield was used in That was the th anniversary of the Solingen manufacturing facility.

This shield is relatively new circa I am certain that there are other collectors who can add to this list! Reply, and show your shields.

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My focus is on Boker knives manufactured after WW2, so I know there are several shields from the early s that aren't shown. Got any pics to add? Views: Share Tweet.

Feb 15,   The BOKER USA tang stamp was used by H. Boker and Co. on the US manufactured knives starting around WW2, or slightly after. BOKER Germany used the round tree shield since probably the early s, but I believe BOKER USA only began to use the round shield with the tree logo around So I believe your knife was made circa Experts know that true pocket knives cannot be reduced to mere multitools like the Swiss officer's knife with its many functions and tools for leisure activities and sports. We offer pocket knives with the latest closures and modern design at a variety of price points - from utility knives, collectable knives and gentleman knives to tactical and outdoor knives. Dec 02,   Many people love the quality of Boker knives, but no one can tell you much about them. When Mark Zalesky wrote his article containing this tang stamp chart in Nov , he created the number one resource on dating old Boker knives. I keep a copy of this tang stamp, and Mark's original article by my computer for quick reference.5/5(2).

Join iKnife Collector. There must be something in the air. I finally remembered where I saw the bottom, left shield at.

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