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Do you want to learn more about how to spot fake Dior clothing? In this how-to guide, we teach you how to tell the fake apart from the genuine Dior clothes. Dior is one of the most popular luxury brands in Over the last couple of years, prices of many Dior pieces, especially vintage, have been steadily rising. And as prices rise, so does the circulation of counterfeit items.

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In the following gallery, we provide some examples of Dior labels from authentic Dior garments. On some Dior clothing, the care instructions label is sewn directly onto the bottom of the Dior label. In other instances, you can find it along the lining. The Christian Dior name is synonymous with good craftsmanship. This is not only true of haute couture and leather goods - the ready to wear lines reflect this excellence, too.

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When examining the stitching on Dior clothing, start with looking at the seams that hold each piece of fabric together. Are the seams consistently sized? Are there any messy threads?

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Any sign of slobbiness in this area should be considered a red flag. You should look for any symmetry axis that can be expected to exist on the garment. Of course, where asymmetry is part of the design, this rule of thumb does not apply. Try to fold the garment in the middle from top to bottom.

Are the seams symmetric? Is the cut of the fabric symmetric?

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Asymmetry where not part of the design is a definite red flag. When examining the monogram, it is helpful to compare the pattern to that of an authentic piece.

Does the monogram look different or otherwise off compared to the authentic piece? If so, this could mean that the piece in question is fake. It is, however, important to note that the Dior logo monogram has evolved over the years.

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A Dior piece with logo monogram from the late s or early s will differ from a similar piece from the s or s. Does the garment in question have any hardware? In that case, the piece of hardware usually has Dior inscriptions. You are not alone in this, and thankfully, there are plenty of authentication services available.

Whether you are looking to authenticate a piece of Dior clothing or want to know if your Dior handbag is fake, rest assured there is a Dior expert ready to help you. Another bookmark-worthy post.

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I'll let you know if I solve any vintage mysteries! Natalie, you are my biggest support when it comes to these educational-based articles. Thank you!! I would LOVE to hear what you learn.

( - ) Yves Saint Laurent went to Paris at age 17 to find work in fashion. He was soon hired by Christian Dior as an assistant. They worked together for several years, and when Dior died in , Saint Laurent was made the head designer. Jul 25,   The Miss Dior line was launched in September and was a less expensive ready-to-wear line made to appeal to a younger customer. The Miss Dior store was located on Rue Francois Premier, next door to the Dior couture house. For the first three years the Miss Dior line was sold in stores throughout France, but was not exported, so as not to compete with the Dior-New York label. Vintage labels are a square of information that while tiny, are huge clues for performing the detective work a good vintage lover knows and loves: Dating the era of one's vintage piece! To help accurately date your vintage clothing, here's your go-to reference for tips and tricks to reveal a garment's probable vintage era based on the details of its tags and labels alone.

Perhaps you have a piece that is older than you think. I have too found this, myself, now that I have more knowledge. It makes a huge difference!

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Thank you Natalie! Thanks Natalie! LOL I felt the same way about zip codes. Thank you. I love these educational posts.

Just curious how do you know that lot numbers were not used post I have definitely seen them on 80s clothing and possibly even later.

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I have been looking for a definitive answer on lot numbers for awhile. What a great site to reference.

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We were just talking about this today, with so many trends today looking retro but being newer this should help a lot! You mention that companies stopped using lot numbers before Could you provide me a source for that information, if possible? I have a vintage item listed on Etsy that, for some reason, has been flagged as not being vintage, but it has a lot and style number and was made in the USA, etc etc, so it is clear to me that it is AT LEAST from the s.

I am so happy that I have found your website.

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Your information is incredibly helpful in distinguishing union label era. Again, thanks.

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Great post. Very useful information specially the last phase : I maintain such information a lot.

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I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thanks and best of luck. Thank you so much for your informationthis has helped me so much in identifying vintage garments again, thanks.

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Such great news! Thank you Vivien! All I can tell is that they are an American brand. The internet fell short on this one! Thanks for all the info. Thanks so much for this article! I do have a question: if a garment is labeled with a lot number, does this mean it is definitely made before ? Clothing labels will ensure the son or girl can find their item after a fast trip to typically forgotten and additionally found. Hi Sammy,you are really great. You did a great research on vintage clothing tags.

In most of Dior's couture pieces, it is usually placed in the care label, indicating the year and the season. You can cross reference the number with collections online. Check the Vintage Fashion Guild for dating Dior's labels. Be aware that Dior licensed his name to clothing manufacturers and . Who is he dating right now? Rest in peace. Relationships. We have no records of past relationships for Christian Dior. About. French Fashion Designer Christian Dior was born on 21st January, in Granville, Manche, France and passed away on 23rd Oct Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy aged He is most remembered for Lucien Lelong Jan 21, Jan 18,   Can anyone help me with dating this Dior blouse? I have a hunch it's not vintage but thought maybe someone here might know for sure. Thread by: stephanie, Aug 23, , 4 replies, in forum: PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A.

I learn lots of new information on vintage clothing tags here. It inspires me to learn more about vintage labels historythanks for sharing the photos as well. I came across an amazing vintage hat today, I am very curious its age. The hat has the union made label with the smooshed globe followed by a 6 that you describe in detail, thank you for that.

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Any idea what time period this may be from? This is super helpful!

Nov 18,   The Christian Dior label. The tags and labels in Dior clothing have been changed and ated numerous times over the years since Christian Dior established his eponymous label in December What's more, different secondary lines, that is, lines in addition to the mainline, have been introduced - and pulled again - over the years. Jul 12,   Christian Dior. Notes: Dior couture labels are often dated with the season and the year, and the label is stamped with an identification number. Note, however, that some boutique labels are also stamped with a number, as this alone does not denote that a garment is couture. Written by fuzzylizzie. See also: Miss Dior.

It really helped me with aging my vintage clothing so thankyou! I recently wrote a blog post myself about how to tell if clothing is truly vintage. It might help some people as well to age their clothing. I got a dress at a thrift store. How old is it?

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Hi, Sammy! Love your page! I am an enthusiastic collector and wearer! I recently ran across a label on an embellished denim jacket with a registered trademark that, unfortunately, is difficult to decipher.

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