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They are fun loving, intense, politically motivated and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis. But it is a universally acceptable fact that Bengali men make very good husbands. However, you have to thank generations of strong willed Bengali women for training them so well.

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Some of these reasons to marry a Bong guy may seem very funny and silly to you. However, each one to his own is all we can say.

No one can promise you a happy marriage. But the odds are that marrying a Bengali man will bring you fulfillment in many ways. Here are some very real reasons why you should date and eventually marry a Bong guy.

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All Bengali men are mamma's boys, until they get married. As soon as you tie the knot, he will be your man. Most Bengali men know their music very well. Bengalis have natural talent for music. Most Bengali guys are involved in some sort of boy bands during their college days.

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And if he cannot sing or play the guitar, he can at least write amateur poetry to praise your beauty. Bengalis know their fish very well. And if you are a foodie, there is no one like a Bengali for you.

He will introduce you to all kinds of mouthwatering delicacies, most of which will be fish. Bengalis love to eat; they are very emotional about food. In fact, all their festivals, be it Durga Puja or Kali Puja, is always more to do with food than anything else. Bengalis travel a lot and you must have already noticed that. No matter where you go in the world, you will notice some typically Bengali families on vacation.

You will travel a lot when you are married to a Bengali man. There are probably just a handful of Bong guys who do not know how to cook.

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Bengali guys who stay away from home are compelled to learn cooking because they cannot live without their maccher jhol and kosha mangsho! While most other men talk in half sentences, Bengali guys still believe in using Queen's English. And they purposely look for obscure words to impress you.

Marrying a Bengali man can come with some ubenjamingaleschreck.comecedented benefits. So if you are dating a Bong guy, our heartfelt advice would be hold on to him. The reasons to marry Bong guys are very real and practical for most women. Firstly, Bengalis are a community that gives total freedom to their women so you will always have the upper hand.

You and your friends will be beaten flat by his seductive vocabulary. Your parents will save a lot on your wedding because Bengalis believe in simplicity. Bengali wedding are usually private and they rarely display too much extravagance. You will not have to push him to do the dishes every alternate day. He will do it on his own.

For Bengalis, everything is a matter of debate. They always have a opinion about everything, especially politics and really enjoy debating as a hobby. You will never hear idle banter in a Bengali household but some serious debate that will be intellectually stimulating.

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Every time you visit your husband's side of the family, your plate will be laden with sweets, sweets and more sweets. And trust me, each of these sweets will be more delicious that the previous one. But owing to their high calorie diet, most Bengalis have pot bellies. For Quick Alerts. I tick off a lot of boxes myself.

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Miss Rayyou are absolutely stunningyet again! Most of them are so true about my bong friends, but i feel you could have made it even funnier.

Not that it is not funny right now, but its more witty than funny. Even American girls who read that blog are talking about it but no one has got the guts to talk or follow him on twitter. BTW RIK is not an Angrez by heart because he has lots of grudge with whites but Sampan will make you as your friend with his diverse knowledge in different fields,but only extremely smart people can handle him.

Only rare ones i. There can be a Naw-Maashi and a Ranga-Kaku as well!! I am a hardcore Bong by virtue of being born and brought up in Calcutta yes, not Kolkata - remember, we are all a little Angrez in heart.

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Majority of the points mentioned here echoes with me. I particularly take pride in naming our uncles and aunts. Just imagine the gamut of confusion if the system was not there.

Tobe 1tai kothha bolar achhe: Bong girls fails miserably to cope up with idiosyncrasies of a bong boy. Nijer experience thhekei bolchhi. Then I edited it out sexy considering bong sensibilities. Fatafati as football cholbe? Nice read, although it was a bit stretched and kinda exhausting. A lesser number would have made it more fun to read.

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My favourite was the phool mashi part. I feel so predictable now. Despite being a bong brought up entirely out of Bengal,the similarilty of the descriptions and me are bizzare.

What Youth Think About Bengalis - UniqueKolorFilms -

I heart your post. Kintu Bangali intellectual maanei Presidency-te adda daye naaki?

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Jadavpur must have its due!! You deserve a Bow down, Miss.

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Eloquently written. I can definitely vouch for them.

Dating a time is a bong guy gives you are infinite.'s dating a canadian television network teletoon show, sean francis, dating guy. Every day leaves no matter of mark j. I've had relationships with people carry some scoff at his very odd and is never in your love him. Oct 08,   Well, why not?. I mean without men, who would fix the pipes and inspire all the beer jokes? Ok enough of my counter chauvinism, there are a lot of reasons that men are great. And because its Durga Pujo time I guess its ok to narrow down a bit and bat for Bong guys in particular. Here are 50 reasons why dating a Bong guy is a swell idea. Apr 10,   For the rest of the eligible single men out there who are still wondering what it is like to date a bong bombshell, here's a comprehensive list of 15 reasons why it's amazing to date a bong.

Hard to miss the subtle hints of sarcasm. All the best!! Belated Shubho Bijoya. Being a bong myself who has been raised outside of kolkata I am from Assam actuallyI feel these points are mostly incorrect in my case while maintaining the fact that some of my male friends residing in kolkata fall accurately under the listed points.

Omg thats so true!!!!!! I just got married to a bong boy n he the chweeeeetest n cutest bong boy having many qualities mentioned above. Love ya writer. I m telling from my experience only Bong guys rock simply They r heartily soo nice Proud of being a bong girl hpng to find a bong guy nly as my life partner.

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Reblogged this on Idiosyncratic Innuendos. Ha Ha Ha. Rimjhim Ray your points are almost common in bongs. Ami medical intern, podchi Maharashtra theke, aar ekhane ek mumbaikar meye amar boner moto.

Anyways it is really nice n sweet of you for giving the worthy 50 reasons about WHY bong boys like us should be dated.

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Indians are really amazing. There are hundreds of reasons to hate them but there are millions of reasons to love them too. Though difficult to relate to your own behaviorism but its not just me. Ja bolechen NA! I am a bong guy with very little of the qualities mentioned.

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But who cares; have a few friends who fit the bill perfectly. Nearly 2 years have passed. My friend Sampan has become world famous. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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