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Career come with job description, KPI and constant feedback from managers. Somehow, career is the easiest challenge for a Perfectionist. They are extremely responsible so they will work hard to meet all the deadlines. They are the first to be promoted, so they have great chances to become senior managers in their 30s. So yeah, finding love is not really their top priority. Their perspective is framed like this: all or nothing, now or never!

I dated a perfectionist.

Perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait that increases your chances of success, but it can lead to self-defeating thoughts or behaviors that make it harder to achieve goals. It may also. Oct 18,   Relationships Don't Let Perfectionism Get in the Way of a Great Relationship Is the desire to be in control and excel at everything you do impacting your love life?

Let me tell ya, that lasted maybe two months. For the people who are not perfectionists, like myself, and are dating a perfectionist, I applaud you.

Dating perfectionism

Making sure that my hair was perfectly styled, my clothes were without any wrinkles, and my makeup was on point. I wash them in between, okay. Though, in some ways, it made me more aware of not only myself, but how I interact with people. So, did I learn something about myself from the experience?

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Would I date a perfectionist again? Maybe a moderate perfectionist. A radical perfectionist is too much for me. Before you go off pointing the finger at your partner, see what type of person you are. Many of us have qualities which could be described as perfectionism.

Living With A Perfectionist in Your Relationship

Now, maybe not to the extent of your partner, but there may be some things that you need to do perfectly. So, look at yourself and see where you fit along the spectrum. So, just chat with them about it.

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You both need to set up some boundaries for each other. Maybe they always need to be on time, so let them be on time.

Oct 06,   Because perfectionism and romance just don't mix. Here are three ways meticulousness, precision, correctness, punctuality and other things perfectionists love can delay your marriage from becoming a reality. 1: Perfectionism Causes Paralysis. Perfectionists are usually seen as go-getters. May 19,   Counseling advice: Perfectionism is often deeply rooted in anxiety and lack of self-acceptance. This article explains the ill-effects that perfectionism cause to a relationship. Socially-prescribed perfectionism has been associated with negative emotional responses while dating, difficulty being married, and lower relationship and sexual satisfaction.

Or they need to get up two hours before you to get ready for the day, let them. But, you need to also express some things that you are not okay with.

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The goal is to get them to ease up on their controlling behavior. Listen to their suggestions and have an open conversation about them. Perfectionists have everything planned out. Some have it written on their calendar or schedule book, but you want to slowly move away from that.

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Of course, structure is helpful and a positive thing but so is not having a plan. So, for example, try to make the weekend plan-less and show your partner that going with the flow is also enjoyable. Perfectionists are used to doing things on their own and taking complete control over situations. But you need to change that. Instead, focus on working together as a team.

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Some people are perfectly content with their singleness. And this is particularly painful for perfectionists.

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A perfectionist is someone who is extremely hands-on, likes to get things done in a specific way and sets goals that he or she fully expects to hit right on schedule. Oddly enough, perfectionism not only enhances the pain of unwanted singleness, but it can actually prolong it too.

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Here are three ways meticulousness, precision, correctness, punctuality and other things perfectionists love can delay your marriage from becoming a reality. Perfectionists are usually seen as go-getters. But ask any hardcore perfectionist and if she is being honest she will tell you she struggles with passivity and paralysis when a task seems too daunting to do without any errors.

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Perfectionism kills productivity because an extreme commitment to exactness causes an anxiety that hinders the job from just getting done.

Perfectionists hate making mistakes.

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The only thing left to do is tear that sheet out of the coloring book. But when it comes to relationships, mistakes are a bit more painful.

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The truth is, real life is always messy, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Will you make mistakes once you actively jump into the dating game?


For sure. But if you are so afraid of messing up that you never actually start, the odds of finding a spouse are basically zero. Lists are amazing. They make us feel organized. And a list can help us know when tasks are getting done.

So when it comes to looking for a spouse, everyone should have some sort of list that defines what they want in a spouse. The problem with a perfectionist is that he wants to check every little, tiny, microscopic, molecular-sized requirement on that massive list.

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