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As a result, our love lives take a lot of strange turns. You have a thriving career, a busy social calendar, and enough sex appeal to stop anyone dead in their tracks. You avoid relationships because who has time for that drama? Okay, something happened. Maybe your best friend got engaged. Maybe your fuck-buddy grew persistent.

Re-writing the characters that we thought would feature in the rest of our lives is a time-consuming venture.

We thought we had it all in our first serious relationship and it turns out we were wrong. So once we get back up on our feet we are logically curious about what else we got wrong.

Are we really monogamous? Are we really completely straight? Are we really relationship people at all or were we just trying to fit the mold of what society wanted?

7 Things I Wish I Knew About Dating In My 20s

If things can fall apart for no reasonwe think, perhaps they can fall together for no reason too. So we go out in active pursuit of nothing in particular.

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And we end up with a lot of weird stories. That will be the mantra of this entire phase.

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And Netflix. You resolve that unless the Universe drops someone directly into your lap, you will just die alone and be fine with it. This is the stage that exists once cynicism has waned, enthusiasm has grown into a steady hum and we are ready to approach our dating lives with openness and honesty. Into people who are ready to approach dating as a genuine means of meeting somebody and putting work into figuring it out.

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At this stage, all we want is to meet someone who we like and who likes us back. Which is perhaps what dating should have been about all along the way. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love - one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

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The serious stage. Of course, things weren't always perfect between my boyfriend and me. I spent my early-mid 20s panicking constantly about whether or not he was "the one" and fearing that if we broke up, I would have to start over at 24, or even worse, I compared my love and sex life to literally everyone else I knew.

We fought - a lot.

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I did some things I now regret, and so did he. We broke up a few times and had periods when we were "on a break," but somehow we stuck it out and are happy as hell together today. After doing a lot of stupid shit and watching my friends do a lot of stupid shit, I have learned a great deal about love and dating. Here are 12 things I wish I knew about relationships in my early and mid 20s.

Dating in early 20s

You're not "wasting your time" if you don't know whether or not you want to end up with the person you're dating. How can you know if you really want to be with someone without giving it a try? But you might be wasting your time if you know the person you're with has no intention of staying with you forever. Don't hang around because you think you can convince someone to like you.

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Don't assume someone is going to change. Don't stay with someone who doesn't take you seriously. Know your worth. If you have a gut feeling that your significant other isn't the one, listen to it. Don't ignore it because your life timeline says you have to get engaged in two years and you don't want to go through the process of finding someone new again.

Nov 04, † In your early 20s, parties, one-night stands and meaningless flings are abundant. In a way, dating is a form of entertainment to pass the time and meet new people. May 15, † 9 Reasons Dating in Your 20s Is the Worst With apps, you're never sure if your date is just looking to hook up-or forever in search of the next best thing. When Ghosting is a thing. You'll find the one, MGK. Add a comment Unfortunately, ghosting is normalized and the There are too.

The minute you start to feel uneasy about your relationship, take action. You don't want to wake up at 30 and decide now is the time to find someone else when you could have ended it years ago.

It's not worth it to stay with someone if all you do is fight. If you aren't married and you don't have kids, you shouldn't have to keep trying to fix your relationship.


After all, you can only fix so much. At some point you need to give it up, move on, and remember that if it's meant to be, you'll get back together. And it's definitely not worth it to stay with someone who makes you cry.

You deserve to be happy, and there are plenty of people out there who would do the opposite of causing you tears. Why not start looking for that person now?

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Don't move in together because you think it will save you money or because you have no one to live with and you don't want to move back in with your parents. Move in together because you love each other and because you are ready.

A shared home is not a reason to stay together. An apartment is not a baby or a marriage certificate.

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You don't have to keep fighting for your relationship because you've already committed to each other financially. If it's not working, it's not working, and you need to accept that.

Don't hook up with or date your friends.

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If it goes well, great, but if it doesn't, your friends will either choose sides, destroying your friend group, or they won't choose sides at all and will just feel uncomfortable around the two of you. They'll also never talk to you about it, leaving you with no one to vent to when things go south.

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It's never too early to start talking about what you want in life with your partner. You might find out after dating for five years that one of you wants kids and the other doesn't. But what if you found that out five years ago? Wouldn't you want to address these types of situations now so you don't spend your 20s with someone it's just not going to work out with?

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