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T homas de la Rue 24 March - 7 June was born in a small hamlet in Guernsey called Le Bourg in , the seventh child of nine of Eleazar and Rachel de la Rue. During this period Thomas gained a thorough knowledge of printing. In he moved to London with his family and set up shop initially as a straw hat manufacturer, but he soon diversified into bookbinding and the embossing of leather, and then into paper manufacture. By around his interests had moved to playing cards and he began to put everything he had learnt into practice. He produced his first playing cards in and over the years came to be recognised as the inventor of the modern English playing card. Above : De la Rue's early letterpress playing cards c.


Above : very small indices with '1' for the ace, c. Courtesy Matt Probert.

Click to zoom. Some of the court cards have been turned so that all the suit symbols are at the top left-hand corner.

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Above : standard card pack plus joker, with rounded corners and slightly larger indices, c. Besides manufacturing playing cards and card gamesthe firm also printed railway tickets and visiting cards for which he used his enamelled playing-card paper.

De La Rue became the principal printer of fiscal, inland revenue and postage stamps and banknotes for the UK and colonies, and over the years the best engravers and miniature designers worked for De La Rue.

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In the 19th century, England was the principal exporter of playing cards to Russia and the name of De La Rue figures prominently in this connection. In Thomas De La Rue's youngest brother Paul was appointed superintendent of the Russian royal playing card monopoly and the Russian establishment became an important customer of De la Rue, and was the firm's first overseas trade De La Rue also manufactured packs for Denmark and Iran during the s.

Above: Assorted playing cards made by De La Rue.

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Playing cards had become more popular during World War I and there was now a great demand. However, the duplication of efforts was a drain on profits and this was a disappointment to shareholders.

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During the early s De la Rue helped out by making cards for Waddingtons during the Wills gift scheme, where miniature cards were tucked into every packet of ten Goldflake or Capstan cigarettes which could be exchanged for full-sized packs, and the firm's playing card profits began to pick up. During this period of close cooperation, packs of cards were produced containing components of both companies.

Dating de la rue playing cards

Thomas De La Ruepioneer printer of the Victorian era, an historic figure for playing card collectors and philatelists. Click to view full portrait.

Above : special ace of spades produced for Arthur Lee and Sons Ltd, c. Above : special ace of spades produced for Frisby's Shoe Store, c. There are other index differences, too, but the Qs are the most obvious. Sometimes there are mixed index types in the same pack.

The four main British manufacturers have the following dates: De La Rue ; Goodall c, though after their cards were, in fact, De La Rue products; Waddington , with the No1 brand being continued up to the present by Winning Moves; Universal/Alf Cooke Eine Dating De La Rue Playing Cards schone Frau, 70 Jahre, sucht Manner wie Du fur Gemeinsame Freizeit! Wenn Du ernstaft an eine Beziehung denkst, solltest Du sie kontaktieren! D- Hermsdorf. Um Ihnen den Dating De La Rue Playing Cards bestmoglichen Service zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Durch die Nutzung / Jul 19,   To date a de la Rue Have you tried World of Playing Cards? It's an online resource managed by the International Playing Card Society and is based in the UK - far likelier to have information on a British deck.

There are external indicators such as the postal district of the address given for Goodall's Camden Works. Quite a move for a building!! Incidentally, numbered postal districts in London were introduced inso that's another important external piece of information for dating packs.

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Registered Trademark appears on the Goodall AS after the take-over from c. Goodall's Camden Works were sold inso any reference to it on boxes indicates a date of manufacture earlier than that.

Then there are the known dates of the individual makers. These can be found in my book The standard English pattern and some details are on the plain backs website and elsewhere on the wopc website. De La Rue became a limited company in and Goodall inso any indication of that status Ltd or Limd must be after those dates. Note, too, that any pack with Goodall courts and a Waddington AS must be afterwhen the courts were transferred for printing by the Leeds firm after De La Rue's Bunhill Row factory was destroyed in the Blitz.

Samples: for Mudie with old courts G6c. Of course, such periods are too gross and we need more details of the products of individual makers, in which case we need to look at the design of the AS and court cards, including the index type, if applicable, as shown above.

Jokers I did not deal with jokers in my book, but they can also be useful aids to identification and dating. I give a few examples below. Top: Waddington's original joker, c.

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Bottom: De La Rue's design, used without a frame c. It's found with Goodall courts after the take-over, but seems to have been discontinued by c.

The original design goes back to the s, but it seems to have been discontinued after Waddington bought out De La Rue in Aces of spades The details of English makers' ASs are given in my book and on the plainbacks website, in particular, in my contribution to the site on the right of the first page. The AS is always useful, at least for determining chronological windows.

On the main part of the plainbacks website you can find dates for the different Garter aces, Old Frizzle and individual makers' ASs.

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Below I give a few examples of Garter ASs. John Berry put together a scheme for dating the different varieties from the existing records; the full reference to his book is on the plainbacks website.

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This is a reference to William IV's granting the patent inbut it does NOT mean that the cards are necessarily from his reign. Reynolds' own AS, designed afterwas modelled closely on Old Frizzle, so do watch out for the differences.

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Old Frizzle lasted from untilbut within that period it is possible to differentiate on the basis of court card design. For example, the Goodall Old Frizzle is part of a pack with double-ended courts G1.

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Bridge score cards In those packs where a bridge-score card has been included, we find a very useful aid to dating for a short period at any rate. If the pack contains an auction bridge score-card, it is likely to date from beforewhen the first version of contract bridge scores was introduced.

Changes to the undertrick penalty scores not vulnerable and a score for holding four aces in no-trump hands were made in Have you tried World of Playing Cards? It's an online resource managed by the International Playing Card Society and is based in the UK - far likelier to have information on a British deck. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

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I found the info about the ace of spades illustrations on WoPC but the context beyond that was very limited. Does the IPCS have a message board similar to this one?

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The information might be there. I wish I could help, but I know practically nothing about British decks. Quote from: Stircrazy76 on July 12,PM.

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I have been known to gamble playing cards but not while researching them. I have not been deterred though, I have continued my search but I believe my best bet is that someone might stumble upon this topic who can enlighten me.

I will post a pic of the ace shortly. Quote from: Stircrazy76 on July 13,AM. Quote from: Stircrazy76 on July 14,PM.

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Ah, forgot to mention - is correct, but still narrows it to right at a 10 year period. Sounds good, but remember that I said "unfortunately it doesn't always work".

Some decks reused older fonts and it's impossible to tell the precise date on those. The ones that used their standard letter format for the courts can be narrowed down to a year period in general and we're already mostly at that point. Not a very good pic, but here it is

De la Rue introduced letter-press printing and certain other 'improvements' into playing card production and was granted a patent in He produced his first playing cards in and over the years came to be recognised as the inventor of the modern English playing card. Above: De la Rue's early letterpress playing cards c The court figures are full-length but with several non-standard . Dating De La Rue Playing Cards, la dating coach, best dating sites in quebec, is gabriel mann single. Sporting Memorabilia. by cash, cheque with banker's card, credit card. Playing-Card Tax Stamps from Great Britain. Tax labels, tax wrappers, embossed stamps. The following are some examples which should help for a rough dating., and the maker's name ('DE LA RUE . Thos. de la Rue & Co. Ltd. c. John Waddington Ltd. Leeds and London. c.

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