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Jewelry mirrors time, culture, and societal values. It reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. Luckily, there are definitely clues that can be used in deciphering how old your jewelry is. The older and more rare the piece of jewelry, the more valuable it will be. There are many more clues than just five, but these are quick and easy ways to help determine the age of your jewelry.

Women, and men have been adorning their lobes with earrings since ancient times. Occasionally a pair dating as far back as the s will surface during a lucky collector's antiquing adventures. Most often, however, they date somewhere between the late-Victorian era from around to to modern reproductions of older styles. Keep in mind when evaluating and dating earrings you believe to be antique that styles have been recycled through the decades. A pair made 10 years ago may have been inspired by Victorian jewelry, for instance, and have a very similar look.

A pair may also be altered, like those converted from screw backs popular from the late Victorian era through the early s to pierced favored earlier in the Victorian era before they were deemed barbaric and again in modern styles made since the mids at some point.

So, use styles as one clue to determine when a pair of old earrings may have been made, but examine the elements such as stones, metal content, construction, they type of back, and other factors before making a final conclusion.

Regardless of the age, you'll be able to describe the style correctly using the examples below as a guide. This type of round earring can be domed or somewhat flattened, but it will not have a dangling element. Its name alludes to the resemblance of an actual clothing button. Some are set in metal backings, while others have the earring finding attached to the back of the button material. Earlier examples fasten with screwbacks while those made in the s and '60s usually have clip backs.

Dating clip back earrings

A chandelier earring resembles the fancy form of decorative lighting sharing the same name. Some styles referenced as chandeliers have more a cascading appearance while others have multiple arms with a number of elements dangling from them.

Other specific styles, like the girandole described below, are sometimes generically called chandelier earrings rather than using their more formal name. Using the term "drop" in reference to an earring style is somewhat of a catch-all term since there have been many, many variations of dangle earrings that fall into this category. Antique drop earrings can be found made of everything from natural elements such as precious metals, jetgenuine gemstones, or woven hair.

Vintage versions of the fashion variety can incorporate glass, varied plastics, and some natural substances such as wood. Drop earring styles have been widely reproduced based on antique examples, so be sure to take materials, construction techniques, and signs of age into consideration when dating them. The rest of the earring can vary greatly, but traditionally contains a larger round stone at the top and a bow, knot, or another decorative element may attach the dangling trio of stones to the upper section.

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Developed around in France and named for the crystal-pendant candelabras of the daythe style is typical of 18th-century jewelry and underwent a renaissance during the revival of Rococo styles in everything from furniture to dress in the s. This type of earring is still popular today although sometimes referenced as the more generic term "chandelier" as described above. The 18th century saw the rise of two very popular earring styles.

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I am using the pieces in collages, so they don't need to have pins, or earring backs, or pendant loops. It would help if they have all of their stones, but sometimes I can replace them, or work around the empty spot. Also, does anyone know a good place to buy older stones of different sizes in one parcel?

I am so happy to have found this site, and the great information and knowledge found here! They're 22k gold with lots of insets but not precious stones.

Somebody hid these 60 years ago and apparently forgot all about them. I'm so glad to have found this site! I began seriously researching vintage jewelry a few years ago. But, this is the first I've seen great information on figuring out the material of black jewelry.

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I will definitely pass this on! I have a question about your piece: sterling silver filigree camphor glass necklace. You say it's not all authentic, but then that your jeweler said the pieces were designed to be switched out. Because it doesn't fit perfectly, could it be authentic, but not meant for your pendant?

I'm sure you know what site I mean. The others I've found haven't been "running" for years. Except the wonderful Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks I have a cluster engagement bronze band silverplate multi cluster diamonds appears to be a 1 carat central piece and a surround in floral appearance of 20 other minature diamonds. Theyre all mounted perfectly all reflect multicolours at differing times in the sun light so maybe i have a costume piece from a victorian era?

Im wanting a little help clarifying the piece that i have.

PP OPOUNT 48 Pieces Round Flat Back Tray Earring Clips and 48 Pieces Clip-on Earring Findings Pad Base for Non-Pierced Ears and Non Piercing DIY Earring Making Jewelry (Silver and Gold,16 x 10 mm) out of 5 stars $ $ 7. 99 $ $ Get it as soon as Fri, Jul Dec 08,   However, determining findings popularly used is possible. For example, in looking at the use of clip-back and the use of screw-back findings for earrings, a survey of those currently for sale found that from through , screw-backs were used about 30of the time, and clip-backs 70 percent of the time. Once again earrings became obsolete. In late 18th century, however, hair went back up and earrings were popular again! In the early 20th century, piercing of the ears was considered uncivilized and a screw back type of fitting was invented so that ear piercing was no longer necessary. thank goodness that vintage clip-on earrings are still.

Please assist its going to help greatly in dating my piece. Hi I have a brooch which is a moon shape with a c clasp green And clear stones in how do I find out when it originated from? I have a beautiful brooch with a copper color backing. It has enameled and rhinestone flowers. It has a 51 or 57 stamped on the back. I am wondering what the backing might be. It is not tarnished at all. And curious about the number stamped on the back.

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I have a Victorian starburst pin with a C clasp and a round fastener. The pin itself is clearly not matching with the rest of the brooch.

It makes sense that it would be a badly done repair. I have some old jewelry it has large stones in it and rolls and Ruby's I believe but the necklaces made out of really fine wire and on the back of it it's got indebted in some of the pieces. I have a broach it has pearls and gold leafs iv had it for 40years i think its French?

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Please help. Your ring sounds really interesting. If you have the time send me some photos of it. Try to capture a clear image of any hallmarks. You can send them to me at mcdonaldkaren gmail. Look forward to hearing back. Sincerely, Karen. I was given a ring from an Italian aunt that belonged to her grandmother, not sure who gave it to her. There are 2 markings that appear to be letters and maybe numbers. Hi Karen: I inherited a long 42 inchheavy gold necklace that has no makers mark or hallmark.

Might I email a photo of it to you for your opinion? I've researched and haven't found anything else like it. I have a pendent what is marked 95 only and its got a yellowish stone in center surounded by white clear stones this piece confusers mr.

I have two poecea one looks like a braclet it has dimonds or stones but it has a copper clasp the sencond is a prenciess necklace,no marking on eaiter one. Hi Terry. You can send pictures of your necklace to mcdonaldkaren gmail.

How to Use Earring Converters to Turn Posts into Clip-ons

I'm trying to figure out a necklace I have had for a long time. I have pictures.

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I've had this necklace for a very long time. Thank you very much. I found this very old pin with what looks to be a large pink diamond, I'm having a hard time distinguishing the marks.

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Hello, how are you doing? I enjoy reading your articles, So interesting. I was wanting to know if you could please help me? I appreciate it so very much. I have what I believe is a Vintage Pearl necklace encased in a Beautiful Heart Pendant with carvings, I have pictures of the front and back of of the Heart pendant.

Pearl is Beautiful Thank you very much. Have a Great and Blessed day. It is on a either inch thin silver chain. I was wondering if I could email you a picture of my great great great grandmother 2 rings.

I hope that you can tell me a little more about it. Age, etc. You can send me images of your bracelet to mcdonaldkaren gmail. I would love to see them and I can help identify a time period for you. Thank you, Karen. Hi, I was given a beautiful bracelet that belonged to my great grandmother.

I was hoping to get some guidance to determine its actual age. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. This is a great helpful article.

When my date your jewelry for dating back mechanism for prom party, contemporary and plain catches. View clip-on earrings are the clip earrings women without pierced ears. We've got a going away gift from between the. In floral shaped like new, dating by ultrasound accuracy earrings at nordstrom. The plastic earring backs served a functional purpose which was to stabilize the earrings when it's too heavy for the ears. Jewel experts also explained that "the larger the earring back, the more stable and secure the earring wears." Plus, the plastic protection keeps those gaping earholes from getting worse. Types Clip Earrings. Oct 24,   In order of date, the styles are named as follows: shepherd hook, image two is not named, kidney wire, screw-back (pierced), lever back, screw-back, post & butterfly, spring clip, and omega back. Some of these styles are still made today.

Thank you to the long ago author. Could a follow up be organised and posted sometime please Administrators? If at all possible? Thank you for your consideration. To those who keep demanding their items be valued the only applicable word - please show some manners and common sense. Firstly the author posted this article in You have probably all scared her off unfortunately from ever writing another.

I write this comment as a stand against the poor manners so prevalent on social media these days. Your site is quite informative, and the video was well done.

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I have one question though, how do you tell what you actually have if the piece has no makers marks? The narrator said not all are marked. And it looks handmade, beautifully done, but plier marks left behind. I have a great love and respect for anything old and I find these things very precious. I was hoping to send a few pictures if possible to see if you could help in determining what they are. I do hope that this was not a waste of your time. Kellythomason00 icloud. What can you tell me about a gold locket with the coat of arms of the prince of wales engraved in shell on the front and initials in hair on the inside.

I have a Hedison Jewelry Co with the mark 'Hedy'. Any idea. Very interesting! Wish I would have seen this years ago it would have been helpful. I love collecting beautiful jewelry.

Nice video. I'm not sure what is giving people the impression someone will be appraising their jewelry, or even answering their questions, as nowhere is it even suggested - much less stated - that these services will be provided. The reason you are not getting responses is because you are posting them in a "comments" forum. The author is asking for your comments on her article: was it helpful?

What would you have liked to learn about? Is this possible? Very helpful information! But, I'm confused about something that is probably under my nose, so to speak. I see all these posts for help, but I don't see any responses. The Clasp diagram is great! Is there a way to know how long each style was used?

Only the 's indicates it's still used. Does anyone have information on the designer or mark "Vero. All I know is that Vero jewelry, I think only brooches, was made in the s, as late as the 80s.

That's right, kitschy! But fun! I have a old ring that I bought for my sixth birthday. It had alternated stones of light and dark yellow stones the entire ring with these circle stones in atotal Val total shape with and adjusted band pending printed what is it worth? I have a signed YSL black runway cuff bracelet that I wish I could find someone to authenticate and date it.

I had a local YSL store look at it, they couldn't but sent a picture to their Paris store and they couldn't either. Said its too old and they don't have data back to the early 60s to look at.? Were can I go that someone may know about it. I can take picture if you would like to see it.

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I have what i believe is an old ring. Ita a birthstone ring with five stones and a silver band holding them in. The band is screwed in. If i sent a picture would you know when this style was used? I'm pretty sure that I have seen them worn in in period movies set around the 's or so, usually on a longish, medium-heavy chain, and then pinned up to the side so that the chain is made to 'dangle' in some sort of artful display.

Or, maybe it's just as simple as to give the owner a choice: Hmmm, pendant or brooch? My previous post described a brooch or pendant that could also be worn on a chain and it's heavy metal. It's not the thin open heart of Luchenbooth hearts rather solid with intricate designs and I can't find any kind of lettering on it at all.

May 15,   The earrings are made of a mixture of gold and metal. Finally, the gemstones used in a piece can assist with dating. Laboratory created gemstones and cultured pearls are examples of this. These earrings have emeralds, diamonds and pearls. Sep 20,   In the screw-back earring was invented, allowing women without pierced ears to wear earrings. The earring clip was patented in and by the s became the preferred earring style for women without pierced ears. The clip mechanism has been improved over time and clip earrings are still quite popular today. Vintage Jewelry Hardware: Leverback, Screwback, and Monet . Screw backs were more prevalent from the early s through the early s, and then clip earrings (first used in the early s) had a mid-century surge in popularity. Most stud earrings found today date to the mids to modern day styles (and it's hard to date some of them since the basic ball style, for instance, has been made continually).

Can someone please help me. I have a gold heart brooch with crown on top of it with what resembles a family crest of a crown with cross at top of crown on a green colored background and it has a c clasp. It is thicker than a modern post - even a screw back. To be able to wear the earrings I am going to have to get the posts replaced. How will this affect value? I received an old brooch from a relative.

I don't know who it belonged to or where it came from. Only when I cleaned it did I realize it was silver. It appears to have a clasp unchanged from the 's, has filigree and round silver discs and tear drops that dangle from it. I had a jeweler get the marks off the back for me: H within a circle then S I have researched this myself for days with no luck and am asking for help.

There is no indication that anything on it was altered. Thank you! Hi I have got an eternity gold ring that I think is very old. The marking says: N or C but reversed and N. Can you help me to determine the age of my ring please? This is a great article on vintage jewelry. It's very informative-I'm just learning about the artists and their distinct talents.

These 5 clues are a wonderful place for me to begin. Can anyone tell me anything about Tramp Art. I have a piece and know nothing about it. Can you help me to determine the age of my old Jet lignite bracelet that has a cameo on it. Hello, I have several pieces of jewelry that were my Mom's and probably my Grandmother's and great Aunt's. One piece, in particular, is a very large copper Indian vintage necklace that I need to find the value of.

She also has several Ivory necklaces and some scrimshaw bracelets and ring, a star ruby and diamond ring, that dates back to the early s, which has a very unusual shape and other valuable pieces.

Where do I go to a reputable place who will give me an idea of what these pieces are worth. Any info you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. The colors of the star are in the correct order, however, it is not facing the correct direction. The white ray should be pointing down.

This also suggests that it is not original as an Eastern Star member would know the correct way it is worn.

The colors on the star are incorrect but I don't know if it is just the way it photographed. The star should be blue, yellow, white, green, and red. I'm in the process of sorting out my jewellery that I have inherited from my two grandmas and my mum.

Your website is proving to be very helpful. To give you an idea of time both my Grandmas were born in the late s and died during the s so your article is so helpful. However are three items in my collection that I have no idea about. They are threaded on a piece of string.

They feel like they are made of hardened glass or ceramic. However, they are covered with the most intricate beautiful minute coloured flower patterns on both sides, around the edges and even into the holes at both ends of each one.

All patterns are different on each of these 'pendants' in blues, yellows, white, green and russett red. They look quite amazing and don't deserve to be tied together on a piece of string.

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They remind me of some Japanese prints. Can anyone help me work out what they are please. Hi I just purchased a camphor piece and cannot figure out if it's authentic, can anyone help? I have a larger cross pendant with cabochon stones, possibly gold plate.

It is only marked with a number I can't find anything about this cross and I do not see anything similar. I think the unidentified piece of jewelry is a holder for a watch or decorative fob, which would hand from the hook at the bottom. Thanks for this resource. I have a beautiful piece possibly pendant that has an unusual clasp on the back that I cannot identify. I have searched and searched but no one shows it. Thanks for posting this. I ended up getting a pair of earrings and could not figure out when the post was made.

Your article is the first one I've seen on the web which actually helped me. Thanks again! Loved your article! A few months back I purchased some rather non-descript earrings from a thrift store. I and my daughter love unique pieces.

late, than never

I almost passed them over until I noticed the screw on backs. I had never seen this before and thought surely they must be old. They are thin metal flowers and the other a simple circle. I think they are the screw-on for non-pierced ears. Very cool! I cannot add any knowledge I'm afraid as I have only recently started collecting. My comment is a question that brought me to this page which I know will be very helpful in my new hobby.

I'm not sure how to word this question about a particular pair of earings so thst it can be understood but, I'll try. I found a pair of screw back vintage earrings that can also bd worn as pierced earrings. There are no discernable markings on the earrings with the naked eye. Has anyone seen this this before? They are not pierced earrings that have the screw on backs. I hope this was clear. Thank you. Really interesting video - well done.

And the section on Black Jewelry was the best and easiest to understand that I have read so far. I think this video is excellent. Thank you for making it. I am so glad I can help share it here. I have heard an old dentist talk about Gutta-percha. I think he told me he used it in root canals! Wonderful lens, and very informative.

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Pinned to 2 of my boards: "collectibles" and "jewelry. I would post the link, but the spam filter won't let me. The mystery piece is a convertible piece of jewelry called a brooch-pendant.

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