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Overall vibe : SF feels a lot more historical than Seattle, with many more older buildings left intact both downtown, as well as apartments and houses on the outskirts.

I think both cities have great skylines - the two best west of Chicago, IMO.

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More more of Seattle is zoned for single family homes. Seattle is in transition to becoming a truly major city i. SF already is one.

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I was very impressed by SF's Chinatown, and the Mission District area, as well as how many different languages I overheard people speaking in Maybe a mix of locals and visitors?

The Mexican food I had in SF blows everything I've had at home out of the water Which is unfortunate for me, because Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines! I also had some Italian food that did the same First place I've tried that I felt compared to an amazing place I once went to near Boston's north end several years back.

It seems that you can find top-notch versions of any cuisine in SF, whereas Seattle excels at certain things Seafood, Asian food, some random hole-in-the-wall type spotsand is okay at others. I was also quite impressed by the local breweries in town.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like SF's beer scene doesn't get quite as much press as the Pacific Northwest's, or San Diego's.

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Yet everything I tried was at least as good, if not favorable. The key difference here, is that it seems much easier to get around SF, thanks to more options. You have the BART which Seattle desperately needs something similar to, and won't for many yearsand Uber drivers everywhere with shorter wait times, in my experience. Seattle is still a pretty car-centric city, despite having many walkable neighborhoods, and decent bus service within it's downtown core.

Social atmosphere : Say what you will about the infamous "Seattle Freeze", but the more I travel, the more I believe in it. Most of the locals seemed pretty friendly and easier to talk to in SF.

I also feel this way about a number of cities, however.

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It's probably safe to say I had a great time in SF. Overall, I must say both cities are great, and despite the regular comparisons between the two that I hear, they're pretty different, IMO.

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San Francisco is twice Seattle's size and twice as dense in its core. It wins in basically every category of urbanity. Seattle wins in affordability relativelygreenery, shorter lines, etc.

Regarding "Alpha" rankings, the only one I can think of is that GAWC bs that only measures the presence of certain companies in a few narrow sectors. San Francisco would rank higher regardless but GAWC doesn't count much of anything regarding why either city is important or influential. Location: WA Desert, Seattle native.

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I think the OP has it mostly right. However, when one visits a different city it is easy to be taken in by the differences. And as a tourist you are going to notice most to be friendly. Probably the same for Seattle tourists. SF population K, Seattle K But yes, SF is definitely more dense, though Seattle has recently caught up on this list. I totally agree with the food argument.

Both cities are beautiful, but SF is prettier on more days than Seattle. Seattle, while getting to be ridiculously expensive, is still a better value than SF. SF is tough competition for almost any city in the US. Last edited by pnwguy2; at PM. I don't know. The Seattle Freeze has not affected me at all.

Both cities are filled with transplants anyway. People may be more introverted in Seattle but are way more down to earth than in my experience in SF. I encountered way more high strung A types in SF. Seattle is a bit more normal to me though you still get those types here as well. It's just a more comfortable culture here if that makes sense. Originally Posted by Flightoficarus I lived most my life in NYC.

I now live in Chicago and Seattle. I go back and forth as my work requires and maintain homes in both cities. Seattle is in a beautiful area and offers a lot because of that, but a good selection of quality women is not to be found there regardless.

I do all my dating in Chicago.

Dating in seattle vs san francisco

Not as good for single straight males as NYC, but close. Understand this, NYC and Seattle are both rather expensive. You need to have money in either city to have a good love life.

So where ever you decide to move Date, but put your well being and happiness first. Pussy is just pussy and the only true gift a woman can give you is use of her body while she is young before I know the opposite is starting to hold true where successful men will only date successful women as well because they know they have the option.

You seem to have already made up your mind about me so I don't know if there's any point in explaining, but no I haven't lived in any of the three cities yet so I'm not blaming any of them for my "dating woes". However, based on numerous anecdotes and statistics about the gender ratio, it sounds like it's harder for a straight man to date in Seattle and the Bay Area.

Those times when seattle want the full experience, worse your date to the Wonderland San to eat, san and dance the night away. When relationships do happen, they move quickly. Philly has francisco of singles francisco a rich arts culture - a big help when it comes to a night out, which is more affordable here than in other major cities. Jan 26,   Dear single ladies (and gentlemen) of San Francisco, I hate to break it to you, but the San Francisco dating scene is tougher than trying to find . Aug 26,   San Francisco is twice Seattle's size and twice as dense in its core. It wins in basically every category of urbanity. Seattle wins in affordability (relatively), greenery, shorter lines, etc. Regarding "Alpha" rankings, the only one I can think of is that GAWC bs that only measures the presence of certain companies in a few narrow sectors.

Some of these anecdotes specify that they've seen non-tech bros or tech bros that are tall, fit, and personable still struggling. But I'm not cynical enough to assume this about every single one of those anecdotes as well as deny the statistics. My bad, should've been more specific that I'm thinking about Manhattan and maybe Brooklyn since those are closest to my job. Well for me, I'd be okay with all three cities so I need something to break the tie and dating is something that I consider important, hence why I'm asking about it.

You think you might be OK with all three, but have you ever set foot in them? Upper Manhattan is farther from midtown than LIC. Not only are you dumb, but you're an asshole, too.

Trust me when I say this, but even single women in NYC who'd love a relationship wouldn't stoop so low as to date someone like you, especially the women who are total packages. Male early 30s in NYC. Finding dates is easy, as I would expect it would be similar in SF.

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You just need to be clear about who you are and what you are looking for, so you don't waste time with people who are not looking for the same thing. I fully expect this comment to be downvoted but your dating experience in this city will vary depending on your race. Not impossible but you'll have to try a lot harder. Tbh that's probably universal in across this country so note sure if SF or Seattle would be that different.

Ultimately this sort of thing boils down to the individual. You could arguably in an area "better" for dating but still be a total piece of shit and it's not the area failing you or anything. Also I agree with people saying how you really should seriously consider other factors when making a move. I feel like I see a lot of people get all whiny and bent out of shape saying how "oh I moved to this big city where there's so much social stuff to do, but why don't I have friends or serious romantic relationships?

Expectations is another angle where mileage will vary should you be looking for something more casual or more serious. I think another factor is the overall vibes of the areas and again comes down to the person if it's something you can tolerate or find any relief in.

Yeah sure there's plenty of transplants in all these places that can undermine and negate some of the local feel but I wouldn't say the cities are without their unique environments. Ultimately your experiences aren't going to be other people's experiences. That all being said, I'm from NYC and while I didn't live there for a massive amount of time and I think the area is pretty but people from Seattle can be a bit insufferable for my tastes.

The Seattle Freeze is real and the passive aggressiveness is through the roof, if you're one to have no patience for it, it'll drive you insane. I really hate to rip so hard on people there because they're not all bad, but some people there act like total robots who almost feel afraid to get convey normal emotions to people and situations in fear of looking impoliteso there's this kind of awkward sugarcoating of things that goes for such lamebrain copouts to avert confrontation and telling someone what's up.

It was frustrating to plan dates and meet new people with this factor in play.

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Am male, lived in Seattle then moved to NYC. NYC dating is miles better, at least for men. I know that is probably not universally true and everyone's experiences will be different, but I feel pretty confident in thinking that the vast vast majority of men will find dating here easier than Seattle.

Dating in los angeles vs san francisco Ladies, wa. For the united states. Los angeles rams. To that row. See our list of the milk seattle, same time. Looking for you my friend. New jobs called sheets giggles; and my friend. Boston tops our list of past talks below. The city. Five easy steps to . Follow live San Francisco at Seattle coverage at Yahoo! Sports. Find the latest San Francisco at Seattle score, including stats and more. Likely the best dating, arts/culture, and live music scene of the three (if you're male). Lowest overall cost of living. Outdoors activities about on par with SF; inferior to Seattle. Smaller airport that doesn't have many direct flights outside of North America.

It really is that different. One thing I will say though is that I find it harder to form large, tight-knit friend circles here, as compared to Seattle. It's easier to make acquaintances out of random people I meet, but harder to bring them into my greater circle of friends.

But that might just be me. That's quite interesting, I've always heard about the infamous "Seattle Freeze" so I'd assume it's harder to make friends in Seattle compared to NYC which seems to be a much more diverse city full of transplants from around the world.

Two bits of advice, if you are looking for something serious, go for a girl with outside hobbies. If you ask her what she does for fun and she replies "Drinking with friends All she's going to be able to talk about it Netflix and her job. And on the flip side, when you get to NYC, join a social group, either sports, music, theater, social, charity, religious something that gets you out of the house and office once a week. Because when you come to NYC, you are alone in this world.

It also makes you infinitely more interesting on dates as well, you'll be able to talk about something other than work or rent.

Dating as a man in NYC vs Seattle/SF. Close. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Dating as a man in NYC vs Seattle/SF. I've heard a lot of people say that dating as a straight man in NYC is much easier than in cities like Seattle and San Francisco due to a much better male:female ratio. (much more women than men in NYC compared to Seattle/SF). Oulfa, site de rencontre amoureuse et serieuse Pour les celibataires a Dating In Seattle Vs San Francisco la quete d'amour. Grace a Dating In Seattle Vs San Francisco la qualite de notre service et de notre methode, trouvez enfin l'homme ou la femme celibataire de vos reves! Faire une rencontre serieuse n'est plus qu'a quelques clics: inscrivez-vous Dating In Seattle Vs San. Jan 06,   Chicago is much better for dating than SF for several reasons. 1. Chicago has much more attractive women and men than SF. 2. There are many more places to meet singles in Chicago than SF. 3. Cost of living in Chicago is much less than SF and datin.

I've heard about the Seattle Freeze too, and certainly people in Seattle complain about it a ton. But IMO it's made into a bigger deal than it is, especially with the recent massive influx of transplants who themselves are also trying to make friends. There are enough awesome single women in either city that finding dates will largely depend on how happy you are in your life aka the part of attractiveness you control and what your preferences are more than the ratio of women:men.

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But I'm not too obsessed with saving as much money as I can at the expense of lifestyle right now. I currently live in the west coast, but I think I wouldn't mind people being direct with me, could be refreshing.

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Hard to tell right now though. You sitting alone in a bar. In one of the five boroughs.

What It Costs To Live In San Francisco - Making It

Talking crazily into your drink. I could've been in Seattle or even San Francisco! Why did I choose this relocation based on population ratios?! Opens up Tinder. Out of swipes. One of my Indian-American tech friends complains online about how NYC women both white and indian don't seem to be attracted to him because of his race. He's socially very charismatic and actually probably one of the last people I'd expect to have problems dating women, yet he still talks about this on Facebook.

I think he's of the same mindset as the OP that the NYC female-male ratio should be benefiting his dating life, but he's finding out that this isn't the case and that's why he's complaining about it.

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One of my Asian friends who works in IT and moved from Texas to NYC partly because he heard about the female-male ratio just like the OP tries to date primarily white women but is having dating problems. He's finding out that they don't really seem to take dating him seriously for whatever reason, be it his race, personality, or confidence level. NYC is literally one of the best places in the world to date.

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If not the best. Due to the incredible diversity, you get quite the variety in terms of race, nationality, culture, age, education, career, etc. The ratio is better, and frankly there are just a lot more good looking women here.

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