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Nice finds. There have been some good ones popping up lately it seems. The date on the Peters Ideal is not I have been finding a lot of information on the forums as I have only recently started hunting, so I figured I might as well join up. That date range makes a lot of sense in contrast to my other finds.

These trees were burned to charcoal and used in the process of making gunpowder. There were a few powder factories in the river valley, but Peter's Cartridge Factory was the biggest. The small town near the factory was built for the workers, giving them places to sleep and places to shop. Explosions happened multiple times in the factory's lifetime. One writer stated, "Later they became of such frequency as to cause little comment, unless they were especially violent.

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Inan explosion of unknown origins shattered windows 30 miles away. Peters Cartridge Company has gone through multiple owners who tried to run businesses with the old building.

Cartridge Brewing will begin construction and be the anchor of the site.

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The 24,square-foot factory will be developed as a mixed-use space with restaurants and retail, as well as apartments.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States historic place.

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Peters Cartridge Company. National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service.

"The Peters Cartridge and Shotgun Ammunition company at Cincinnati, O., is building up a world-wide reputation for the superiority of their shells, and the perfect way in which they are loaded," wrote Griswold wrote "Their Quick shot shell is matchless, especially so when loaded at their factory. May 22,   This shell has a nifty 'P' imprint around the primer section of the shell head. I checked out this site to try and find it, however I could only locate the 'Ideal' in the no. 12 (a.k.a 12 gauge) model. Those dates for those are from so I am assuming mine is . Peters Cartridge Company. This page contains Peters Cartridge Company shotgun shell headstamp photos and production date ranges. The date ranges below are not exact but an estimation of production dates based on available information. If you are aware of evidence that proves a date range on a brand of shell is incorrect then please email me with a photo of said evidence so I can change the date.

March 13, The date ranges below are not exact but an estimation of production dates based on available information. If you are aware of evidence that proves a date range on a brand of shell is incorrect then please email me with a photo of said evidence so I can change the date. It operated independently until when it was bought by Remington Arms. This database is run at my own expense, if you find it useful and have some money to spare please consider a donation of any amount so i can continue to build this website.

Click on a link below to jump to that type of shell or scroll down to browse. C League P. Co Prize P. Co Victor.

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Peters High Gun. Peters H. Peters Ideal. Peters League. Peters New Victor. Peters Premier. Peters Quick Shot. Peters Referee. Peters Target. Peters Victor. Co Prize. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Brass height is unknown due to damage but looks like it might be a high brass.

P added to headstamp in Photo courtesy of Doug 'Turtlefoot' Budd. The head is magnetic. Gauge Comments Date Range No 12 Head and primer appear to be same metal with primer cup being steel magnetic.

Went to plastic in Head is magnetic. Meyers Brothers, Minnesota. Micro Hunter.

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Moran Moran Electric. Norwestern Northwest Cartridge Co. Noramco Northwest Cartridge Co. C gauge A. L Howard or N. Y Club Oath. Orion Red Meteor.

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Pac Meteor. Pachmayr Snap Cap.

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Paragon, Paragon Shell Reloading Co. PMC Red Star? Savage Superior M.

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W Savage factories Inc. San Francisco Gun Exchange. Squires Henry G. Special By IXL. Standard Arms Co.

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Superior Mogul or Superior Guaranteed M. W Savage Factories Inc. Taylor Arms TEI.

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USA stars Herter's by Cabela's. White Powder No. V Clow Co. Back Home.

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S hotgun 1 USA. Shotgun 5 Other Europe. Headstamp Start Page. Curtis Steinhauer. Steel Lined A.

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Extra Range C. D in a diamond D. Wil Del X raised ST. Hunter L. Co Retriever SO. E Hart case Patented H. RF Flare Cartridge R.

Jul 17,   Peters Premier Blue High Velocity Steel Shot Shells. About Remington Arms Company, LLC. Remington Arms Company, LLC, ("Remington") is America's leading manufacturer of firearms, ammunition.

G MFG Co. G Brown Co.

Dating peters shotgun shells

Smiths Smiths Graphited Cartridge Co. Double Eagle Alcan. Alcan Basic Alcan.

Waterfowling Heritage Series - Peter's Shot Shell Boxes

Alcan Alcan. Alcan Italy. Alcan USA. American Jackrabbit. L No Gauge Special Gauge. American Eagle. Black Prince. AC Co, Invincible. Extra Range. D in a diamond.

inside the shotgun barrel. In the mids, Peters introduced so-called smokeless powders that Since the mids, nearly all commercially loaded shotshells have used smokeless powder. (1 dram = grams) Shotshells with paper hulls often developed pinholes where the powder burned through. Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes. The following reference document is presented in an Adobe Acrobat file. Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes (, M). PETERS Legacy Meets Technology. The Peters Cartridge Company was founded in in Kings Mill, Ohio by Gersham Moore Peters. A manufacturer of gun powder (black powder) and ammunition, the company forged a solid reputation for innovation, high performance rifle, pistol & revolver and shotgun cartridges.

Made in USA. Federal Monark Circa 's to mid 's. Gambles, Tiger.

Herters Universal. Herters USA. Herters Pat. Co Retriever. C and NY Club. Amron -present A-Zoom Snap Caps.

Ballistic Tools Inc.

Although Peters was established in , the scarcity of early boxes places those beyond the scope of this project which is to help date commonly encountered box types. Some history on the company can be found in the International Ammunition Association Journal number , page 2, and in the IAA "Annual" Volume 2, number 1. Shells may be made with Black Powder or smokeless powder. The casing may be paper, plastic or Metal (usually brass, steel or Aluminum). The shell may be loaded with a slug or shot (size all the way up to #12 or dust shot), with the shot being made of either lead, steel, copper, bismuth or tungsten etc. The Peters Cartridge Company was a company in Kings Mills, Ohio that specialized in gunpowder and ammunition production. Its historic buildings, built in at Grandin Road, were added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 10,

Bismuth Cartridge Co. L Springfield Same name Charles Daly. Colt Industries. Double Eagle.

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