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Board index Hand Tools. Dating British made Stanley planes. Dating British made Stanley planes Alf says "Plane looks good too; later GB model so the dating pages are no use to you though. I wonder. Are there sufficient differences in the manufacture of these planes to make dating a possibility? Has anyone set up some sort of dating method?

May 22,   In 1. 7, Henry Stanley, Frederick's cousin, launched the Stanley Rule and Level Company, which acquired Leonard Bailey & Co. Bailey held numerous patents on such mainstay tools as planes, which Stanley Rule and Level augmented with mitre boxes, rulers, hand drills, hammers, and, of course, its lines of wood and iron levels. By 1. bed rock planes made for keen kutter & winchester During the 's, Stanley manufactured Type 4 Bed Rock Planes, for Keen Kutter and Winchester. The planes were identical to the original Stanleys, except for the markings on the beds, (W., K.), Keen Kutter and Winchester trademarks on the blades and frogs with twisted lateral levers. Stanley Tools UK bought JA Chapman in Sheffield and started making planes in Type 1. Rosewood w/brass nuts Type 2. Beech w/hard .

Is there a reliable way of spotting these? The online version of Sketchup does not support plugins. If you would like a copy for use with older, desktop, versions then send me a PM.

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Re: Dating British made Stanley planes I've not seen anything for Canadian, British or Australian Stanleys. For Record planes I look for irons with flat tops tapered sides at the topand Stanley planes for the period also had the same flat top style.

Of course, irons are easily changed between planes, so this is not a very reliable method. More reliable are the frogs on Records. However I've not come across a UK Stanley that didn't have a ribbed frog.

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I wonder if UK Stanleys had ribbed frogs right from the start of production in ish. Take a look at David Lynch's site www.

Cheers, Vann. I was hoping someone might have body specific information about dating Stanley planes.

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Sadly it appears not. Perhaps I'll try contacting Stanley UK.

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Thanks again xy. Measure once, cut twice Hmm, maybe I have that wrong!

My Hand Plane Collection. The years Stanley made them and the reason for the types

Winchester lever caps marked Winchester. Twisted laterals on both makes. Visit the.

Dating Stanley Hand Planes Stanley Planes An In-depth Study of Number Two Bailey Hand Planes Chapter One: The Long and Short of It Guest Author, November 8, by Pat Thomas (First posted by This is the first in a series of articles, published in . If you have a Stanley bench plane and you want to know roughly when it was made, you've come to the right place. Otherwise perhaps you'd be happier elsewhere. How to use this page Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. Then check out the Plane Dating Flowchart. Four categories seem sufficient to describe and roughly date a plane: Pre-lateral for any plane that has no side adjusting mechanism for the cutter, low knob, SW model or tall knob (SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for WW2 vintage and later.

All rights reserved. August, Revised Sept. Handle shapes same as those of comparable vintage Bailey planes.

Dating British Made Stanley Planes, black singles speed dating 25 30 in maryland, dating sites for tupper lake ny , online dating giving email. Lire le temoignage. Age: Sep 18,   I've recently bought quite a few used Stanley planes and I'm wondering how old they are. A couple of them are US made and there's a lot of information about dating those, but I can't find anything about the English ones. Are there any resources regarding the English Stanleys, or does anyone here have information. Dating British made Stanley planes. Moderators: Random Orbital Bob, nev, CHJ, Noel, Charley. Search. 5 posts; Page 1 of 1; 5 posts; Reply. Dating British made Stanley planes # By xy mosian - 15 Jan ,

NOTE: This type discussion, along with the foregoing material, is based on personal examination of numerous Bed Rock specimens since Many specimens have been seen, but there is always the potential for finding a new type or an anomaly. The format used for the type discussions and trademark designations generally follows other published studies.

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This is the Type Study part of a larger paper of 8 pages that also discusses the history, development and characteristics of this, the best plane ever made.

See Tool Literature. All sizes in production including those with corrugated bottoms.

Stanley Plane Identification: How to Identify Antique Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Age and Type? Stanley Type 1 Handplanes: Stanley Type 2 Handplanes: Stanley Type 3 Handplanes: Stanley Type 4 Handplanes: Stanley Type 5 .

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