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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Let me introduce myself. Changing from a male-dominated field to a female-dominated field has been enlightening and enjoyable, and I wonder what kind of experiences the rest of you guys have had. In changing from the male world of engineering and business to the touchy-feely world of nursing, I've sometimes missed the more analytical, let's-get-the-job-done attitude we had in our startup companies.

Second, I don't know how anyone in critical care would ever have time to do any flirting on the job. At least at my hospital, they keep us pretty darn busy just taking care of the patients.

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In summary, I'd have to say it's had no effect on my status as a single male. I love my job, but if I were in it to get girls, I would find that ct of it woefully lacking. I'd have to second that. Work is already stressful enough. Throw a relationship into that fire is asking for trouble down the road.

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Yes dating is easier. I have learned a great deal about women and how to interact with them as a result of being in this field. Would I want to date another nurse? Frankly, you're better off dating friends of coworkers than coworkers themselves.

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My colleagues always invite me to occasions where I can meet their female friends. Not bad.

Dating in nursing school allnurses

I will say that nursing school is hell and most relationships will end. Also, going back for the BSN is usually analogous to serving divorce papers. I'd like to get married and stuff, but haven't found the one Lots of interesting dates though. Being in nursing as a man will educate you about women, men, and humanity Thus, your social value will definitely increase as a result.

Thanks for your excellent dating posts, man!

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I've added you as a buddy. I looked through some of what you wrote on other forums too, and it's exciting to see what I envisioned coming true for someone like you. Did you personally observe a bunch of your classmates breaking up? Sounds like the difficulties couples have when someone is in med school, too.

Relationships in Nursing School

Any suggestions on avoiding wrecking our relationships while in nursing school? How about when we are working as a nursedoes life get more manageable for relationships?

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Its not the issue of dating a nurse, but of the workplace issues that may arise if breakup occurs. Date a nurse who I don't work with? I don't know really how to survive nursing school without breaking up. I think its important to fully convey to your s. That way if its not solid, you can break up right away and save yourself the strain during school. If they really support you and are committed, they'll be willing to accept this and will understand.

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And yes, med school is like this too, i've heard. You either go in to med school with a solid s. Either way there's no time for relationships. Hi, I am in a class of 15 females to 4 males.

Jul 02,   A solid relationship will withstand challenges of all kinds, including nursing school. If you have a great feeling about this guy, you may very well regret not giving it a shot. But, know your priorities and what you are/aren't willing to do to keep him. Dec 05,   Dating in nursing school is very hard. There is just simply not enough time. My friend's husband who was in nursing school before me told me that nursing school is a sentence for both the student and the loved ones. BOY WAS HE RIGHT! Aug 09,   Nursing school is school. Do what you need to do, and dedicate the time to need to be successful. But nursing school is not so difficult that you need to have no social life. People have babies raise families while in medical school, residencies and fellowships, or other strenuous programs or time consuming jobs. You can go on dates in nursing school.

I dont find any of my classmates as dating material at all. The women who I associate in class with are just my friends, and just that.

There is nothing sexual about it. The bottom line, none I would date and I guess from me ignoring them, they probably do know it. If I ignore the women, they know I am not interested in them.

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And that can be a good thing because the women know you are there to learn how to be a nurse and that is it. Nursing school is not a pick up place. If you want that, go to a bar or somewhere else.

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I figured I might as well post here from an opposite perspective. From being around a lot of guys I learned a lot about the different ways they treat women who they date for different reasons hook ups vs. And if he doesnt, then you need to go report him for harassment like another person said. I separated from my husband during my first semester of nursing school.

I later started dating someone else. The new relationship he has issues and the financial strains of being on my own almost caused me to fail out of nursing school.

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Nursing school was actually easy for me; it was the rest of my life that almost drove me crazy. Unless you meet "Mr.

Wonderful" I'd not date anyone. If he IS truly "Mr. Wonderful" he'll still be there when you graduate. Just my two cents.

I'm a single guy in my first semester of an ASN program one more week!! I've been pondering the same dilemma, though maybe a bit more generally. I have a lot of smart and attractive classmates, and with school killing my social life it's not likely I'll meet someone outside of school.

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I've been very tempted to ask out classmates, but the prospect of navigating a new relationship or dealing with a break-up when we'll be in an intensive program together for another year and a half is pretty scary. I think you are right to wait and see, and your reasons seem pretty obvious and reasonable to me. If he really likes you, he should respect your feelings and just get to know you.

I had just started dating someone when school first started and I had to cut things off a few weeks in because the time commitment of school and my job was entirely too much to continue with a new relationship, in my opinion.

Of course I'm sure my motivation would have been higher if I really was in love with the person, but it was just too new and uncertain to risk my success in school.

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I've also sworn off dating anyone in class. I agree with one of the previous posters, I just think its too risky to date anyone in the work setting. Nursing school is very comparable to the work setting. If things don't work out, you have to coexist with that person until graduation. So if you do it, be sure the guy is worth the risk! This site uses cookies.

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Jun 11,   You can go thru nursing school without dating too. 0. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. allnurses is a Career Support and News Site for nurses and students. Our members, staff, and writers represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. They come from all over the world to share, learn, and network. Apr 08,   Its not the issue of dating a nurse, but of the workplace issues that may arise if breakup occurs. Date a nurse who I don't work with? OH YEAH! I don't know really how to survive nursing school without breaking up. I think its important to fully convey to your s.o. the fact that you will be completely unavailable 91of the time. Jun 03,   Our members, staff, and writers represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. They come from all over the world to share, learn, and network. Our mission is to empower, unite, and advance every nurse, student, and educator. As the industry leader in the nursing profession since , is trusted by nurses around the globe.

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Dec 5, by K nurse-one-day. Dec 5, by MedSurgeMess. Yeah, he seems a bit much.

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Too pushy makes me a little leery! Dec 5, by CDeniseGo. Dec 5, by medicgirl.

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