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If anything the internet is providing channels for people that might not have anyway to connect with others that share their odd likes. If you find yourself consumed by a zombie overtake and want to chitchat about it, Zombie Passions is your new go to, and you might even find love while you are there. Sometimes, you find love in the most unusual places. Do you love clowns or loathe them. Clowns seem to inspire extreme reactions in people, and for many they associate them with fear and horror movies. For those that live to dress as clowns and make a living from it, this can make life as a clown very lonely and depressing. Instead of clowning around and looking for love on their own, clowns have a website where they can safely interact with other clowns and clown lovers without being judged or feared.

Bilingual People Vs. Google Translate

They embraced, shouting, a reunion that surprised me with its joyfulness. Then, I understood.

Ah-Ping had not just been a co-worker, or even a friend, but a lifeline. My image of my young mother started to shift.

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