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Many of my dating coaching clients have questions about what to ask during the first phone call. They want to know how to quickly weed men out. What I have found over the past 10 years as a dating coach, and from my own journey to find my own husband, this can be trickier than you think. Here are five tips to help you have a great first phone call and hopefully get a first date too! Make a good impression - the first phone call is a two way street Many women forget the first phone call is a two way street. While you have your detective work in mind, remember you also have to make a good first impression. That means you have to be friendly, warm AND pleasant.

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If you're running out of things to talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it's always good to ask an open ended question. Fun relationship questions help you get to know him or her better while keeping things light. If you do call a girl or guy you like, and you don't have a better reason than you just wanted to hear his or her voice, consider being honest. It may open up a completely new avenue of conversation for the two of you.

Ultimately, when you are stuck for something to say on the phone, consider just listening.

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One of the best things you can do for a person that you like is to listen. All Rights Reserved.

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Perhaps you made the winning goal in soccer. Maybe you were given an impossible work assignment and kicked ass.

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Whatever it is, everyone loves to hear a story about overcoming adversity and coming out on top. Look at every sports movie ever. Think of a time this may have happened in your life. This kind of story is important because it demonstrates tenacity and leadership. You were presented with obstacles and you kept your eye on the prize and overcame.

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It also showcases risk-taking, which is considered a masculine energy. Sure, it was totally embarrassing at the time, but hopefully, it was funny as well.

Not Sure What To Say On The Phone? This List Of Questions Will Keep The Conversation Going: How Music can make Your First Online Dating Phone Call Go Smooth; How To Get Into A Fun Talkative Mood For The 1st Online Dating Phone Call; Time for the First Date. Now that you've learned how to handle the phone conversation. You like him, and you think he likes, you get tongue-tied and nervous on the phone. Don't let your conversation grow cold by not having topics to a list of things to talk about on the phone can make sure you aren't witness to that awkward silence and weird nervousness. And remember, these topics aren't a script, it is a guideline of stuff to talk about on the phone to. These not only work on the phone but are great for the first date. Asking questions during a phone conversation isn't something you do randomly. Or something that's not important. Asking the right questions and in the right order can make a lasting impression and can make sure you get the date.

The most confident people in the world are the ones who will show people these scars. Share a somewhat embarrassing story with her to show her you can laugh at yourself.

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No one is perfect, and people who can poke fun at themselves show a lot of confidence. Power is the ability to influence your environment.

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So was there a time you convinced everyone to go along with a joke or scheme? This kind of story illustrates not only that you have the ability to affect your surroundings, but that people allow you to affect their surroundings. A powerful person draws people in.

Dating first phone call topics

When has that happened, even in a small way, to you? What personality or character trait do you have that you want others to know about? Are you loyal?

Apr 08,   1. Don't spend hours on the phone the first time you speak to someone. Two hours is far more time than you need. In the future, keep your first call with someone on the shorter side and focus on seeing if the other person is marriage minded, warm, and if the conversation flows. These are questions a reader asked me recently and he was wondering if recommended handling the first phone call just like I recommend for planning for first date conversations. Phone Calls can be Optional. Now the first thing I want to say is that early on in my online dating experience I did move from emails to phone calls and then first dates. Reserve politics, religion and world peace for later.". Maintain a volley. "To keep things flowing, make the conversation like a tennis match," says Bates. "Listen carefully to the other person for something that intrigues you, then offer something interesting about yourself that might relate to his/her answer.".

A great dancer? An awesome cook?

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This is your chance to let yourself shine! And eventually, you want to have a story for each of the characteristics that you would like other people to know about.

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Plus three other important things will happen:. You make her remember a happy time.


Because memory and emotions are linked, she starts to feel happy. When people share feelings of happiness, they become intertwined.

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Also, pride is one of the strongest positive emotions there is. Make sure your question is specific enough that it has a memory attached.

This question will also tell you what her passions are and what she enjoys doing. Keep a mental note of her answers and see if you can incorporate an activity in the future based on one of them. And these days, everyone is an amateur foodie, so we love to talk about the beurre noisette demi-glace or the sous-vide cooking style.

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Conversation is an art, and learning how to weave it the way you want is a lifelong journey. People love people who make them feel good about themselves, and people vastly underestimate the power of good conversation.

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We all want to enjoy ourselves and feel good. And those traditionally desirable guys are going to be standing on the periphery being jealous of you! You can follow him on Twitter huntforadvice as well as his website www.

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