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The Original Hollowbody series did not have removable bodies. Oct 12, RKS was simply too much innovation and not enough good sounding high-quality guitar. The idea of interchangeable outer skins is not a new one, and I think if done right, it could be a huge success. The luthier from whom I heard this idea from first has a fantastic idea, but I fear it will never come to fruition -oddguitar. Appreciate the replies. Even if you don't care for the sound I traded my MIM strat for this thing and consider the wave to be much better.

Talk to her using a free web cam service such as Skype. This is another good way to verify her address.

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If you offer to visit her in her country, take note of how she responds.

If she is genuine, she will be thrilled you want to come. If she is a scammer, she will continue to ask about money instead of wanting to meet you.

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