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I just wanted to let you know that I do have another account for photography. Anyways the account is glaassy love you guys!! Hi may I get a one shot pls? And then some fluff with Ron at the end? That would be amazing thanks!!! It was basically where they kept their equipment and uniforms.

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Fortunately for you, Aaron stood up and engulfed you in a big hug. We can talk about whatever you want to.

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Okay, now what else do I want to know? You and Aaron sat there talking for hours and before you knew it, it was time to get to work. Originally posted by ssaicaaronhotchner. Derek Morgan: He had 4 minutes. Derek just smiled to himself.

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This place looks amazing and it seems quite expensive. Anything for a beautiful lady such as yourself. We can just go see a movie if this is too expensive. You smiled back and sat, immediately glad you did because you had the best night ever. He would constantly correct everything you said and to say the least- it was very annoying. Spence, you are the smartest and cutest guy I know, I would love to go out with you if you do one thing for me.

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Dating Harry Potter would include Requested by the lovely @turtlesandrainbows:) -Always having to make sure Harry isn't going on too many dangerous adventures/missions -But of course he's doing a. dating harry potter would include Cute habits of his. cute habit of yours. Not the ate u wanted but still, an ate:)) when you get jealous (Harry, Ron) Harry Potter one shots/ preferences (I'm sorry in advance) Dating Ron Weasley would include A real edgy teen. What Dating Them Would Include Part #1. Harry. * He's not so fond of PDA, so hand holding and maybe a little peck on the lips to show that you're his. * But when you are alone he's constantly kissing you and lots of cuddles. * You definitely helping him with homework and class work.

They were becoming too much to handle. One nice agent called Aaron Hotchner gave you his number, he must have known that you would have nightmares. The phone was ringing and you were waiting for him to pick up.

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The Gryffindor captain smirked, sliding a hand over your cheek. James leaned in and placed a short, and sweet kiss on your lips.

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He smiled, tasting the cherry chapstick on your mouth. Pulling away with a laugh as the other Gryffindors piled in, he pecked your lips one more time before soaring off for a victory lap. Originally posted by peterandygarfield.

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You stared at her for a second, before returning your attention to the almost blank piece of parchment sitting in front of you.

The essay was to be about one major contribution they had to the wizarding world, and how it had affected you personally. She mewed, and sprawled out across your parchment, knocking over an ink well in the process. You sprung from your seat, and quickly charmed away the mess.

You scolded Delilah, looking at the couple blots on your shirt. The morning light shining through the window gave them a blueish hue. You yawned, looking out across the field behind your dorm.

Seconds later, a knock on the door broke you from your fatigue induced trance. You trudged over, glancing at your appearance in the mirror while calling out to the visitor.

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You looked like a deprived raccoon, hair sticking in all directions with bags under your eyes in pajamas. Nonetheless, you opened the door, nearly slamming it shut when you saw your visitor. Remus Lupin stood outside your dorm in a sweater and glasses.

Dating harry potter would include

He looked just as tired as you, but had a warm glow as always. He bit down on his lip as you swung the door open, shoving his left hand into his pocket. You gave him a quizzical look. He was the popular, mysterious, prank-pulling Marauder in the year above you. What business did he have outside of your room at nine on a Sunday morning?

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With a soft jerk, he pulled something out of his pocket. He ran a hand through his hair with another hearty laugh. You smiled, balling up your underwear.

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He turned away quickly, almost jogging down the hallway. You bit down on your lip, making a split second decision. He gave you an expectant look.

You smiled, throwing your panties into the clothes bin to your right.

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Posts ships open : Archive. You were the one, he knew it.

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Like, seven times. Any era. I'm a 5'3ft Gemini with long black hair, blue eyes and light freckles on my nose and cheeks. I'm Australian so my accent is very thick.

Nov 04,   Dating Harry Potter Would Include So i have a thing with would-includes haha. Request: malfoys-whore said to everythingharrypotterblog: Can I request a Dating Harry Potter Would Include? Maybe what smut with him would be like. If you want. A/N: So i can't write any decent smut, BUT @malfoys-whore definitely can so go check her out. Dating Harry Potter Would Include: Originally posted by teenageers The two of you would rely on each other to finish assignments the other didn't have time to do Teasing him with the nickname "Chosen One". Dating Harry Potter Would Include - Hand holding - Him buying you unnecessary things ALL the time - Like you would have 4 of the same colored scarves, the stripes would just be in different patterns -.

I'm the rebel of my friend group and love to have a good laugh. I have tons of friends and I'm very popular at my high school. I'm very closed off when it comes to my emotions so I sometimes come off as bitchy.

I'm a Ravenclaw, I love alternative music I'm a singerclassic literature and sleeping. I hope this is okay. Thx lovely.

My name is Maria. I'm 4'11 I'm short ik I have dark brown neck length hair. Brown eyes and tan skin. I love hp of course I am and introvert, i love plants, play ukulele, read too much, if that's even possible. I am kinda popular ig. That would be amazing thanks!!! It was basically where they kept their equipment and uniforms. Fred, George and I had snuck off after dinner to finalize our plan and gather the rest of our tools.

Dating Harry Potter would include: kaytlin liked this. cams-lynn liked this. prettylittlehiddles liked this. angelhero30 liked this. straightbitvh liked this. brxght-world liked this. djtd01 liked this. universallychaosperfection liked this. melaniebaas05 liked this. superpanbitch liked this. Dating Harry Potter would include - You being a major source of comfort and relaxation for him with everything going on in his life. - Him feeling insanely guilty whenever he snapped at you, even though you knew not to take it personally. Regardless, he'd . Feb 25,   Read Dating Harry Potter Would Include. from the story Harry Potter by diorshyuck (abby) with 4, reads. harrypotter, hermionegranger, georgeweasley Reviews:

Keep reading. Holiday Embarrassments. The Burrow. Surprise Party. Slytherin Pranks. Twins, Eh?

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Late Night Chases. Quidditch Memories. Moving On.

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Stressed Out. Quidditch Oliver Wood.

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